"Nurse Chapel?"

Christine turned at the sound of her name that was heavily accented by the young Russian Ensign standing behind her. She smiled when she saw him. All day had been terrible. McCoy had went on a tirade about their supplies being outdated, Laurence came in needing surgery for a rupturing appendix, and Captain Kirk had been hanging around all day trying to distract Doctor McCoy. Days usually weren't that great in Sickbay. Her smile was genuine with Pavel Chekov because for the past few hours all she had given was false cheerfulness and forced patience.

"Yes, Ensign Chekov?" her smiled faded when she saw how pale the seventeen-year-old was and how tired he appeared.

"I'm not feeling wery vell," he told her, as if it was an embarrassing confession that he had finally resigned himself to admitting. His voice was scratchy, making Christine wince inwardly. Pavel had the sweetest voice, and now it was rough and raw.

"Well, please lay down and I'll examine you, alright?" Christine replied as she went to retrieve her medical equipment.

Once she returned, Pavel was laying on the biobed very calmly and laying extremely still.

Running a scan on the navigator, Christine then moved to old-fashioned methods and felt of Pavel's cheeks and forehead.

"Burning up. . ." she muttered to herself.

Pavel's eyes blinked open at the sound of her voice, "Wha-" He tried to sit up and move, but winced and Christine held him down gently.

"Shhhh. . .it's going to be alright. I'm going to make you feel better, okay? Just don't worry," she smiled down at him, taking in his worried and confused childlike gaze. Eventually, Pavel started to relax and Christine smiled brighter.

Then Christine leaned down and kissed Pavel on the forehead, "Just relax."