What would Gibbs do part three

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What would Gibbs do

Tony DiNozzo swore softly as he reached in his coat pocket and realized his keys are still in his desk. He can see Tim and Ziva leaving and knows that with the exception of Director Vance, the bullpen should be empty. He jogs to the elevator and steps inside shivering slightly in the night air. The warmth of the elevator almost makes him too sleepy to realize he's at the bullpen, but the ding of the bell and swoosh of the doors wakes him from his light doze.

He dashes over to his desk and leans over to pull his keys out of the drawer when a splash of color catches his eye. He glances around to verify his solitude and cautiously picks up the intricately twined threads. He pockets the bracelet and leaves the building. Once he enters his apartment, he pulls the bracelet out again. He places it on an end table along with a bottle of water then he changes clothes. Turning the bracelet over and over he marvels at the braiding until he sees four distinct letters.


Tony chokes on the sip of water he'd taken. Surely, he'd read it wrong. He tilts the lamp shade towards him and focuses on the lettering again. No change, it clearly says WWGD.

Tony strokes his eyebrow as he ponders what this could possibly mean. He casually places the bracelet around his own wrist and nearly chokes again as he realizes that it could fit if he tied it right. The way it's cut, the strands could easily be tied again.

That means…oh, ho, ho he has fresh material, literally, to use against McProbie. A glimmer of teasing barely shimmers in his eyes as he focuses on how to use this as a way to make McGee squirm. He falls asleep still scheming.

Tuesday morning dawns and Tony wakens with a smile on his face and scheming on his mind. He rushes through his daily routine, intent on getting into the bullpen before any of the others do.

He's taken a picture of the bracelet and uploaded the image to his computer. He then touches the keys necessary to bring it up on the plasma. Oh yeah McProbie will be McSquirmy in twenty seconds. He chuckles imagining the look on McGee's face when he sees the bracelet on screen.

He turns the plasma off until the others arrive. McGee as usual is the first one to arrive. He blinks in surprise but says nothing as he sits at his desk and turns on his computer. Ziva arrives next and places her coat on her chair. She smiles at the other two and heads towards the break room returning with three bottles of water. She hands one to each of the others stopping a little longer by McGee as if asking a question. McGee gives a quick shake of his head and continues working.

Gibbs arrives and heads up to MTAC without greeting anyone on his way up. The three agents look at each other, and by unspoken agreement continue working on the paperwork before them. Abby bounces into the room and picks up the remote to activate the plasma.

"Hey guys, what the heck is that?" She's pointing to the plasma and the picture of the bracelet. Tim looks at the screen and pales. Ziva glances first at the screen then at Tim. Tony's only watching Tim and therefore doesn't see Gibbs as he steps up behind him and smacks him on the back of the head. Tony rubs the sore spot before handing over the bracelet.

Gibbs smiles and says, "Thanks Tony. I thought I'd lost this."