The Matfred Chronicles

Chapter 1: Why?

Rating: K+

Why? That question, asked over and over and over again.

Why? The word repeating in a monotone voice in his head.


Canada didn't know why. He could never explain it. He tried to make an educated guess- a hypothesis- as to the reasons his own logic, his own desires, his own morals had let him accept this. But the guesses died- burned to ashes after the experiment set them to flames.

America hadn't really come out and given his confession. Or did he? Hadn't he? It was after the World Conference meeting, right? America and Canada, sitting alone in that room with its long elliptical table, full of empty seats.

There he had confessed.

There had had spilt the beans.

There he had spoke the three forbidden words of something quite larger than normal sibling relationships were suppose to encompass.

Why there? A World Conference wasn't the least bit romantic.

Why America? Another country could have- should have been better.

Why did he go along with it? Why did he say yes? WHY?????

Constantly, his morals shouted at him: He's your brother. He's related to you- shares your blood. You'll only now be known as America's boyfriend. How pathetic. There goes your chance of being noticed without another person covering you up. You two aren't even compatible. He's your brother. You're both men. He's your brother.

It took a while for them to shut up, especially the last one. It remained the hardest to suppress-to ignore. Why wouldn't they stop pestering him?


Now the question suddenly morphed into another question of the same nature.


How did it happen? How come America was the one? How come he went along with it all? How did he let himself accept it?

The other questions faded to the background, while one stepped forward: How did it feel to be loved by his brother, his twin, his "pants", his America?


A three- letter question answered by a four- letter word.


Author's Note: I figured that Matfred needed a lot more love than it has been given and since I'm a big fan, I knew a fanfiction would be best for the pairing. I know this chapter is short and all, but it'll get better, I promise :) But I need you, the reader's, help. If you review, please give me a random word (any word at all) and put it in your review. I will choose one of these reviews and write a chapter for that word. Right now, my friend asked me to write one for the word "spoon" and I have a good idea for that^^

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