Title: The Stars and The Moon

Warnings: Slash, Homosexual Relationship, Demons, Swearing, Adult Content, and Slight Shota.

Pairings: Harry x Sebastian, Ciel x Elizabeth, Mayleen x Bard, and the rest are a secret~

Summary: One in the same, like a light in the darkness... Lily knew she could not trust Dumbledore and in the end she was right. So, she only did what she knew she had to do, keep her baby safe. Adopted from Avadeya and KaggyAlucardSessy

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter nor Kuroshitsuji if I did well... *evil cackle*

Bird chirped sweetly as the dew of morning slowly dripped off the green leaves of the season. The young raven haired child laid on the bed, sleeping soundly and safely from the horrors of the night before. Harlan or rather, Harry as some called him, eyes fluttered slightly before snapping open as he sat up quickly too look around in his surroundings. Silently and dryly, he would sob into his hand. He was safe, Sebastian protected him. Softly there was a knock at the door startling the young male out of his slight daze before he weakly called out,

"Come in."

The door opened slowly and in stepped his older brother, Ciel. Worry evident in his only seeing eye. Quickly, the young lord made his way towards the bed before practically scooping Harry into his arms. The younger held tight to his older brother and nuzzled his face into the crook of Ciel's neck.

"I am so sorry I put you in harm's way, Harry…"

"It's alright, brother. I'm fine now." Harry replied in a soothing whisper before Ciel slowly pulled away to gently run his fingers through the raven locks of his sweet brother. His one sapphire eye staring into the depths of the bright emerald optics of his younger brother,

"No it's not alright, I promised I would protect you but instead I allowed harm to come to you."

Never once had Harry seen his brother so broken up like this. Yet, he had shed no tear and neither would he. His lips upturned in a sweet smile before patting Ciel's head. He wouldn't argue with the other, especially not so early in the morning.

"What's for breakfast?" He asked chirpily with a wide smile causing Ciel to blink and laugh lightly creating one of the rare moments when the male was actually more… child like.

Sebastian watched closely from Ciel's study, in his hands held a small stack of papers. His ruby optics watched carefully as Harry ran around the garden below. His hand grasped Finny's tightly as he dragged the blonde gardener around. Lips moving to rapidly for the demon butler to Decyfer really though, it seemed as though Harry was asking question about the random flowers in the garden seeing as though the young male's hands seemed to point towards the array of plant life. Finny's eyes just seemed to stare confused and in wonderment before saying something about asking Sebastian about them later.

Ciel glanced up as his pen stopped moving fluidly against the textured paper before glancing up at his demon servant, his chin lightly leaning against his hand for support,

"Sebastian." He called out calmly, his voice filled with the same as always commanding tone.

"Yes, my lord?" Sebastian replied, turning his head to stare down at his young master with indifference. The Phantomhive lord sighed lightly before leaning against the back of his chair, one leg crossing over the other as he stared seriously into the eyes of the other.

"Are you perhaps… Enchanted by Harry?" He question softly, catching the demon off guard for once.

"My Lord?" Sebastian questioned as he had quickly composed himself once more. Ciel sighed some before shaking his head at the demon, not really in the mood to play the other's games.

"Forget what I said, hand the others to me." Ciel said as he looked back down as he slid the completed paper into a neat pile just as Sebastian laid down the stack gently. Soon the raven haired demon leaned forward to whisper into the younger's ear,

"I am enchanted by master Harry. I must say I very much want him." He spoke lowly to the shocked lord before Ciel sucked in a breath and composed himself quickly. Sebastian leaned up once more before taking the completed stack before moving to the door only to be stopped as Ciel called out,

"Sebastian, if you ever hurt Harry in any way possible I will find a way to completely and utterly destroy you."

Soon the lips of the demon upturned into a smirk,

"Yes… my lord."

Harry smiled widely as Finny waved good bye, off to help Mayleen with something. The raven haired child looked around quickly before running off and behind the large mansion before crouching down, "Zaitae, are you there..?" The raven child would whisper softly before the snake slithered out from hiding.

"Young Harry, I felt an emotional disturbance from you the night before. Are you well?" The snake hissed out softly, her black eyes staring into the green optics of the male. Harry shifted slightly before smiling some,

"Ah, something scary happened to me but it's alright. Sebastian saved me…" He hissed back softly, his pale cheeks glowing with a deep red hue as he thought back on the tall butler. Sebastian was his best friend he couldn't live without the other.

Zaitae stared before releasing a hissing like chuckle, shaking her head gently. It was so obvious the other was beginning to develop feeling for the demon butler. But she would not intervene, for now at least.

"Harry! Dinner's ready!" Came the cry of Mayleen as the red haired maid tripped and made acquaintance with the ground once more. Harry laughed lightly before patting Zaitae's head gently, standing, and ran over to the fumbling maid as he helped her up.

"I hope you find happiness, Harry…"

That's all. I'm sorry I didn't write more and I would like to have your opinion. Should Harry witness Madam Red being Jack the Ripper or would you like for him to keep his wide eyed innocence? Review please!