Author's Notes:

This is the second attempt at my Sonic/Zelda crossover. Hopefully this one will go a little better than the last try.
This is a work in progress. What you see is (nearly exactly) what I write. Sometimes it just flows, and comes out without needing many alterations. Sometimes that ever-present demon, Writer's Block, stops all work.
Obligatory disclaimer: I own neither the Sonic nor the Zelda worlds, inhabitants, etc.
Update: Thanks to a friend of mine, we now have a little piece of artwork as a kind of cover for the story. You can find it on DeviantArt, look for the gallery of mordrelupis, and the piece entitled Twilight Fox.

Tails had decided once again to try and make a teleporter. It wasn't the first time, but his previous attempts had either failed to do anything at all, or caused unexpected results.

Of course, his previous attempts hadn't been powered by a Chaos Emerald, nor had they had the benefit of the designs stolen from Robotnic.

After his last one had accidentally landed Sonic in the sea, he'd been told not to test them around anyone else. Sonic couldn't swim, so was understandably irritated at what had happened.

He set the destination to be not far from Sonic's home. He'd already called ahead to let Sonic know.

Setting the timer on the automatic systems, he hurried to the platform, and waited for it to activate.

The systems beeped away, going through the actions he'd carefully programmed into it, checked, rechecked, and checked yet again. There was no margin for error if this was to transport living things.

Next, the actual system behind him whirred into life, the large fans starting up to keep it all cool enough to work away.

Humming came from the workshop after that, as the Chaos Emerald's power was tapped, focused and converted for use.

Something went wrong. The console sparked, and the entire workshop shook. Tails was thrown to the floor, not able to reach anything for all the shaking.

The windows let in a brilliant white light, bright enough he had to cover his eyes to prevent blindness.

Finally, the shaking subsided enough for him to reach the console, and try to find out what was wrong.

The console was flickering faintly, showing only fragments of information.

There was a violent lurch, an almighty crash, followed by a lot more crashes as nearly everything fell down.

The console sparked, throwing Tails against a wall, and he lost consciousness.

Rusl was practicing down by the river in the village, with the children watching him. He couldn't help but show off a little while they were there. Bo, they mayor, had asked him not to teach them how to use a sword, even though there was sometimes a call for someone with on. Rusl had managed to handle everything so far, though.

They all turned quickly at the sound of a loud crash, and a bang from the clearing to the north. The children hurriedly gathered behind him.

He was touched by their faith in his ability to protect them.

"Go on home, kids. Ilia, let your father know not to let anyone into that clearing until I've checked it." As always, his voice was gentle and kind, only the expertly held sword betrayed his not so gentle streak.

The clearing had been the site of a grand tree once, but the tree had since died. It had almost fallen on the village, so they'd taken care to remove what they could of it, and flattened the top of it to make it safe.

As Rusl entered the clearing, however, there was a strange building on top of it that he'd never seen before. Little blue sparks flitted around some parts that looked metallic. Occasionally, there was a crash, as if something had fallen down inside.

He climbed up the ladder to the flat top of the stump, and looked in through the windows, noting that they weren't like any windows he'd ever seen before.

Inside was a mess. There were strange things scattered all over the place, and a faint humming sound could be heard.
Rusl found a door, and when he found it unlocked, he cautiously poked it open with the tip of his sword, warily peering inside as it creaked open.

There wasn't much difference. There was a strange looking thing set in the floor, with a dark panel on top. Lights were flickering on it.

Nothing moved as he stepped toward it, so he chose to tap one of the lights. It made a beeping sound, and he jumped back, pointing the sword at it. Nothing else happened.

When he was certain it was safe, he took another look around. Behind the door he'd come in through, he spotted a strange creature lying by the door as if it had collapsed.

It looked like a fox, but was humanoid as well, had yellow fur, and two tails. It wore white gloves, and red trainers. The only movement came from it's faint breathing.

Rusl sheathed his sword, and knelt down, examining it.

It groaned, and put a gloved hand to it's head, the other reaching out to push it up.

Tails was no stranger to aching all over, it wasn't the first time something had blown up, or gone wrong, and he'd been thrown against the walls of his workshop.

It was the first time he'd woken up to find a strange person knelt beside him. He almost scrambled away, but winced in pain, and stopped.

"Easy there," the stranger said. "I'm not going to hurt you."

"Who are you?" Tails asked him. He seemed to be taken aback that he could talk.

"I'm Rusl. And you?"


"Because of your tails?"

"Yeah. It's a nickname. I'm actually Miles Prower, but everyone calls me Tails."

"I'm just Rusl. What happened to you?"

