Just for fun as that stupid ice cream wouldn't stop nagging me.

When Castiel flicked them back to Bobby's, Dean couldn't help but notice that Castiel had taken with him the paper bag from earlier. Curious of the reason why, he confronted the angel. "Cas, what's in the bag?"

"Um, nothing really, I just… earlier when you where a bit sad I… well…"

"Cas, what did you do?"

"Well, I bought you your favorite ice cream" Castiel finally admitted.

A stunned expression came over crowd at the angel's exclamation.

"You know my favourite ice cream?!" Dean questioned suddenly.

"You mentioned it once. Thought it would cheer you up," Castiel said, looking into the ground, now feeling a bit silly for his earlier gesture.

"Well, fork it over then. I could still use some cheering up!" Dean exclaimed happily.

Castiel's eyes shot back up to Dean, saw the genuine appreciation for the gesture shining in his eyes.

"Yeah, sure, just a moment!" He hurriedly reached into the bag for the ice cream, but his smile soon turned into a frown as his hand came back wet, covered in melted ice cream. He then noticed the ice cream had managed to get on his jacket too.

Dean couldn't help but laugh at the angel before comforting him. "It's okay, we can get a new one, it was a nice gesture anyhow. Just remember to put it in the fridge the next time" Dean smiled smugly.

Castiel then realized he had been played once more as Dean had known the ice cream would have melted.

Oh, the game was so on!

Bobby just shook his head.

Here we go again…

Wohoo for posting my first long story! Hopefully more long stories to follow in the future if people like this one:) Hint, hint...