Direct Hit



Authors Note: Been a few years, I know. I've had most of this written for a while now, but somehow lost interest. Interest is back and in full swing now. Sorry for the long wait. Hope you guys enjoy.

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Chapter 2



"So then what did you do?"

I turn my head and fix a pointed glare on Sango, who obviously doesn't believe me. "What do you mean, 'what did I do'?" I'm annoyed again, per my usual mood, at her stupid questions. It's Sunday now, and we're at lunch, having pushed our usual day-date back a day. I'd been too busy to meet up earlier, what with my going home and curling up in my humiliation after yesterday's frolic in the park.

"You knock the poor girl unconscious, and then what? Leave her on the park bench? Collect your kite and go your merry way?" Her eyes narrow. "If you took advantage of that poor girl, I'll-"

"You'll what?" I growl.

"I'll exterminate you." She says, and I conceal my wince. She could probably do it… maybe. Her ancestors were certainly strong enough. I'd been over to Sango's family's house once. I was never going again.

Before I think of a retort, Miroku cuts in: "Now, now children, don't fight." He turns to me. "I am curious, Inuyasha. What happened next?"

I shrug and grumble under my breath. "Nothin', I just took her to the hospital and admitted her."

"Did she have her wallet on her? Health insurance?"

"No, why?"

"Well, a simple bump on the head isn't probably enough to warrant the bill she'll be getting from the hospital."

"Keh," I snort, turning my nose up at Sango. "I've already paid her bills in advance."

Stunned silence engulfs the table before Miroku starts choking on a piece of chicken. I slap his back and he swallows, then coughs.

Sango ignores him. "You paid her bills in advance?" She asks, and I suspect by the expression her face is making that she's shocked.


Miroku, having recovered, clears his throat. "You can't blame us for being a little taken aback, Inuyasha. Did you let her know when she woke up?"

I feel my face flush deep red; I can't control it. Stupid Miroku and his stupid, prodding questions. "No." I grunt. "No, she was still out when I left."

More silence.

"You left?" Sango asks.

"What's wrong with that? I had other things to do, I couldn't just sit around and wait for her to wake up."

"Uh… yes you could have." Miroku states.

I growl. "I don't fuckin' have time for this crap," I bite out, throwing some cash onto the table as I stand up and push my chair back. "Miroku I'll see you at work, Sango… I'll see you when you're less of a bitch." Then I turn and walk out of the café, grinning as I hear Sango shout profanities at my back and Miroku's resigned sigh. Ha. Chalk one up for me.

The day is cold again, and the sun is still out and on my way to the hospital I stop and pick up a dozen daises, large and bright like the days is. Kagome doesn't seem like a rose type of girl. She seems like a daisy type of girl.

For a moment I consider throwing them out, because it's fucking embarrassing giving a girl flowers, but then I stop myself. I did mange to knock her unconscious with my kite, flowers are the least I could do. Embarrassment be damned.

The hospital smells of old people and antiseptic, and I wrinkle my nose in disgust as the doors whoosh open and the first wave of stench hits me. I hold my breath as I make my way straight to Kagome's room.

She smiles at me when I enter, and my heart skips a beat and I manage a grimace back. "Feeling better?" I grunt, and thrust the flowers into her hand.

Her cheeks blush even though my tone is gruff and she nods. "Yes, thank you."

"Daisies." I state.

She cocks an eyebrow. "I see that."

I feel my temper start to rise, but I hold it in check. I'm the one acting cold, not her, and I know it. I open my mouth to reply, but am interrupted by a timid knock. The door opens and inside steps a mousy, brown-haired boy, a sheepish grin on his face and a box of assorted chocolates tucked under his arm. He's holding a ridiculously large teddy bear with a giant "Get Well Soon!" heart attached to it.

I frown.

"Hey Hiragashi-san!" He says, in a voice that grates on my nerves. "The gift shop here didn't have much, so I hope this is okay." He strolls right in, giving me only a passing glance, and sits down right next to her.

My temper flairs.

"Hojou, I told you not to get me anything," Kagome berates him, but I don't like her tone. It's too soft and too caring. It's gentler than she's ever spoken to me, and it pisses me off.

