Alternate Dimension

Chapter 14: Never Mess With Love

After Boris got defeated the Huntsmaster is outraged, he had ordered a gathering of his top.

No one's POV

In 30 feet by 60 feet big and 12 feet high purple gray room, massively decorated by pelts and ornaments, stands a 15 feet by 30 feet long Oak wood table with around it seven leather chairs. On the very end sits the Huntsmaster calmly but there is anger boiling up in his blood and everyone could sense that, behind him stands four huntsmen guarding him. On his left sits Rafael biting his nails with a terrified expression on his face, it seems he still had to be punished for his failure. Next to Rafael is an empty seat. Next to the empty seat sits Lilly who was staring at the empty seat, trying to avoid eye-contact with everyone. On the right side of the Huntsmaster sits the Chinese guy who calmly looked around, scanning the room. Next to him sits a shady man, 6 feet high, normal posture, a black hood shading the shape of his face only showing his yellow eyes looking eagerly at the Huntsmaster, a black monks robe, black leather boots and gloves. Next to him sits a man, 6 feet 1 high, short blue hair, green bored eyes, blue light armor, a tanned skin, quite broad, leather boots and gloves, he is impatiently tapping his finger on the table.

The Huntsmaster was clearly annoyed by the sound and he glared at him 'Rash…Stop' he bellowed slowly shocking Rafael. Rash (Blue hair guy) rolled his eyes annoyed, 'So what are we sitting around for? Another stupid plan doomed to fail? He said impatiently as he crossed his arms. 'Well let's send you, maybe you get captured and then we don't need to hear your annoying voice' Lilly bursts out. 'Well if you fulfilled your mission then we weren't here at this moment' Rash replied as he stands up and slams his hands on the table, they both stared intensely in each other's eyes. 'Looks like true love to me' a guard whispered on which another nods. 'Enough!' the Huntsmaster bellowed, echoing loudly through the room catching everyone's attention. 'Sit down!' he ordered, Rash slowly sits down while muttering something to himself. The Huntsmaster rapidly turns towards Rafael who flinched by the suddenness, 'So Rafael, I am glad to have you here' he said with a evil grin as he raised his right hand.

A guard took out a old brown book, 10 inch by 5 inch big, 500 pages thick and with in gold written 'Torture'. The Huntsmaster grabbed the book, opened it and began to look through the possible ways to semi-kill the victim with hurting him as much as possible and not kill him. Suddenly 'Stop' the Chinese ordered, the Huntsmaster raised an eyebrow. 'Send Rafael and Rash outside' he calmly yet importantly said, the Huntsmaster sighed, 'You heard him... Go! As for you I'll deal with you later' he said as he pointed his index finger at Rafael. They both stood up and left still thinking about what was so important.

Jake's POV

Soaring trough the sky while a cool summer breeze caressed my body, on my back sits Rose and Spud, to my right flew Amdrag with on his back Trixie and Thorn, and to my left flew Gramps with Boris riding on his back. Amdrag eyed Boris 'Why do we need him?' Amdrag said as he pointed to Boris still unconvinced of his loyalty. 'I mean we've got the map and defeated everyone from the start till now' he said hopefully to Gramps. 'Young one, he knows the place better than we do with the map plus any hand more is a hand better' Gramps wisely said, shutting Amdrag down. 'now everyone hang on tight' Gramps ordered as he went faster, feeling two pairs of hands dig into my scales I sped up to keep up with Gramps. When we were at the beginning of Central Park, Gramps slowed down and stopped, we all surrounded Gramps now waiting for something, Gramps shushed us and opened his ears, suddenly he grabbed us and dove barely evading a plasma shot,' Jake right, Amdrag Left' Gramps quickly ordered as he dove to the ground. 'Hold on tight' I said to Rose and Spud as I flew of as quickly as I could.

