Minato was happy his friends had moved on. Despite his position, he was quite happy when they had learned the truth behind his "death", and his reasons. They didn't need him anymore, even though it sounded sad.

Actually, Minato was quite that he was the only one (aside from Nyx and Erebus) present in the empty expanse of space and yellow fog, he did not feel lonely in the slightest. The reason, is because he felt the frequent thoughs of his friends calling out to him, wondering if they were lessening his burden, with an occasional thought of encouragement around the lines of "Don't give up, because we're all trying here too." It was a great comfort to the blue haired boy.

Another comfort was the fact that Orpheus had returned to him, aftering aiding Aigis in her own ordeal. The metallic persona loyally stayed by Minato's side, and often played eeriely soothing tunes.

Despite the few comforts her had, he could shake the feeling of loneliness that had grown on him. It was like a part of himself that refused to go away, leaving him in frequent thoughts of despair. After all, he still hung empherally from the golden door, holding onto the chains he had willing put on himself. All to keep out Erebus, so his friends could live the lives that they deserved, that they fought for, but in his case, he "died" for it. No, he was not dead. He existed still, had the same recurring thoughts, often finding solace in his year's worth of memories. But even that was not enough to vanquish his thoughts of despair.

After all, he had lost all sense of time. How many days, months, years that had passed, he did not know. He had given up his freedom, and had only his thoughts, and Orpheus as company.

He longed to answer his friends' thoughts. He wished to speaking with them, at least tell them that he was okay. He was fine with it, as long as they lived their lives to the fullest.

But then, after some time, he noticed something.

The thoughts that had encouraged him to keep going, began vanishing. Even in his current state, he distinctly could tell his friends apart. But, as time went by, the thoughts diminished, until Aigis was the only one left.

Even thought Minato was not the type of person to jump to conclusions, he began thinking too fast.

His friends... had they forgotten him?

...Had they... died?

No. He told himself. They remembered the promise we made on Graduation day. I'm sure they wouldn't forget...

Minato mentally shivered.

Then, at that moment, Orpheus had stopped playing, and looked sorrowfully at his master's statue-like form. He was him, so naturally he felt the pain, and burden upon his master's shoulders. He set the lyre on his back, allowing a few moments of needed silence.

Minato... for the first time, he regretted his choice. Had the others really died, he wanted to be there. For them, as they had done for him. But if the first option was true, then that would be worse. Forgotten by the people he cared for most... He wanted to be with them more than ever; but no. He was in a prison, that fate had cut out for him. Why did he have to stop humanity from calling out to death? Why didn't some other person do it instead?

He was robbed of the life he could've had, all because humanity had gone suicidal.


He was robbed of his freedom, being chained to the giant golden door where the inevitable lay, asleep.


He was robbed of all the things that made him human.


In his anguish, he wanted to prove he was still human. He wanted to laugh, cry, get angry, scream, yell... tell his friends that he missed them... say what he never got a chance to say... apologize for all the times he led them into danger, or all the times he had caused them trouble. He wanted to tell them, "I'm still here, watching over you..."

Miraculously, a lucid, pristine tear slid down his stone cheek without his notice. It reached the arc of his chin, and fell freely to the world below the yellow fog.

Please don't forget me...


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-Thy True Self