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"Belching waffles."

Senji stared at him for a few moments, silent, and then asked. "You want what?"

"Belching waffles," Naruto repeated slowly, drawing out the syllables. When Senji still looked blank, Naruto elaborated. "They have squares in them."

Senji shook his head, rubbing at his eye patch. "We can't just have regular waffles?"

"No! Hikari made belching waffles. I want belching waffles!"

Understanding dawned on Senji's face, and he smiled. "You mean Belgian waffles."

Naruto considered for a moment, and frowned. "Belching is very close to Belgian."

Senji snorted trying to hold in a laugh, and nodded. "Why don't you go wake up Sasuke and we'll have someā€¦ Belgian waffles."

Blushing, Naruto dashed off into the next room, and tackled Senji when he tried to tell Hikari, laughing, that Naruto had eaten belching waffles for breakfast.


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