Gramps' POV

'I hear something approach, it's going fas…' I thought as saw a flash heading straight on towards us; I grabbed Jake and Amdrag and dove as fast as I could. I felt the plasma shot touch my white hairs scraping of a half an inch of hair, 'Jake Right, Amdrag Left' I commanded, seeing them react this quickly made me feel proud. 'No time to be a sitting duck' I thought to myself,' Boris, hide now' I commanded. Boris nodded and leapt up landing into a tree, I heard footsteps near me on which I quickly dove into a bush. Just as my tail got covered footsteps appeared in my sight, there were 12 huntsmen standing where we were right now. 'I was sure I saw them here' one said, 'man you're blind then, I saw him there' another said. 'Focus and keep going, they could be nea…' a familiar voice said only to be interrupted by a loud thud, 'what, huh Boris?' he said confused. I quickly swept a low arch with my tail tripping four huntsmen, as I stood up I could see Boris he was enraged and launching huntsmen in the air with his massive fists. Suddenly his fist slammed into a wall, he looked at the right into a familiar face. Suddenly his eyes which were filled with anger turned into regret, 'Boris what are you doing?' Rafael said seriously, 'Revenge' Boris whispered as he pulled out his hand and slammed it in Rafael's face making him fly 20 feet backwards into a tree. 'I'm sorry old friend' Boris said depressed. 'Lao Shi, hold them off' he said as he slowly walked towards Rafael, I nodded before I turned to three petrified huntsmen. I quickly slammed them with my massive tail, knocking them out. I looked around to see Boris; he was tying Rafael on a tree and covering him with leaves. 'I'll be back' he whispered before he turned away, 'You have made the right choice' I said as I put my hand on his shoulder. He slowly nods, 'let's go' he said with his normal voice.

Jake's POV

'Crap another branch' I thought as i evaded one of the numerous branches in front of me, 'yo Jake I can see the edge' Spud yelled in excitement. 'Spud, keep it down' I quickly said, no use because moments after Spud yelled a few plasma beams soared narrowly passed me and a few were going right onto me. I avoided them by quickly diving upwards, 'Spud!' I yelled, I couldn't look behind but I heard his cannon fire, some spuds splat and some screams of hit huntsmen. As we were finally through the forest I could see the sheer numbers of Huntsmen, there were hundreds coming our way all marching with their staffs held up high. Rose grabbed my scales with one hand and Spud with another while I shot massive fireballs at them and evaded every shot.

I was now flying around the group blasting a huge stream of fire towards them, suddenly a blue fireball past by right in front of me. I heard another coming my way, I evaded by barrel rolling to the right. I knew it wasn't a simple foot soldier, 'Rose, grab Spud and Jump' I said a bit hasty. Feeling her hand let loose I glanced back to see her mouth move and say 'Be save', I nodded before I looked at the Huntsmen, he is 6 feet 1 high, short blue hairs, clad in blue armor, his green eyes squeezed and with a deadly look on them.

He stood there calmly on his hoverboard around 50 feet away, 'So you are the so called 'Golden Drag' he waved his hands in a sarcastic happiness while he rolled his eyes, 'So what if you defeated Boris, Rafael and Lilly by yourself' he spat those names out only Lilly's name a bit passionately, 'They are nothing compared to me' they said (counting him and his ego). 'Yeah you're right they are nothing compared to your ego, man it's big' I said. Suddenly a blue pillar of fire soared towards my head; I evaded it by turning my torso. When I straightened up I saw him standing there with his right hand raised in the air while blue embers left them, 'Getting off track, my name is Rash, keep that in your mind then I Kill you!' he screamed as he raced towards me. 'In your dreams Hunts punk' I replied as I stepped out of the way and slammed my massive armored tail in his stomach, slamming him off of his hoverboard and towards the ground. I quickly took hold of him and fastened the fall; I threw him in the ground when we were 5 feet above ground. I flew up again and saw a huge gap in the ground, suddenly a blue hand reached out and an evil laugh came too. 'You are pretty good, Dragon' Rash said as he came out the hole. His face was covered in bruises, his green eyes were wide open and had a weird look on them, the expression on his face was… psychotic. He stood up and revealed his cracked body armor, 'You are going to be a good pair of boots, Dragon' he said as he slammed his fist on the cracks, 'come and get it' I said mockingly. 'My pleasure' he replied as he slammed on hard punch on his armor, a large crack got through and the armor just fell off revealing his battle hardened chest. He charged at me while thrusting his hands forwards shooting out pillars of blue fire, I avoided them and returned the fire. He was now very close, he swung out his left fist, I blocked it with my right arm. He swung out his right arm which I blocked with my left arm. I inhaled and shot out a gigantic fireball covering Rash, suddenly the red flame turned into purple flames. Suddenly a fist shot out and caught me off guard, it send me flying backwards, I opened my wing halfway and flew up

