(A Gil fic, since Gil is my fav teen character {My other fav is Mr. McCrae})

I watched Dean's face turn into a sad grimace as he shouted something incomprehendable to me. I was panicking now, realizing that he couldn't open the door without my help, and I didn't know what to do. I saw Dean cry as he put his hands up to the glass. I put my hands up to the thick glass separating us. I started to cry even more as he swam away, sealing me to my fate.

I looked back, seeing the cabin filling with water. I knew what was going to happen. The end was imminent, and I knew it was over. I felt sorry for myself and my parents, but I knew that nobody was to blame for my death.


Gil was the blonde that Skipper yelled at because he wouldn't climb, and he was one of the people who was in the study group, and was a good friend of Dean and Chuck.

If you've never watched White Squall, it is funny but heartbreaking.