"I was building a teleporter machine, and something went wrong."

"I'm afraid that doesn't make any sense to me."

"I'm a mechanic."

"That much I understand."

"I was building a machine, a teleporter."

"You had me up until the teleporter part."

"It makes something disappear from where it is, and appear somewhere else."

"Challenging," Rusl murmured. "Are all these things yours?"

"Yeah, my machines. I'm gonna have to clear up the workshop again. They'll be scattered everywhere. I don't even wanna look in my bedroom," he grimaced. "It's always a mess, but now it'll be even more of a mess."

Rusl chuckled. "Would you mind if I asked you a few more questions, and helped you out?"

"That's kind of you." He got up with Rusl's help, and saw outside. "Huh? That's not... where am I?"

"You're just outside Ordon village."

"I don't even know where that is."

"Really? Where were you before?"

"Mystic Ruins."

"I've never heard of that place. Where in Hyrule is it?"

Tails looked slightly spooked. "I've never heard of Hyrule either."

Rusl's expression became troubled. "Were you testing this transporter machine of yours?"

"Yeah. Something went wrong though, and instead of me being transported... I guess the entire workshop was."

"Let's tidy your workshop up, and then we'll go see Mayor Bo." He glanced at the door. "Can that be locked?"

"Of course. So can the back door, but that's already locked."

"Any other ways in?"

"Only the door to the rooftop. Yes, it can be looked too," Tails added, before Rusl could ask. Rusl smiled in response, and handed him some tools from the floor.

"You have some strange machines in there, Tails."

"They're pretty normal to me. Maybe you've just not got anything like it yet?"

"That sounds like a good chance. Mind you, we don't often see talking, two-tailed, yellow foxes that walk on two legs instead of four."

Tails laughed. "I'm pretty unique back where I come from too. There's a few others similar to me, like my best friend, Sonic. He's a blue hedgehog that can run real fast."

"We don't really have anything like you here. At least, not that I've ever seen. Ordon is fairly quiet though, and I rarely leave."

"You think I could help out or something?"

"We'll see what the mayor says first."

Rusl knocked on the doors of the mayor's house, and a young girl answered.

"Oh, Ilia, it's you. Is your father in?"

"Yeah. He's been waiting for you." She spotted Tails.

"Don't worry," he told her gently. Ilia nodded and opened the door wider to let them in, her eyes not leaving Tails.

Mayor Bo was a man built big, and had what looked like short tusks. He was sat dozing in a chair by the fire.

"Tails, would you wait here with Ilia for me? And Ilia, would you mind?" When they both acknowledged, he made his way over, shaking Bo awake. They held a quiet conversation.

Tails noticed Ilia still watching him.

"I'm Tails," he said, a little nervous. "Nice to meet you."

"Ilia," she murmured quietly. "Bo's my dad. Are you... a monster?"

"No, I'm just a fox."

"You don't look like any fox I've ever seen."

"I guess I'm a slightly unusual fox then."

She reached out a hand, "May I..."

He nodded, knowing already. She touched his fur, and stroked it a little.

"You're really soft. You must to something to your fur to make it like that."

"Actually, I just take care when I wash it. It does the rest itself."

"Tails," Rusl called. "Would you join us?"

He nodded, and came over to them, Ilia following.

Mayor Bo turned to him. "Rusl tells me you've got some kind of workshop that dropped in on our old tree stump."

"That's right." He remembered Rusl had had trouble understanding him when he got complex, and that what he'd seen of the village seemed... primitive, though he didn't like the word. "One of the machines I was testing went wrong, and it got transported from where it normally is, to where it is now."

"That's what I was told. Can you get back?"

"I don't know. I'd have to fix it first, and try to find out what went wrong. It could take a while."
Bo nodded. "We'll help if we can, but you'd need to help out in return."

"I kinda guessed that. I dunno what I can do to help, but I'll do my best."

"That's what counts. I'll ask the kids to keep clear of your workshop for now."

"Well, so long as they don't come in, they'll be safe. It's the stuff on the inside that they shouldn't play with."

"Still, you're... unique, shall we say? We wouldn't want them to get into trouble because of you."

"Yeah, you got a point. Thanks, Mayor. It's real kind of you to do this."

Bo shook his head this time. "No need to mention it. You're stranded here, so it's the least we can do."

Tails stomach grumbled. He realised it had been late evening, and he'd missed lunch. He often missed meals when he got caught up in some project.

Bo noticed. "Maybe you'd like to join us for some dinner? It's freshly baked pumpkin pie, thanks to Jaggle."

Tails could hardly refuse. No one didn't like pumpkin pie, especially him.