Kagome's blushing now, more than she did when I got her the flowers, and I can smell the changes in her.

For this guy? Is she fucking serious? I'm too mad to say anything, too overwhelmed to speak. If I open my clenched fist I'm going to kill this Hojou jerk and bury him, then dig him up and kill him again.

"Aw, it was nothing." He replies, his face blushing just as much, if not more than Kagome's. I watch as he ducks his head a little and looks up at her through his bangs.

I can feel it coming on, the deep rumbling in my chest fighting its way up to my throat. I want to throttle the guy. Flirting and carrying on like he is. If I'd known she was into pansy-ass I would never have bothered to save her butt out in the park.

Kagome gives me a strange look, and I suddenly realize that the growl fighting it's way up has reached my throat and escaped from my teeth. But I don't care at this point. I'm starting to see red.

"Inuyasha?" She asks in that pretty voice of hers. "Are you okay?"

No, I'm not fucking okay! I don't say it though, I'm too pissed off to do anything that's considered legal, so I stand and growl and glare.

"Ah, is this a friend of yours Higurashi?" Stupid Hobo asks, and I leap from my spot in the corner to tear his throat out, but Kagome's voice rips through my head.

"Inuyasha!" She screams. "SIT!"

And I stop. Stunned. Frozen.

We're all frozen; my claws itching to kill and my heart beating out of my chest, Hojou pressed up against the wall to get as far away from me as possible, and Kagome halfway out of her bed, eyes wide, smelling of fear and anger.

I can see the change in her face as my position slowly relaxes, the anger in her eyes mixing in with fear and disbelief. After all, she's never seen this side of me before. And now I don't know what to do with my anger. I want to pick her up and slam her against the wall and press into her, to hear her scream my name as she envelops me in her warmth. I want to destroy something, to wreck something. To kill something.

I also want to cry, funny enough.

Instead I reach over, ignoring her visible flinch, and tear the flowers I'd given her from her hands. Without a word I stomp over to the door and chuck them into the wastebasket. No one speaks as I leave the room. Kagome doesn't try to stop me.

I stomp out of the hospital, and down the sidewalk. Through traffic. I bump into people, knocking them over as my shoulder shoves by.

By the time I reach the park the red haze flooding my vision hasn't worn off. I bury the emotion of Kagome's rejection deep inside, and I turn the corner, the opposite direction from home. I don't want to go home, if I'm alone right now I'll end up destroying whatever I get my hands on. My feet carry me down a familiar path, one I've walked hundreds of times before.

My ex is at her place, and she invites me in. Our clothes come off. I push her onto the bed. I'm angry and she can tell and she loves it.

I pound into her.

I lose my erection half way through and my ex laughs at me. I end up leaving angrier than I'd arrived. I push away the urge to kill.

I run full speed back to my apartment. I slam my bedroom door and pull off my shoes and climb into bed and pull the comforter up over my head.

I fall into a fitful sleep.

My fitfulness turns to deep slumber.

I'm inside Kagome, and she's breathing underneath me, her head tilted back, her lips parted, small, quiet moans of pleasure falling from her tongue. She shivers and I pull her closer. She inhales sharply. My rhythm increases. The sounds of her pleasure rise with my grunting as the world around me melts into nothing but Kagome, Kagome, Kagome, Kagome…

I wake up limp and sticky. I feel like such a loser. I turn over and will myself to forget her.

Forget her.

…..forget her.



"Inuyasha. Get up."

I groan and roll over in my bed. I can't roll very far, I'm pinned down in my sheets, wrapped tight from all the tossing and turning over the past week. I try to open my eyes, but the space behind them throbs in an annoyingly perfect rhythm.

"This is pathetic. Get out of bed."

My first instinct is to throttle Miroku for having the gull to actually come into my apartment uninvited and wake me from my blissfully dark, dreamless state of sleep. But I'm too exhausted. Too mentally spent to do anything.

Kagome hating me shouldn't hurt so much.

"Go 'way." I mumble, trying to add in a deep growl form my chest and failing miserably.

