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He wanted to hate Haou. He wanted to hate those cold golden eyes with all his heart, but he couldn't. He wanted to stare those golden eyes down, yell, scream, and tell him how he had ruined his life, but he couldn't. He just couldn't.

Oh he could look into his own mirror just fine; stare into his own warm brown eyes. He could yell and say everything to his own reflection that he wanted, no couldn't, say to Haou. It was silly really. Haou and he was the same person. The only difference was their eye color and personality. It was those damned golden eyes that were stopping him.

He guessed that the reason he couldn't yell at Haou was because Haou was himself; his inner most, darkest self. Haou had killed his friends in the Dark World, but yet when Juudai actually thought about it, it wasn't Haou who killed him, but Juudai himself. Deep down inside did he really want his friends dead? Was that why Yubel had practically killed everyone when he was little? Was he doomed to a life of loneliness and he didn't even know it? It didn't make sense. Nothing made sense anymore.

Juudai hung his head in the dark recesses of his mind. The mirrors surrounded him, mocking him. Reflecting his reflection, his loneliness, his inner demon. Tears made their way silently down his cheeks. He was lost to everything, even himself, that he didn't noticed when the other came up behind him. Nor did he notice when Haou pulled Juudai into his embrace. Vaguely he registered and remember that cold emotionless voice in his ear. Its message echoing in his empty mind.

"Just accept the Darkness, Juudai. You can not escape it."

The brown left Juudai's eyes and was replaced with Haou's own golden. The gold however wasn't cold or piercing, but dull and unseeing. Haou left the other, broken, to drown himself in misery and despair. Haou didn't care, he just needed his other half's body, and now he had it. Dark World would soon fall under his rule, and the one person capable of stopping him was a broken mess in a corner of his mind.