Title: Mates

Author: MagicBulletGirl

Rating: PG

Prompt Word: #44 - Friendship

Word Count: 610

Notes: Ten and Donna the morning after a party. Written for the Weekly Drabble Challenge at the Doctor_Donna community on LJ.

It was the next morning and Donna's mouth felt as if it had been carpeted and steamrolled. It was shoddy work of course because it'd been done by the party goers in Vienna. Slowly, she eased herself out of bed, pulled on her robe and dragged herself to the kitchen.

"You'd think the TARDIS would have something for hangovers," she muttered to no one in particular and opened another cupboard.

There she found tea. Tea, she decided, would be excellent. Her stomach never really took to eggs and tea would bring her appetite back.

While brewing, she was surprised to admit to herself that she wished the Doctor were around. She knew that sometimes he'd venture deep inside the TARDIS. He could probably electrocute himself and she'd be none the wiser, at least, not until she smelt burnt hair. However, she knew that he'd come around to her when he wanted to, which was most of the time.

...What with them being just best mates and that what they had could only be called friendship...

The sudden knock behind her nearly made her drop her mug, but the just as sudden steady hand over hers saved it.

"Ah, sorry, I didn't mean to startle you."

"No, it's my fault for being human and all. Dulled senses after drinking."

"What? I thought you humans were like that all the time."

Donna struggled not to laugh, not wanting to upset her fragile innards. They were already enacting their revenge on her drinking so much.

It must have showed on her face because the Doctor's hands moved to her arms as he said, "Easy there darling."

The word made her look up into his brown eyes. The same ones she had almost lost herself in the night before in a punchy haze. It felt as if the ground would have fallen out from under her if he wasn't standing there in front of her, because she knew he had the power to keep it there.



"What did you say?" Donna felt her synapses groaning in protest of the sudden rapid fire work she was putting them through.

"I just said 'What?'"

Donna raised an eyebrow at him, "Before that you dumbo."

The Doctor looked as if he'd rather her throw up on him than repeat it, typical.

"I said," he practically stuttered, "Easy there darling."

"And why was that last word necessary?"

The Doctor's mouth was opening and closing, as if gulping the words down would lead him to the right one.

"Because I... care... very deeply... for all of my best... mates..."

Donna had listened very carefully to what he had just said and looked up away from him as she thought about his words.

"So then..." started Donna as she brought her eyes away from the ceiling, "Just how many best mates have you had?"

He couldn't help but smile at that question as her eyes met his, "Just the one I have."

And then it was Donna's turn to be unable to suppress a grin as she looked back at the Doctor, his eyes lit in anticipation, "Funny, because I also happen to care very deeply for that one best mate I've ever had."

And with that, the stale overnight breath didn't matter (his), the lack of structure under clothes didn't matter (hers), and the water blowing steam on the stove didn't matter (the TARDIS).

All that mattered was that he was with her, and she would be with him. They'd be together for as long they could be, quite happily, for all of time if they wished.

After all, wasn't that what a time machine was for?