The covers are thrown from my body, and light shines into my eyes. I hiss and cover my eyes with my arm. The red haze seeps through my eyelids, intensifying the throbbing. Slowly I open my eyes, just a slit. I see the hazy form of Miroku bending over. He picks something off my floor.

"Drinking, Inuyasha? Have you really fallen so low?"

I don't remember drinking, but then again the whole week is kind of fuzzy at this point.

"Good Gods, your floor is littered with liquor bottles. How much did you drink?"

From the way my head is pounding, enough for a full youkai to get drunk, much less a hanyou. "She hates me." Is all I can muster to say. I lay on my back, as still as possible to calm the throbbing in my head.

Miroku doesn't reply at first, but then he sighs. "Is that what this is all about? That stupid girl?"

"Shut up," I growl defensively, "she's not stupid." The memory of her telling me to 'sit', like some mangy dog stabs into me. "Maybe she is a little stupid. How could she like that pathetic, sorry excuse for a guy?"

"You're the only pathetic, sorry excuse I see around here," Miroku says. "Get your butt out of bed, I have a hangover cure for you that will work wonders. Then we're going to have a little talk.

I don't move.

"I'll have Sango come over here, then. She'll get you up."

"I'm up." I say, because Sango's exorcism skills are nothing to laugh at. My bones ache from lack of movement. My vision blurs as I sit up, so I stay still until I can see a little clearer. Miroku takes me by the arm and leads me into the kitchen, where he sits me on a stool at the bar and moves to the other side to create his concoction.

I scrunch my nose as his hangover cure slogs it's way down my throat. It's thick and it coats my esophagus and my stomach. It makes me want to throw up.

"I think I might retch." I say, but Miroku shakes his head.

"Nah, just let it sit in there for a few, it'll soak in soon. Besides," he adds, helping himself to a cup of my orange juice before sitting down beside me, "it gives you plenty of time to tell me what the hell happened to make you go off the deep end."

The paste in my stomach makes it's way up in a burp, and I make a face at the taste before plunging into all the horribly gory details I'd just spent a week trying to forget. As I talk, the cure works, and by the time I finish up reciting how I managed to buy and drink every bottle of vodka the liquor store felt comfortable selling me, my head is clear and I'm not slurring my words and I can think clearly.

The physical pain is gone, but the mental pain is back in full swing, and I fight the urge to buy the liquor store clean of vodka for a second time.

Miroku listens through the whole thing without interruption and when I finally finish he lets out a low whistle. "Damn."


"You fucked up."

I growl. "Yeah, I know, thanks."

"So what are you going to do now?"

"What the hell can I do? The wench hates me." Miroku nodes sympathetically. I can tell he thinks it's just as hopeless as I do. Which blows, because I was hoping he'd have a fix for the entire situation.

He doesn't.



I sit across from Sango in a café of her choosing. Miroku sent her to get me out of the house when he couldn't. I admit that I feel slightly better when Sango or Miroku take me out. But only slightly.

My father told me stories when I was growing up about Inu-youkai and mating, about how they mate for life, just one person, and when you know, you just know. What I never believed is that it would hurt so bad to be rejected by that person.

I sigh, and Sango rolls her eyes at me. "Would you get over it already? It's been weeks."

"Yeah, yeah," I mumble back at her. "I just want the waiter to bring me my damn Gin and Tonic already."

"It's a good thing you're not fully human, otherwise I'd accuse you of turning into an alcoholic." She rolls her eyes at the face I shoot her way. "I'm going to the bathroom, don't wander off." With that Sango gets up and walks off in a huff.

I know she's annoyed at my behavior, I'd be annoyed too, if I were her. But then again, if I were Sango, I could bypass all this crap that has me in such a mess. I've never wanted to be not me more than right now.

"-and I went through all the trouble of buying her all that stuff, and she just dumped me!"

"Bummer, man."

My ears twitch, catching the conversation at the table behind me as I brood silently and wait for Sango. I'm more interested than I would normally be because I want someone, anyone to feel pain like I am.

"I can't tell if she was into the other guy or not, I mean, she seemed really angry at him, and I was sure I had an in."

"She's was all vulnerable in that hospital, too. Just your luck for things to not go your way, Hojou."

