Alternate Dimension

In a world just exactly the same as the one that the American Dragon roams freely, with his sole purpose and that is to protect the magical world. Only this world is in an Alternate Dimension.

Chapter one: An happy birthday

In a room in a skyscraper like 6 store's high, one person sits on a black leather couch. An person 5 foot 9 high, black spiky hair with a little green on top of his hair, broad shouldered and muscular, an 21 year old Chinese dude. He's watching TV. Surrounded by brown walls, with a coffee table in front of him. At his left there's a wall completely consumed by a bookshelves and on his right a table with a Pc.

Jake's POV

I was sitting there watching the only cartoon, which could make me laugh. It's named American Dragon Jake Long , there was one thing about that show. It is reminding me of my youth, only difference is that I am not an magnificent dragon that roamed freely in New York City.

While thinking about that, it was oddly quiet around here, the only sound that there was, is the television and a stream of water, like a shower. After a while it stopped. Coming out of it was an beautiful lady same age as the guy, with perfect curly blond hair, standing 5 foot 7 high, with oceanic blue eyes, an perfect body like an hourglass.

'Hey there babe' I said to get a 'hey there yourself' back. The voice was that of an angel just fallen out of Heaven.

As she sat next to me, after putting my arm over her I whispered to her ear; 'Happy Birthday Rose'.

As she smiled as an innocent schoolgirl, but suddenly I felt a finger tickling behind my left ear. A tickling so badly the only thing I could do was to fall of the couch and I got hold of rose pulling her with me, laying there on the ground staring straight at her eyes, her beautiful blue eyes reminding me of a mix of the sky and the ocean.

Rose's POV

As I lay on top of Jake he stared in my eyes and I stared in his brown eyes. He gently grabbed my back, as my head bent for over to brush my lips against his soft yet firm lips. He kissed back as he gently began moving his hands all over my back, till it hit my butt, where it stopped going down and began to make circular movements. I felt his desire to get more and more, as I felt his hands got on my upper leg, moving his finger in a way only he could, that made me giggle like a schoolgirl that got a compliment. That was when I saw this look in his eyes, a look that made me forget anything but him. These eyes burned with desire.

As we were going to our berdroom I pulled his tight T-shirt up, revealing his muscular six-pack. He unbuttoned my blouse I had just changed in. revealing my trained shape I had been all my life.

(This is where you need to skip if you're a minor to lets say, until the end, as it contains sexual things. I promise not to do any more than this but I really wanted a VERY intimate scene, if you know what I mean)

As I got unbuttoned I said; 'is this really what you want?' as he said on an hot low way always caring about my feeling 'if this is not what you want we could stop' I grinned as I unbuttoned his pants, He unbuttoned mine, revealing my pink knickers, He said 'naughty girl'.

We both grinned. When I undid his pants I saw an giant lump in his underwear. As he grabbed me gently to undo my bra, I didn't resist. As my bra fell off his eyes grow to take a good look at them, as I actually enjoyed it.

Jake's POV

As I undid her bra I saw her beautiful cup D I couldn't do anything but look at them. as I was Very distracted by them she undid my underpants, I couldn't hold in anymore, as my dick came out he started to grow into an 10-inch monster, I saw Rose her eyes looking over the entire length. As I pulled her underwear down I saw she had just shaven her pussy, it was like pulling my head against it wanting me to lick her.

As I did I felt Rose close her legs, but after a while I felt her relax it was wet dripping of Rose's cum, as I looked up I saw her look at my dick, as I laid down I felt her head on the top of my dick sucking, and sucking and slowly went down and up, with every movement she went deeper and deeper, till my dick hit her throat and she held it there for like at least 1 minute, until I came spraying her mouth till I couldn't anymore.

After she swallowed she sucked every spot dry. When she got up and laid down with her legs spread out, awaiting my dick as I probed at first I felt her pussy stir and get excited she said 'come on dragon boy' (It felt so familiar when she said it like that), when I pushed it in, she moaned and her pussy already wet so it got sucked in every time I pushed in farther and tried to get it out, it felt like she wasn't going to let go. With every trust of my dick I heard Rose moan as hot as possible. As it was the only way it was going further and further in her pussy till I felt like I couldn't get further, when I tried to get in further Rose looked like she was going to explode that's when I couldn't hold it anymore. As Rose and I said in unison that we were going to come, we kissed as passionately as possible. It felt like it took ages and ages to feel my cum mix with hers, and it may go on longer for my part. As I pulled my dick out of her pussy, it was dripping with our cum.

As I asked on my lowest and hottest voice; 'and felt it good? She asked on her hottest voice;' may I be on top now? As I laid down on the bed I felt my dick grow again, till it didn't went further. As Rose crept on it and as she brushed her pussy against my foreskin before she slowly let her pussy lower on my dick. I moaned as she couldn't go deeper, she rose and lowered till we both couldn't handle it anymore. As she said she was going to cum, I was also. She bent for over to kiss me as passionately as it was the first time she did that. Again our cum mixed in Rose's hot body, as Rose slowly rose and bent over immediately to suck my dick dry. As she was done she crept against my muscular body and when she did that I pulled the sheet over us.

Nobody's POV

As they fell asleep there was something out there what would shock them

Okay this is my first fan fic but don't hold on with those reviews, let them be as criticizing as possible. Plus I just added the sex scene to show they really loved each other. Cough cough. See ya guys next time