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Sasori's P.O.V

My eyes flew open as I heard yelling and a loud crash downstairs. I looked over at sakura who was curled up against my side sleeping peacefully. I cringed when I heard another crash and Hidan yelling I watched Sakura move restlessly and prayed she stayed asleep. I got up quietly and slipped out the room to quiet them down before she woke up and destroyed half the base. She was not a morning person which was an understatement.

They were still fighting and arguing and had yet to notice me. I skimmed over everyone and noticed Pein, and Konan were missing.

I smirked, "Do you guys really want to wake up Sakura and Konan?"

Everyone froze and turned to me with fear written all over their faces, "Oh fuck no those bitches will kill us." Hidan shouted then snapped his mouth shut when he realized how loud he had been.

"Whats his with all the noise anyway?" I yawned running my fingers through my hair trying to remedy a little of my bed head.

Pein sighed from the table rubbing his temples looking thoroughly annoyed, "They're arguing who gets to go next with the torturing."

"They really have no say in who go next I do since its my revenge plan." A sweet yet evil voice said from behind me.

Everyone turned including me to see my lovely cherry blossom standing behind me looking serene yet murderous at the same time. I smiled at her sudden appearance and she winked at me.

Sakura's P.O.V

"I'll let it slide that I was woken up due to this being rather important. So this how the order of people will go, Konan, Tobi, Deidara, Sasori, Kakuzu, Kisame, Hidan, Zetsu, Pein, and then me. no arguments." I snarled at them when I saw Hidan's mouth start to open. "Now that that's settled I'm hungry."

I walked over to the fridge grabbed some strawberry yogurt then dumped it and some honey nut cheerios in a bowl stirring it together. I took a bite and hummed in pleasure even though I was getting weird looks from everyone. I raised an eyebrow at Sasori.

"Sakura sweetie don't you think that will make you sick?" he asked kinda concerned.

I shook my head and swallowed, "Nope it tastes great and its healthy for me."

"Says who?" Hidan whispered to kakuzu.

"Say me asshole." I snarled.

Everyone blink at my rapid mood swing as I stormed out of the room bowel in hand to konan's room. Stupid men can't let a girl sleep or eat in peace. I knocked hesitantly on Konan's door and hoped she was awake. I heard a faint come in and walked in to see her still tangled in her blankets.

"Did they wake you up too? I asked taking another bite of my food.

She chuckled sitting up, "No you yelling at them for being so loud did."

I grinned sheepishly, "Sorry about that."

"Its ok I over slept anyway. Whats up?"

"The boys were driving me nuts and its your turn to do the torturing." I said evasively eating more of my cereal.

She looked at me calculating and I squirmed under her watchful gaze. She glanced at me then my weird breakfast combo and her narrowed.

"Pregant girl says what?" she said suddenly.

"What?!" I paled.

"Gotcha I knew something has been off about you. How long?" she said gleefully.

"Damn you for being so perceptive." I glared at her.

"yeah yeah curse the chick who figured it out. how long?"

"I think I'm about a month and a half." I whispered.

"Does Sasori know?"

"Not yet. I'm trying to figure out how to tell him. With his tragic past of being parentless I'm afraid that will make him fearful to have a child of his own. And I refuse to give this baby up." Tears slid down my cheeks.

"oh sakura." She pulled me into her arms as I cried. "Talk to him honey. You'll never know until you tell him and talk to him about. If you want I'll accidently walk in as your talking to him in case anything goes wrong although I don't think it will."

"thanks I'll try. After you eat do you think you can get the torture under way the boys are getting antsy and I really don't want to kill one of them in a fit of anger."

"Understood. When those boys smell fresh blood they kinda go nuts."

I laughed, "I noticed."

She smiled and I rested my hands on my stomache thinking I had a daughter or a son growing in my belly. One that I really hoped Sasori would accept with open arms. It didn't seem like I had been here that long to be this far pregnant, but time had just flew bye in my stay here. I had a family now and no one saw me as weak or a burden and it made me grateful that I had fled my village and that Sasori had found me. I would protect my little rag tag even if it meant killing those from my past.



"You in la la land?"

"Nope just thinking of all the things that led me to the here and now and how I'd do anything to keep it and this little one inside me safe."

She smiled softly, "I'm glad I finally have another girl here and someone I can consider my sister and help."

"Me too."

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