I freeze, my heart pounding in my ears. What the fuck, how did I not notice Hobo come in? I would know that bastards pathetic stench anywhere. I sniff at the air, trying to catch a whiff, but my nose hasn't been working properly since I started drinking every day, so I barely get anything but the jackass that's smoking on the other side of the room.

"I just don't get it, because the other guy who was there, he was one of them, you know, a youkai, and he almost killed me right in front of her."

"She stopped him though, right?"

"Yeah, which is why I thought going in for a kiss after he left would work."

I see red. I start to get up from my seat, I'm going to murder him, strangle him, tear his throat out until his skin matches the color of my blood-red eyes.

A hand clamps down on my shoulder, and I turn to rip it off, except suddenly there's pain! My shoulder burns and I bite down a howl of anguish. The anger seeps from me as I slump back down in my seat.

Sango lets go of my shoulder and moves around the table to sit down. I blink at her, shocked, confused.

"Did you just try to exterminate me?!" I ask. I can't believe she actually did it.

"Just a little," she grins sheepishly. "Don't worry, your shoulder will feel okay in a few days."

I snarl. "Oi bitch, back off, don't interfere."

"Inuyasha, if you had gone through with killing that kid, not only would you absolutely hate yourself even more than you do now, but you'd also be locked up so tight by the youkai authorities that you'd never see little Kagome again." She sat back in her seat, glowering. "I just saved your life. You're welcome."

I let out a growl, not ready to give in yet. "That bastard tried to kiss her, he-"

"I know," Sango waves off my concern as the waiter finally brings my Gin and Tonic along with our food. She starts to eat her enchilada before continuing. "I felt you getting all pissed off while I was in the bathroom, so I hurried out to see what had you all riled up."

"So you heard, then."

"Oh, I heard." She shoots me a glare. "I don't know why you're so angry though, that's a good thing they were talking about."

"Are you crazy? He just admitted he tried to kiss her." That bastard. No one gets to touch Kagome's lips except for me.

"He also admitted that she rejected him. Why aren't you happy?"

The anger suddenly flows out of me. Fuck me, she's right. Kagome rejected him. She rejected him. Which meant… What? It certainly didn't mean she was into me. It just meant she didn't like Hobo, either. I decide to let him finish his conversation. The waiter must have interrupted them by bringing their food by as well, because they're still talking about it.

"So then what did she say to you?"

"Apparently she's in love with someone else. And get this, it's the youkai that tried to kill me. She apologized and gave me back the teddy bear."

"Tough luck."

"I feel like I was being led on. You think she was doing it on purpose?"

"There are girls out there that are like that, man. She good looking?"


"All good-looking bitches are the same. They just want money and presents but will they fuck you? No."

I can see the bastard talking to Hobo tilt his head back and laugh because I've moved without realizing it. Now I'm standing right in front of their table, watching the black-haired ugly bastard guffaw away at his joke. He hasn't realized I'm there yet, but Hobo has, because his eyes are wide and terrified now. He's shaking. He lets out a pathetic squeak.


I reach out and wrap my fingers around the back Mr. Funny-Guy's neck, letting my claws pierce his skin, just barely. I can feel the manic grin sweeping across my face as I turn his head towards me. His eyes are saucers, his mouth is open. He's not fucking laughing now, that's for damn sure.

"The fuck did you just say?" I ask, the growl in my throat breaking free as I pull my lips back to show my fangs. "Something about Kagome being a bitch?"

His mouth opens and closes repeatedly, like a dying fish. I want to reach in and rip out his tongue, but Sango is beside me now, ready to move in and work her extermination voodoo on me if I go too far. They're lucky she's here, I wouldn't be holding most of my rage in check otherwise. Instead of causing him severe bodily harm, I push at Mr. Funny-Guy's neck, forcing his head down, down, down onto the table. His cheek presses into the wood, making his lips scrunch up. Tears are leaking from his eyes, and he's just pissed himself. I can smell the salty urine, hear it dripping down his legs.

I lean down so he can get a good look at my face. "Kagome's not the bitch. You're the fucking bitch," I seethe. "If you fucking move from this position while I talk to your friend over here, I'll fucking rip your eyes out, you understand?"