The purple fire finally cleared up but there was still some fire, I squeezed my eyes and saw something standing in the midst of the blue flames… Rash?. 'Woah' I thought as I saw a giant pillar of fire near me…fast. I dived to the right to avoid being hit by the fire, 'Crap they are getting bigger' I thought to myself, Rash saw my expression and chuckled 'is it me or is it getting hot' he mockingly said while shooting pillars towards me. 'I'll show you Hot' I replied as I flew right at him, I inhaled and shot out a gigantic stream of flames towards him, he thrust out his hands and let a huge pillar collide with mine. When I got close I barrel rolled to the side and narrowly flew past him before I stabbed my claw in his side. 'it's over' I whispered in his ears as I felt blood surge over my arm, he blinked a few times before he collapsed to the ground with a loud thud. I kneeled besides him checking out his pulse. I stood up and flew off, suddenly I felt a hand grab my ankle' Got you, Dragon' he yelled like a maniac, I turned my head to see him, his flames were bickering to stay alive, his clothes burnt, torn and drenched in blood, his face was white but his expression was lively and crazy. He pulled with all his might and slammed me to the ground, my head hit a stone. Rash laughed wickedly before he grabbed my head and kept slamming it against the stone until I fainted.

Rose's POV

We were flying through the sky shooting towards the group of Huntsmen, suddenly Jake barrel rolled to the right evading a blue pillar of fire. 'Rose grab Spud and Jump' he yelled, knowing that Jake would never tell me to leave unless it's important I didn't question his decision I took hold of Spud and let Jake's scales loose. Falling the 150 feet fall, 'Spud' I yelled as I saw that Spud was surprised by the sudden jump, he woke up and nodded his head before he threw a Spud-ampoline ( a mix of a spud and a trampoline) on the ground, the Spud-ampoline inflated and we landed on it safely. Now in the open grass field, there were numerous Huntsmen all with their staffs aimed at us. 'Spud cover me' I yelled before I sprinted towards the group. There were five charging at me, one lunged out towards me with his spear, I skillfully leapt up evading the sharp point. While in midair I saw five spuds fly only inches below me towards the five Huntsmen, I heard the spuds all splatter on the Huntsmen. I landed with my face towards Spud, he saluted with a wide grin. I heard footsteps coming near me from behind, I back kicked him against his throat making him let loose of his huntsstaff and fly several feet backwards. I skillfully caught the huntsstaff and towards the group shooting at everyone, seeing for everyone that fell another one pop up out of nowhere I prayed for Jake to hurry up.

Jake's POV

When I woke up again my head was heavy and I tasted blood in my mouth, I opened my eyes and saw my body being covered in blood. I looked around and saw that I was kept in the air by Rash's hand, 'So you're awake huh? It was about time.' He said mockingly. I tried to move my hands, but no use they were bound by some rope. 'ha ha, that's useless, Dragon. Pure sphinx hair' he said while laughing. 'Can you see her?, just look at her isn't she beautiful?' he said a bit dreamingly. I still tried to wiggle my hands out the rope, 'She looks exactly like Lilly' he said dreamingly. Hearing that line I knew that he was talking about Rose, I stopped struggling and saw her fight. I felt anger boil up by the fact that he was talking about my girl, 'She will be all mine after I kill you' he said while sighing, he just poured gallons of water on a heavy oil flame. 'Stop.. Looking…At…Her' I yelled out every word more filled with hatred than the other, feeling my anger turn into flames I felt it burn heavily. I ignored it and just go with the flow, I extracted more and more hatred only by just looking at him. Suddenly flames surrounded me and burned Rash's hand and the rope, Rash flinched and screamed in shock and let me go. I opened my wings and flew up with a mighty roar, I grabbed Rash by his neck, I looked in his eyes and saw fear. 'Never lay your filthy eyes on Rose, I will make sure of that' I said with anger. He let out a little smile, 'She will be mine, Dragon' he said, and something just snapped in my head I have gone berserk. I threw him up in the sky and kept slamming my burning fists against him, I pulled my right fist back and shot it with full strength against rash's jaw making a crushing sound and making him fly backwards. He flew against his hover board and struggled to climb on it, while he breathed heavily for some air he widened his arms and whispered something in the air. Immense blue flames covered him and turned into a giant fire ball, he shot out towards me, knowing that if I would stand there in this condition I would die, but if I would run Rose and Spud would die. I didn't hesitate about the which I would chose, I inhaled a deep breath and hoped for the best.

