a/n I didn't write these by myself, so I must give credit where it is due. My friend Brittney and I had to write these for our English class, therefore she is part owner of these as well XD p.s. These ideas do not belong to me, but I don't remember the names of the original authors... DX

The Passionate Prince to His Mermaid

Come live with me, and be my love

We'll soar high, just like a dove

In all the oceans, lakes, rivers and seas

You'll never find one more passionate than me

And we will sit upon the rocks

Watching the boats flee the docks

We'll listen to the seabirds sing

Through the air their sounds will ring

And I will make thee a water-themed castle

One that will inspire you, and dazzle

A wreath of coral for you I'll make

Advantage of you, I'll never take

A gown made from the finest shells

You shall wear to the ringing of bells

For your fin, a beautiful kirtle

We'll always overcome our biggest hurdles

A belt of seaweed and conch studs

A coral clasp and flower buds

And if these pleasures may thee move

Come live with me, and be my love

And all the family shall dance and sing

And carry on 'til early morning

If these delights may thee move

Come live with me, and be my love

The Fish's Reply to the Prince

If all the world and love were young

And truth in every prince's tongue

Your pretty promises make me think

Will it push your love to the brink?

Time drives the seas from hot to cold

When tides will rage and love will fold

And the mighty seabirds becometh dumb

What will be left of our love to come?

What would happen if the castle should fall?

Then away your love the wreckage would haul

Keep your coral, for it will break

You've long since made your first mistake

The bells will break, the gown will tear

You'll have no one to provide an heir

We have different views on what is beautiful

It's known; to you I could never be dutiful

The seaweed will wither and the conches will fall

Dead the coral and flowers all

All these in me no means can move

To come to thee and be thy love

Could the joy last forever?

Or am I simply your greatest endeavor?

Then these delights me might move

To live with thee and by thy love

a/n I plan on writing another one, for Harry Potter. =D