He lets out a whimper. My grin widens. "It would be such a shame. Without your eyes, how will you know the good-looking bitches from the ugly ones?" I leave him with that thought and release his neck. He doesn't move, sitting in his own urine, quivering like a twelve-year-old little girl.

I slide into the booth next to Hobo, Sango moving to block everyone's view, hovering over me just in case. I ignore her and focus my attention to the bastard next to me.

"I-I-I-I didn't mean anything, I just-" He stutters, backing away as far as he can in the booth.

I reach out and grab and fistful of his shirt, pulling him in so his nose in centimeters from my own. "You're going to listen to me, and you're going to listen good." I growl. Even sitting, I tower over him. "If I see you around Kagome again, I'll kill you. You understand me? She doesn't fucking want you around anymore. You got it?"

He nodded furiously.

"You don't visit her at work, you don't stop by her home. If you try to bring her presents or try to kiss her again, I'll tear your heart out. You understand?"

His head nods again, giving the impression of a rag doll.

"I should fucking kill you right now for talking about her like you were." At Sango's warning cough, I release Hobo's shirt. He shrinks back into the corner, terrified. He doesn't piss himself though. At least he's more of a man than his friend. I can't resist reaching out and ruffling his hair, like I would a little kid. "Good boy." I grin, showing my fangs one last time before turning and leaving the café, Sango trailing along behind me.

After Sango's convinced I won't be going on any murderous rages, she heads off to meet up with Miroku, telling me to go home and cool off for a bit. But I don't want to fucking go home, because I can't get Hobo's words out of my head.

Apparently she's in love with someone else. And get this, it's the youkai that tried to kill me.

I hop into my car and pull out of the parking spot, turning at the corner to head for Yoshii's Groceries. The grin on my face this time is giddy. Elated. Had she actually used those words? Had she actually said that she loved me? My heart skips a beat. If there's any chance, any chance at all that I can get her to forgive me, to get her to smile for me again, I have to take it.

I hit the gas and speed the whole way over.



I see her as I move into her line. I have a hand basket full of items I randomly threw in, eager to get to her. She looks tired and worn, but otherwise healthy. I can't help but release an internal breath of relief I didn't know I'd been holding. Looking healthy is the most I can hope for at this point. I watch as she smiles at the customer she's currently helping. I've seen her smile almost every day, and there's something different about it now, something sad. I try to calm my nerves but I can't, my eyes are glued to her, I can't stop watching as her hands pick up each item. Her hands are so small and delicate, I imagine them on my face, on my neck, my shoulders, running down my chest, to my stomach, closing over my-

"Young man – Oh, young man, over here!"

I'm slow to turn around, still trying to keep the thought of her hands in my head. The old crone calling out to me is in Kagome's line also, although she's two people behind me. She grins at me, toothless and wrinkly.

"I like your hair."

I want to tell her to shut it, but I force what I hope is a smile onto my face and utter a thank you.

"My name is Kaede. Where'd you get hair like that?"

"Hanyou," I say, pointing at my ears like it's obvious, hoping to end the conversation quickly and quietly so Kagome doesn't notice me. I don't want her running away before I have the chance to talk to her.

"O-ho, hanyou, I see. Are you out shopping for your girlfriend then? She going to make you dinner?"

Annoyed, I decide to answer her questions to keep her quiet. "No, but I'm hoping that the girl up there will be my girlfriend."

The old crone shows me her gums again. "How nice," she cackles, "how nice."

I feel my face flush, but I don't answer, hoping she'll decide to keep quiet, and I feel relieved when she ends her questions there. It's only a few minutes later that it's my turn. I place the items out, and stand in front of her, waiting.

She says a flippant "Hello", before picking up an item and scanning it. She doesn't look up at me. She's not just ignoring me either; she doesn't realize it's me at all. I wait for her to look up, but she doesn't. So I just wait.

Finally, because it feels like it's been forever now, she finishes ringing me up. She glances up at the register and reads the total price.

I open my mouth. "I want to apologize as payment."

