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Dreams and Nightmares
Chapter 1: Reality

"Must. Defeat. Xemnas. Must. Beat. Game!" came from a girl who was glued to the screen of her television, PlayStation controller clutched in her hand. A laugh came from the girl next to her.

"You want help?" asked her friend.

"NO! I must kill him myself!" she shouted with a laugh.

The other girl laughed again, "Hailey, you're not going to win if you don't sleep."

The girl, Hailey, stuck her tongue in reply. "It's only 1 AM. Not that late." she said with a small giggle, "Anyway, Ryley, what are you complaining about? You have Days over there."

Ryley watched as her friend pressed the 'Retry' button on the screen. She shook her head silently and looked back down to the Gameboy Advance in her hands.

A few minutes later the familiar sound of Sora's death reached both girls ears. Hailey tilted her head as the screen turned black. "What the-"

Ryley looked up, "What? Did you turn the TV off?" she asked.

Hailey looked up, "Nope. Maybe the cords were pulled out?" she suggested. She got up, but before she reached the TV a small avatar of a Keyblade showed up. Under the weapon was a question, "Start your journey?" Two buttons were under it, "Yes" and "Not now." Hailey backed up and grabbed her controller. She looked at her friend. Ryley gave her a confused look. Hailey just shrugged and chose "Yes". The screen filled with different pictures of Keyblades. Her eyes widened as she watched the appear. Many of them were ones that weren't in the game. Above the first Keyblade it said, "Choose your Keyblade."

Scrolling down the list of weapons she stopped halfway and stared at one. The hand guard looked like waves from an ocean, while the blade itself looked like it was glass filled with water and a few air bubbles. The three edges at the top of the blade looked like little water explosions. Without a second thought, Hailey pressed X. A bright light flashed and she found herself floating in darkness.

"Ryley?" she called, looking everywhere. "RYLEY!" she screamed. No answer. Her friend hadn't come with.

"Be calm, young one. Your friend is safe. It is you who is destined to be on this journey." a voice rang out. She wasn't able to tell if it was female or male, but one thing was for certain, it freaked her out.

She called out, "Who's there?" Looking around, she tried to see if there was anything around her.

"That is nothing you should worry about." it replied. Hailey wondered what was going on. "You are to go on a journey." it stated again. "A journey to right the wrong that exists."

The girl shook her head, confused. "What am I supposed to do?" she asked, feeling stupid about talking to nothing.

"I have chosen you to destroy the Organization XIII."

She laughed, "You're kidding, right? You expect me to believe that a video game is real, and to kill a bunch of people who could probably destroy me within 3 seconds flat?"

The voice chuckled, "Exactly. And just to make sure you have some motivation, you won't be able to return home until every one of the Nobodies are gone."

She heard a snap and a blinding light flashed before her eyes. Shielding them, she felt something strange, like sunlight hitting her. Taking her arm away from her face she noticed she was standing in front of a train. Not just any train the 'Ghost Train' as Twilight Town called it.

Hailey turned around and fell on her butt in shock. There, in front of her, was Yen Sid's tower. She patted the ground beneath her hands, actual grass! Finally everything clicked in her mind, shereally was in Twilight Town. She swallowed the huge lump that was growing in the back of her throat. She looked down at herself. Her clothes were changed! Instead of her jeans and Green Day shirt, she was wearing something that looked like it came from an Anime Convention. She was wearing a pair of short shorts that stopped a little after her thigh on one leg and the other had a long red skirt accompanied by a pair of blue and white shoes. Her shirt was replaced with a striped tank top that was under a mustard yellow hooded jacket. She gasped in amazement, but then a feeling of anxiousness set in.

Something was telling her to leave. Now. Something wasn't right at all, here. Almost on cue, she noticed a shadow heartless spring from the ground. Screaming, she leaped up and ran towards the train. She felt its claw scrape against her ankle, causing her to trip. She yelped as she heard it come closer. She quickly got back up and jumped into the train. As soon as she was in, the doors closed, smashing the heartless' arm. She crawled to the other side of the car and tucked her legs in close to her chest. Her hand went down to her ankle, feeling around the wound. She felt blood. Not much, but enough to scare her shitless.

Obviously, with the Nobodies, the heartless were back too. She was going to have to watch herself, nothing could be worse than turning into a heartless in the middle of such a mission. A few minutes passed and she found the courage to get up. She walked to one of the seats and sat down. Hailey watched the clouds pass by from the windows across from her. She was confused and a bit scared. She wished Ryley was there with her. Ryley would know what to do. She was certain about that. The thought of Ryley going after that Shadow made the girl smile. She wondered what her friend was doing at the moment. She missed her terribly.

A horrible chill went down her spine as she thought about the heartless and Nobodies... "Where's Sora?" she whispered. "If he's still around, shouldn't he be the one who-" she stopped short. She shook her head, not believing her own thoughts. He couldn't be gone. If anybody could help her, Sora could. That was plain and simple. Even though she didn't even like the kid in the game, she still could have used his help. Sort of like how no one liked each other in the Organization, but they still worked together. She sighed to herself before slinking her head back and groaning. This was not going to be easy.

Hailey felt her worries diminish as she saw the clouds through the windows. It couldn't be that bad here in Twilight Town. It was calm, if you excused the heartless. She couldn't help but let her mind wander every which way. She looked to her hands as an idea struck her. "Was that keyblade that I chose...mine?" she questioned. She let out a small sigh. Even if it was hers; she had no idea how to summon it. Sora made it look easy. "How..." she mumbled. She was sill staring down at her hands when she heard a strange sound from both sides of the train.

