This is the last chapter. At least that's what I'm hoping for. I'm planning on another semi continuation of this. It will take place after the war. I'm uploading this in celebration of the most recent release of the second novel (It took me 6 hours; by I read the whole thing, so awesome!). After I post this I'm going to go back and edit my work in its entirety. I noticed a lot of typo's and grammatical errors earlier and I would like to change that. This is written in Deryn's point of view, and she does in no way belong to me, and neither does Alek or the rest of Leviathan, its all courtesy of Scott Westerfeld.

Chapter 6

Deryn Sharp had gone completely mad.

That was the only logical explanation for what was happening right now in front of her. That was the only explanation for all the feelings running through her head and body. This wasn't real. It couldn't be real. She was mad. Completely cracked in the attic.

It didn't matter though, it didn't matter if Deryn was wonderfully and gloriously mad, all that mattered was living in this insane moment and letting it happen. Allowing herself to be overcome with anything and everything, being as exposed as she possibly can be.

And it was all this barking Clanker's fault, Prince Aleksander.
And Deryn kissed him all the harder for it.

She ran her fingers through his hair, allowing her lips to once again taste Alek, his lips were soft, but demanding and somewhat tangy and salty, an interesting taste that sent Deryn's heart fluttering. Slowly she opened her mouth to allow his tongue to meet with hers, like two wild animals meeting for the first time.

His hands started to run up her sides, his fingers lightly touching her bare skin, until they approached her breasts.
Alek however did not stop; his hands gently cupped one of her breasts while his other trailed to her back, supporting her with his strength.
When Deryn felt him squeeze she let out a muffled moan and pulled away from his lips. She needed to breath, this was all so much for her, she could feel her heart racing and her labored breathing, Alek was panting as well.

Unexpectedly he started to gently kiss and nibble her neck, his head slowly lowered and lowered until he reached her collar bone, lightly biting and suckling the exposed skin.

Deryn heard herself moan and pant harder; she let her fingers trail down his spine and stomach, until quite suddenly she found herself flinging his shirt halfway across the room.

Soon enough bare flesh met flesh, it was electrifying, her whole body was tingling from the abrupt contact of Alek's tight and firm skin. Their bodies seem to mold into one, she could feel all the hardened muscles of Alek's stomach and arms.

Her fingers slowly trailed down his spine, causing him to arch his back and pull away from her skin, he groaned slightly then went back to exploring the mysteries of Deryn's body.

When he finally reached her breasts, his tongue began to gently play with her erect nipple, causing Deryn to claw at his back. This prompted him further, with one hand he roughly massaged one breast while using his mouth to lick and suckle at the other one,


The moment Deryn whimpered his name, she felt him tense and quicken his pace, until she let out a small cry from her lips as he roughly bit down on a very sensitive area.

"Did I hurt you?" He lifted his head and stared deeply into her eyes, a look of worry written all over his face.

"I don't know what came over me…when you said my name I just…lost control."

He leaned in closer lightly pressing his forehead against hers "I'm sorry".

Deryn wasn't sure what made her do it, maybe it was all the intense insanity and ecstasy coursing through the room, maybe it was this barking heat, or maybe it was because Deryn actually…enjoyed it.

She pressed her lips lightly against his ear "Alek…"

Her tone was embedded with such tenderness and with so much lust that it even surprised Deryn how much she wanted him to continue.
Passionately, Alek kissed her, letting his hands trail along her stomach and spine. Enraptured, Deryn failed to notice his hands reach her trousers and quite expertly unbutton them.

When it finally occurred to Deryn what he was doing, he felt his fingers trail along the inside of her upper thigh. Surprised she let out a gasp, the heat of the moment was addling her brain, she made no attempt to stop his fingers as they slowly tailed up and into her most sensitive area.
" If you want…I'll stop." Alek murmured into her ear, his eyes hidden by his now damp and disheveled hair.

Deryn considered her options, if she had in fact gone insane, then allowing him to continue would be the most logical thing to do, not to mention the most pleasurable.

But was it right? During this whole ordeal it had not occurred to Deryn just how far she wanted this to go, the consequences could be indeed dire if they went any farther then now.

This decision rested on her, Alek would accept either option, she knew that, but if he continued Deryn guessed that he wouldn't be able to stop.
Because that's how boys are, reckless and passionate, the worst thing for any female to be completely overcome by.