Her head jerks up and her wide, pretty eyes snap onto mine. She inhales sharply. I can't tell what she's going to do; can't tell if she's angry or not. Her emotional smells all flood in at once, mixing together, confusing me. I can't get a good read. I clear my throat, because she's just staring at me now, with those big, beautiful eyes.

"Do you take apologies or not?" I ask

Her lower lip trembles, and then her eyebrows knot together, and now she's angry. "No," she bites out, her jaw flexing, "cash, credit or check only."

Shit. I have to keep it together. I'm the one who's been acting like a complete dick after all; I do deserve her bitter, angry replies. "I'll pay what I owe, but I'd also like to pay with an apology." I'm humiliating myself at this point. I am a total jackass. Everyone in line can hear our conversation. The urge to turn and stomp away is great, but I push it back. Kagome is important to me now, I can't fuck it up this time.

Kagome crosses her arms, a body sign that tells me to back off. Again, I resist the strong urge to do so. I'm just as stubborn as she is, dammit, and I'm going to win this one.

"Sorry." Her tone is flat. "Sorry Inuayasha, I can't accept your apology. You- you hurt me, and I-"

"Hey! What's the hold up! Let's go already!" A man in line waves his arm at us impatiently. His outburst causes others in line to chime in with 'yeah!' and 'we don't have all day!'.

Kagome flushes bright red and turns to apologize to the other customers, but I beat her to it. "Oi! Shut up, I'm trying to do something important here!" I turn back to Kagome. "Ignore them, I need you to understand."

"Inuyasha, I-"

"Shut it wench, and listen." She winces, but I don't skip a beat. It's now or never, and I won't get the nerve to do it again. "I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I never wanted you to see me like that. I never wanted to hurt you or scare you." I watch her face change from anger to surprise, but I don't stop.

"I didn't like the way Hojo was looking at you, and I didn't like his intentions, which is why I reacted like I did. You were right to stop me. But here's the thing: I don't want to just pay for my stuff here, and I don't want to just say I'm sorry. I want to take you out and buy you things, and take you for drives in my car, and bring you to my place, and sleep next to you. I want to hold you, and kiss you, and… Gods Kagome, I just want to fucking kiss you."

Her mouth drops open in shock. The people in line behind me hold their breaths, sucked into our drama just as much as we are.

I inhale deeply, calming my rattled nerves. "I just want to know Kagome, if maybe, maybe you'll accept my apology and let me take you out to dinner?"

Silence envelopes the line, and I'm pretty sure that it's not just our line who's listening in anymore. Everyone within hearing distance has stopped to watch, but I don't look up to see. My eyes are glued to Kagome, who's flushed face and wide eyes make me think that maybe I'm too late. Panic sets in. She's not going to accept what I say, I was too damn late, and now she hates me. She seems frozen after hearing my speech, just as I'm frozen in fear of her rejection.

Suddenly, there's movement down the line, and Kaede, the annoying old woman with all the damn hair questions, speaks up.

"Oh for heaven's sake, are you crazy, girl? Go out with the poor boy already!" She shows off her toothless gums. The line chimes in, agreeing, shouting, whistling. I want to run and crawl under the nearest rock, but then Kagome moves, and my attention snaps back to her.

Her eyes water. Her face breaks out into a grin, and she nods. She nods! "Yes," she says, laughter traced into her answer.

The line breaks out into cheering, and my heart skips in my chest. I leap over the counter and grab her around the waist, picking her up. She laughs as I hold her close to me. I look up into her face, and bring her down slightly so I can reach her better. She leans into me and presses her soft, gentle lips to mine. I can't help it, I nip at her, then bring her deeper into our kiss. Everyone is line claps and whistles, and I block them out as I fall into the world that is Kagome and only Kagome.



"Inuyasha?" Kagome calls, slamming the door to my apartment shut behind her. I can hear her moving into the kitchen, even though I'm in my bedroom, and I quickly pull my shirt over my head and walk out into the living room. I can see through the open wall over the ledge counter top that the refrigerator door is open and she's bending over searching for something inside. I lean over the counter, appreciating the view of her backside wrapped up in her pencil-skirt. She straightens up, her fingers wrapped around a bottle of water. She unscrews the cap, breaking the seal and takes generous gulps of the liquid.

