26 observations about Jim and Spock

A lot of the time, Jim asks Spock questions he could answer for himself just so Spock will raise that one eyebrow and look at him with his adorably puzzled expression.

Being Jim's first officer is much easier than most people would believe if only because Spock knows him so well.

Careful isn't a word that anyone would have used to describe James T. Kirk until he fell in love with the Enterprise and Spock, in that order.

Devotion is not a Vulcan concept but one Spock learns is well within his capacity given the right circumstances.

Eccentric was never a word used to describe Spock until Jim changed that, or corrupted him as Spock sometimes claims, making Jim laugh.

Foreplay is not one of their areas of expertise as they can never spend sufficient time perfecting their technique.

Gravity pales in comparison to Spock when it comes to keeping Jim grounded.

Hearts may been made to be broken but Jim promised Spock he would never do that to him and Spock believes him whole-heartedly.

I love you – three words Spock will never tire of hearing from his t'hy'la.

Jealousy was an emotion Jim had never experienced until he watched Spock and Uhura look at each other, just as Spock felt it every time Jim made overtures to anyone who… well, anyone.

Kindred spirits – that's how McCoy described them even before they admitted to themselves, or each other, how they felt.

Language sometimes gets in their way, unless it is the silent language of love.

Most of the crew delight in their happiness, although some think Uhura should have been treated better, support she appreciates but assures them is unnecessary.

Nice ass – surprisingly, it is when he hears those words that Spock finally decides that Jim really is interested in him as more than a friend and co-worker.

Opposite might attract but Spock thinks that he and Jim fit together perfectly, like two halves of the whole.

Pillows were one of the things they had to most trouble settling on when they finally moved into the same quarters.

Quizzical looks from the crew as they walk down the corridor make Jim laugh and Spock raise that one eyebrow.

Rational thought is impossible when Spock kisses him, and he is quite glad.

Spontaneous combustion is extremely rare Bones promised when Jim confided he is afraid loving Spock so much would cause him to burst into flames.

Temporal distortions suck but they also gave Jim the courage to tell Spock how he feels, wanting what the first Jim and Spock had.

Unilateral surrender is the only term Spock can find to adequately describe giving into the force of nature that is James Kirk in love.

Vegetarianism is something Jim will never be able to adopt but is extremely respectful of Spock's choice not to eat meat.

What am I going to do with you? is a question Spock asks just so Jim will laugh, the unbridled amusement lighting his blue eyes and crinkling the corners of his mouth.

Xenobiology is something Jim is glad he studied so he knows that Vulcans and Humans are sexual compatible even before he learns it first hand.

Year two is even better than year one but neither of them thought that would have been possible.

Zero is the number of times Jim asks Spock if he loves him because he already has the answer.