Rose's POV

We were now surrounded by several huntsmen but we were still fighting them off, suddenly a bright blue light caught our attention. We saw a huge blue fireball speeding towards us, and a dragon standing in-between. My stomach turned, 'Jake' I whispered in shock. He turned to take a glance, when he saw me he grinned. I saw his lips say 'Everything will be alright'. Tears began to flow down my eyes and roll over my cheeks, I wanted to believe him, I wanted to listen to him, but I couldn't, I loved him, and I loved him with all my heart, to never let him go. 'Jake I Love you'I yelled, he turned his head away from me, he shot out his right hand and formed it into a thumbs up.

Jake's POV

Seeing the immense fireball approach me I thought of every happy moment with Rose, our first meeting, the little talk we had, the laughs we had together, the tickling of her curly blond hairs as they brushed against my nose, our first kiss, the sweet cherry flavored red lips so firm yet so soft, 'No this is not the end, it can't end here, I want more of her love' I yelled out loud. Suddenly I heard a whisper, something a normal human couldn't hear 'Jake I Love you'. It repeated loudly in my head, suddenly I felt more powerful, courage flowed around me, I felt confident I could defeat him, but above all I felt love wrap all around me. Suddenly a vague face appeared 'You sure are one lucky guy' a loud voice said, 'Never forget, Rose will always stay by your side' Wang Long said as his face became clear. He winked before he left, the blue ball of fire now had a huge golden glow on it. I inhaled deeply and exhaled a giant stream of golden fire, it literally overwhelmed the blue fireball. Suddenly something fell out the fire.

It hit the ground with a loud thud, I landed next to it enlightening the area. I could see Rash lie there on the ground while golden embers still floated off of his clothes, 'I …Lost?' he said with shock before the side of his head hit the ground. I transformed into my human form and still looked at him, suddenly I was tackled to the ground. As it lay on me it covered my eyes and tickled me. I was laughing heavily, I knew it was Rose because only she knows how to tickle me good. After the tickling was finally over 'I love you too Rose' I could utter while out of breath. A cute giggle was heard and she let go of my head. I grinned to see her beautiful smile, before I could say anything she kissed me passionately on my lips deleting my ability to speak or even think about anything else. Knowing that everyone looked at us we didn't care about it, we just kept kissing until we were out of breath. We reluctantly pulled away and gasped for air, I looked deeply in her cerulean blue eyes filled with happiness. Suddenly she slapped me on my head, 'Ow, what was that for?' I asked her, but I saw her eyes, they were filled with anger and relief. 'I could have lost you' she said as a single tear managed to escape her eye and was rolling down her cheek. 'if I didn't took the chance you wouldn't be standing right here now, and I wouldn't be smiling right now' I said a bit set back. I whipped the tear away with my thumb, 'Everything is going to be alright as long as love guide us' I said soothing her as she laid her head against my chest.

Unknown POV

Standing in the gathering room while the Huntsman sits on his chair. A big shade covers the Huntsman.

'So this is your better warrior?' the big and dark voice said echoing through the room as he sees Rafael lying on the floor.

'Not at all' the Huntsman said with a chuckle. 'Not at all'

'And do you know about Boris' the menacing voice said, shocking the Huntsman.

'What happened then?' the Huntsman said a bit frightened.

'Destiny my friend, Destiny' he said softer as he started to fade.

'Destiny is Superstition' the Huntsman said in panic.

'Three years was the prophecy' his faint voice said, leaving the Huntsman in a confusing situation.

The Huntsman looks at his clock, four hours to go and then it will be exactly three years.

Well well well, finally found the time to write the story. What will happen when the three years are over, you tell me and I give you a hint. Review please.