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26 Ways Star Trek is Way Cooler than Real Life
yeah, like you didn't already know that? (I'm breaking the "fourth wall" in case you didn't notice.)

Aliens make interesting friends, neighbors, and coworkers, providing they don't try to eat, kill, or mate with you on first contact.

Beaming from place to place beats the hell out of being stuck in a traffic jam on the way to work.

Chris Pine – need I say more?

Dr. McCoy seems to be able to cure almost anything and isn't that what we all want from our friendly family physician, even one as grumpy as he is – grumpy but HOT!

Engaging warp drive will get you to the mall so much faster when they are having a shoe sale.

Forget ever having to run the dishwasher again – can you say replicated dishes?

Going to uncharted planets, discovering new life forms, learning new customs from aliens – beats going grocery shopping at WalMart any day!

Hitching your wagon to a star is a lot easier when your wagon is a starship.

Ignoring direct orders may get you a good talking to, but it all turns out okay in the end, especially when you are the star!

Just trying going faster than the speed of light in real life – Einstein said we never will, and who, other than the writers of Star Trek, is going to argue with Einstein?

Klingons won't win because the bad guys just don't – which is very different from RL.

Love of all kinds and in all possibilities is considered "normal" so long as both parties are willing, able, and legal.

Missions will end successfully, or without anyone (other than a poor redshirt) dying, and then we'll all have a drink to toast our awesomeness.

Nobody has to worry about a particularly troubled Romulan blowing up Earth, which helps me sleep better at night.

Outer space holds endless possibilities and who among us doesn't want to have the chance to discover some of them?

Poverty has been eliminated which is one of man's goals, providing everyone the opportunity to become whatever they want to become.

Quinto, Zachary – just OMG.

Real life can be a real drag sometimes, but space – it always seems to be exciting, or will be very very soon.

Space is the final frontier, one we may never be able to explore because of that whole "not traveling faster than the speed of light" thing.

Time travel is also impossible, but oh the fun it creates!

Understanding other species will help us to understand ourselves even better.

Vulcans don't really exist, but I sure wish they did because I'd love to meet one!

What could be more exciting than boldly going where no one has gone before?

Xenoliguistics needs to exist so we have a reason to have Nyota Uhura on the crew, because she would melt the hearts of any aliens we encounter - I mean, wow.

Zebras may exist in neighboring solar systems and don't we need to go and find out?