"YOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Nudge cooed. "Wakie, wakie!"

"Wake up!" Iggy yelled. He and Gazzy started to slap my face. I was still asleep I didn't know what happened. I tried to open my eyes, I couldn't.

Someone was holding me. I felt their strong arms around me. Then I felt like I was free-falling.

"Quit it!" Fang yelled. "Before you make her fall again!"

"She's awake," Angel said. "Or waking up."

My eyes opened and I took a deep breath, crying out in pain.

"Good," Fang said, "you're awake. Now you can fly yourself." I looked up fast enough to see him drop me. I extended my wings and flew back up to them. Iggy, Gazzy, and Total, the talking dog, started to crack up in laughter. Iggy slapped high-fives with both of them. Strange, Iggy's blind, but he never misses.

Nudge flew up to me. "Max! are you okay? Hurt? What am I saying, of course you're hurt. You fell two hundred feet! But I mean you didn't die, thank the Lord, at least you just hit water, it could have been much worse. But—"

"Nudge!" I yelled. I looked around. There were four pairs of Flock eyes and one pair of dog eyes on me. "What happened?"

Fang bit his lip. "A stroke or something."

I didn't remember any of this. I would get it out of him, even if I had to beat him.

"She doesn't know," Angel said.

"Know what?" I asked.

"We're going to—" Fang covered Nudge's mouth.

"Haiti!" Gazzy blurted out. Fang slapped his forehead. "Sorry, but she might as well know. We're going to help the earthquake victims!"

"Special request from your mother," Angel said.

My mom? I hadn't seen Dr. Martinez in ages, and I really wanted to see Ella, my half-sister, again.

Fang POV

I couldn't stop replaying the video in my head. Thank goodness Max didn't remember it.

Falling two hundred feet into the murky Pacific Ocean water isn't something you would want to remember, would you? Didn't think so.

She has been awake three hours, and woke an hour after she fell. But my heart still raced just like it did when I saw her fall. Like someone had plunged a blade in my chest. I just hope I would never have to see anything like that again. After a fall like that, it was amazing that she only fractured her ankle.

"Max—you're mom is waiting just over here with the jet," Angel said.

It took my breath away when she smiled like that.

"Whoa—what is that?" Max asked. We all looked over and gasped.

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