With a small sigh, as if sealing her own doom "We…should stop".

The words came out harder then expected, and her whole body was reacting negatively towards it, she felt her back arch higher and her hips buck forward, her attempt at trying to pull away.

What she hadn't counted on was Alek's finger still being so close to her womanly area, she felt her most sacred, most sensitive area, slightly brush against the very tip of his finger.

Deryn saw Alek's eyes go wide with wonder as he felt the area, wet for him.

Deryn deftly looked away unable to stare into his eyes, she wasn't sure why exactly; it just felt like he had stumbled upon something private of hers like a diary, or her naked body. Which thanks to Deryn he had already seen a part of.

She then felt his lips lightly touch her neck, still holding her he huskily said "I'm flattered that you find me so…pleasurable." She felt him smile against her skin.

She let out a small laugh "Even in this situation your still so barking posh."

She then felt him stroke her area, the effect on her body was so strong that she felt herself buck and release a high whimper.

"At least, let me make sure your finished"

Then quite smoothly he slid to fingers inside of her, Deryn let out another small cry, she pushed Alek closer to her chest, embracing him as hard as she could, while pressing her cheek against his cheek, as she began to pant into his ear.

His fingers started to go faster establishing a rhythm that Deryn's hips were more then willing to comply with.

The sensation was all to much for her to bear, she bit down on Alek's lower neck in order to stifle the cry that escaped her lips as she reached pure bliss.

In that one moment her body felt suddenly light, as if she could fly and fall at any moment. It took her a few seconds to realize that she was still on the leviathan, still holding on to Alek as if he were going to disappear.

She moaned as she felt his fingers slip out, now completely wet, he quietly re-buttoned her pants and lifted his face to stare into her own.

A small smile graced his elegant features as he looked into her eyes; they were filled with so much warmth and strength that Deryn could hardly look away.

"We'll be lucky if no one heard that." He chuckled slightly.

"You weren't so quiet either, at least I tried to keep quiet."

Figures Clankers were both loud on and off the battlefield,.

"It's a shame really, I like hearing that side of you". His voice lowered somewhat, becoming once again warm and husky. "But you didn't have to bite me that hard you know…"

Deryn then noticed the small bite mark she had made on Alek's lower neck.

"Don't worry about that tiny pinprick, I'm pretty sure it'll fade in a day or two…"

That's when it occurred to her, something that the crazed madness and the heat had caused her to forget, he was going to leave. This might be the last time that they will ever be alone together.

The realization had also occurred to him as well for in that moment they both simply embraced each other as tightly as they could.
She heard him whisper "I won't forget this, I'll do whatever I can to see you again".

She found herself saying "I know", the words sounded hollow, as if they came from some other cross-dressing ninny on an airship.
They pulled away from each other, despite the room being almost above boiling, she already missed his warmth. He began to fetch his shirt while she began to readjust her wrappings. After a few minutes of wrapping until she was finally satisfied with the outcome, she re- buttoned her shirt smoothening all the newly revealed wrinkles.

It took some effort for her to stand up, the ordeal had left her weak in more ways then one. With Alek's assistance he was able to clasp her arm and hoist her up. They each checked the others appearance, she adjusted his collar while he fixed on her discarded tie and dropped suspenders.

When everything appeared to be in order, they both stood there gazing into each others eyes, neither one moving, there were so many things Deryn wanted to say, but she couldn't find the words. Alek was the same, until finally he raised his hand and gently brushed the hair away from her face, and deftly kissed her on the forehead.

When he pulled away Deryn felt the crackling along her skin, she suddenly felt very cold.

She saw his arms drop and his back turn, he started forward towards the door.

"Alek! Wait!" she ran forward, and before she knew it she was in his arms again, kissing him as hard and as passionately as she could.

He responded with wrapping his arms around her and lifting her into the air, she felt herself spin and set back down before he softly pulled away from the kiss.

"At least say goodbye you daft bumrag." Deryn murmured into his ear.

Alek pulled away and smiled up at her,

"Goodbye, Deryn".

Then he let go of her, took two steps back still looking at her, turned, and was soon out the door.

Deryn then couldn't support the weight of her own body and quickly sat down on a crate. Letting the tears and sweat roll down her face.

Damn this blasted heat.