"Hey." I say, watching as her delicate throat swallows the liquid. It was just the other night that that same throat was swallowing something else…

She comes up for air, turning to me with a dazzling smile. "Hey!" She says, putting the bottle of water down and coming around the wall into the living room. "It's hot outside." She says as she walks right to me and wraps her arms around my neck as I envelop her waist.

"Oh yeah?" I say.

She nods as her lips come up to meet mine and for a moment, we stand in that spot, feeling each other. I growl playfully as she pulls away. "How was your day?" I ask.

"It was okay. The first interview went well, but I'm not sure about the second one."

"I'm sure you did fine." I say as I unwrap myself from her and move to sit on my couch. The coffee table in front of me is littered with term papers I have to grade, and I reach out to pick up my pen and a paper, but she walks over and sits next to me, wrapping her arms around my own.

"I just got here, pay me some attention please."

"I have to grade these papers, Kagome. I'm handing them out on Friday."

"That's three days from now." She pouts, and I lean over to nip at her lower lip, I can't help it.

"And I've got almost two hundred papers left to go." I say. I don't move to push her away though, we've been going out for six months now and I still get excited when she touches me.

"Hmm, okay," she says. "Your students are pretty smart, right? They get good grades generally?"


"How about this? I'll help you grade your papers, but for every A you grade you have to give me a kiss."

I raise my eyebrow, liking where this is going. "Oh yeah? And for every B?"

"You have to kiss any one of my favorite spots, and I'll kiss one of yours." She says, and my eyes automatically move to her clavicle, to her abdomen, to her inner thighs

"And C?" I ask. I am completely turned on at this point, I can feel the blood rushing in my ears.

"Hmmm," she mulls it over. "For every C we have to each take off an item of clothing."

"And D?"

She grins wickedly. "If you grade a D you have to make me cum."

Fuck yeah. I grin back at her. "And what if one of my students fail?"

She looks up at me from under her bangs, her smile sexy and inviting. "I'll do whatever you want, wherever you want it."

I hope, for the first time in my life, that a student of mine fails. I hope I have one student who fails horribly. Ready for the game, I pick up the first paper and read through it, grinning as I mark it a B. Then I hold it up and show it to her, moving down to her neck and sucking softly at the skin covering her clavicle.

She whimpers, and her hands come up to fist in my hair.

I am so happy I could die.



Hours later, all papers graded and Kagome fully satisfied sexually, we lay in my bed, my back propped up by a pillow as I play with her amazingly soft hair. I'm still hard, despite Kagome fulfilling my release twice, but then again, I'm usually hard when she's around. I just can't help it, my body responds to hers in ways it's never done with anyone else.

She's laying on her side, her back to me. Her head is in my lap and her breathing is soft, although she's not sleeping. We're both in afterglow phase, blissfully relaxed. "Inuyasha?" She asks then, rolling onto her back and fixing her eyes onto mine.

"Mmhmm?" I reply, smiling lazily down at her.

"I've been wondering about something lately."

"What's that?" I ask. After that kind of sex, anything she wants she can have. Hell, I'd say yes to wearing a tutu if she wanted. Although I hope it doesn't come to that.

"I haven't seen Hojou around in a while."

I stiffen then, wondering where she's going with this. Does she know about my confrontation at the café? I can't tell.

"Did you say something to him?"

My eyes narrow. She knows. She has to know. How the fuck did she find out? "Why do you think that?" I ask.

"Sango might have mentioned something about you telling him off." She said.

Argh. That bitch was going to get an earful. "Keh. I didn't say nothing." I deny.

She pouts then, jutting her bottom lip out, and it's so sexy I just want to suck on it. "Tell me." She says.

I sigh, rolling my eyes, and spill. I can see her getting angry as I recount my threats to Hobo. She pissed now.


She gets up and paces around, naked and beautiful. We've fought before in these past few months, so her anger is nothing new, but it still excites me, just like it used to. I can't help the grin that spreads across my face.

The make-up sex is going to be fucking fantastic.

And it's all thanks to that damn kite.






The End



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