She looked up quickly, there were two Dusks. "Holy shit..." she whispered. She stood up and tried to find a way to get away. Both attacked at the same time. Hailey screamed and ducked. One of the creatures clawed her face. She yelped in pain and crawled under one of the benches. The girl sunk as far back to the wall as she could, trying to make herself as small as possible. A dusk reached under the seats an gripped her arm. "Get off!" she yelled, attempting to shake it off. It dragged her out and threw her against the floor. She recoiled fast enough to block her face when one of the creatures attacked. There was a bright light that repelled both dusks. She felt something in her hand. Hailey opened her tightly shut eyes and gasped. In her hand, was the keyblade she chose. "Ironic timing..." she whispered with a small smirk.

Hailey got up and got into a stance. Both dusks flew at her but she was able to deflect one and slash(and hit) the other. The injured one attacked again, but she struck it right in the neck. making it fall to the ground and disappear. The other creature attacked again. This time she struck it in the knees and then in the back of the head. It fell and vanished before she had a chance to inhale.

The girl fell to her knees and sat there for a while. Everything was so real. She looked down at the very real keyblade that was still in her hand. She carefully held it out and stared at it. It looked so fragile, though that was proved wrong just a second ago. She sat there for a few minutes. She was glad this was a long ride.

She concentrated, trying to send the weapon away. She closed her eyes and thought hard. Nothing was happening. In defeat, she groaned and let her grip falter on the handle. Just like that, it was gone. She sat there and stared, dumbfounded. "Really?" she spat.

Hailey stood back up and flopped onto one of the seats. She looked over her body, inspecting any damages. No scratch except for the claw mark on her ankle. She sighed in relief. At least she somewhat knew how to fight. She stopped on that thought. "C-could I do magic?" she whispered in wonder. She calmed her thoughts and tried to think of a way to ignite a cure spell. She sat there for a good ten minutes, thinking of energy. Finally for what seemed like hours, she felt something tingling on her wound. She looked down and saw nothing. Not one scratch. No blood. No evidence of her ever getting hurt. In fact, it wasn't even sore anymore! "Holy..."

Suddenly the doors slid open. She looked up and saw the inside of the Twilight Town Station. She felt a rush of excitement run through her. "I-I'm really here." she studdered. She stood up awkwardly and walked out into the building. She looked around. It was just like it was in the game, but just more real. She grinned. "This...is amazing." she whispered. She noticed three teens walking up.

A tall blonde with a black beanie that covered most of his hair was obviously Seifer. He didn't have his trademark scar across his features, though. Next to him stood Fuu. The girl had short white hair that covered one eye. The other was a bright and beautiful red. On the other side of the leader, stood Rai. He was about the same height as Seifer but was tan and very muscular.

Seifer was the first to speak. "You come off that train?"

Hailey flinched. His voice was more acidic than Square Enix gave him credit for.

"Answer." Fuu commanded.

Hailey gasped, nervous. "Y-yes." she stated.

Seifer gave a smirk and stepped a bit closer to her. "Where are you from?" he asked, "Obviously you're not from around here." he stated. Hailey was about to just tell him she was from another world, but she remembered that according to the game, she wasn't supposed to let anyone know.

The girl tried her best to shrug. "I-I don't know. I-I don't remember." she lied. Faking amnesia is a good way to avoid any conflicts.

Rai let out a chuckle. "You serious? You can't just not know where you're from, ya know?"

Hailey let out a nervous smile, "I'm serious." She didn't notice Seifer next to her until his arm was draped over her shoulder.

"Well, would you like to hang with us until you can remember?" he offered.

The girl felt her breathing catch. "I-I'm like...really sorry, but-" she was cut off by hearing a voice that sounded a bit far off.

"What are you doing with a girl, Seifer? Finally getting out of your gay fantasies?"

Hailey bit the inside of her lip, trying not to laugh. It was not a good idea to get on Seifer's bad side. Good thing, the male dropped his arm and glared towards the voice. The girl stepped away from the blonde and looked at the same direction. It was Hayner along with Pence and Olette. Seifer growled but backed off. "Let's go. Let the losers meet the new girl." he scoffed.

The three delinquents walked off, leaving the other four teens alone. The gang of three walked over to the distressed-looking girl. "Hello." Olette said cheerfully, her green eyes sparkling. They all looked so much like the game versions of themselves. Hayner's blonde hair was slicked back, and his brown eyes looked like they were made of chocolate. The second male was a bit short and a little more than pudgy. His chocolate brown hair was spiked and kept into place by a headband. The lone female of the group was about Hayner's height. Her long brown hair draped around her shoulders.

Hailey smiled nervously, "H-hello." she stuttered.

Hayner grinned, "You're new here, right?" he asked, "I'm Hayner, and this is Pence and Olette."

The girl smiled, "I-I'm Hailey." she introduced.

Pence smiled wide, "Nice to meet ya!" he said cheerfully.

Hayner tilted his head, "So, where you from?" he asked.

Hailey's jaw clenched, trying to figure out another lie to tell, when she saw the girl slap the blonde in the back of the head. "Hayner! That's not very polite."

Hailey and Pence laughed as Olette scolded Hayner for his lack of manors. Once finished, Hailey piped up. "I have to thank you guys for saving me back there. That guy was a creep." she said with a laugh. All three erupted in laughter. When everything died down into just a chuckle, "Seifer is just a bully." Olette said bitterly, "He's always trying to get us in trouble."

Everyone laughed again. "Would you like to hang out with us? We're going to the beach." Pence offered.

Hailey smiled warmly. She really wanted to, but that wasn't why she was here. "I would love to... But I have to find someone." she said sadly. The group nodded knowingly.

"It's fine. Maybe later?" Hayner suggested. "Sure!" she agreed. The group said their good-byes and left Hailey on her own.

"Okay. Now to find some certain black coats..." she mumbled, walking out of the station.

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