This is my online journal. But not just any online journal. This is true. All true. All pure genious. All me. All the time. So anyways, enjoy my comedic, and slightly attractive, take on my life as I try to tackle another ½ of the school year. Yay me.

This is I'm Sooooooo Dead It's Not Even Funny.

Um, ok. I must not have my facts as straight as I think I do because last time I checked, THEY were the ones ignoring me. Really? Are these people really saying I'm turning into a Natasha? Can I really not sit with anyone different at lunch? Really? Gawd. If I'm that horrible, then strike me with lightening right now!


Ok, I'm safe. It's lunch at school. That's about as important as half the stuff I learned in kindergarden (which, really, seems to have slipped my mind).

It's called if you really wanna be my friend and hang out with me, then text me. Make plans with me. I took Winnie to Pittsburgh with me for a week. Sure, not as exciting as like Disney World, but I don't think her parents would let us take her that far (they were about to say no to Pittsburgh). And she invited someone else to do something before me. And she just sits there and stares at her ipod touch the whole time she's with me. I don't get it. Am I that boring? The only reason I play with my ipod on the bus is because I have nothing better to do. Bella talks to Emily. Natasha, isn't really that much of my friend anymore. What other stuff have they said behind my back?

Liz seems to have my back way more than they do. She talks to me. Sadie is a spazzy, jokey, could-never-leave-a-friend-behind-for-that-long kind of girl. Cally has strange dreams about her crush's little brother. And Page. Lemme tell ya that Page is the most loyal girl you'd ever meet. I'd love to have her personality someday. Apparently that someday isn't now according to Bella, but it'll be soon (because I'm finshed typing and am about to post this)

Hey everyone! TO my buds like SpaZzy cause that's just me, I used our story names and I made up names for everyone else. Have fun figuring out who you are!