Hah! I told you I'd be writing a Crystal Bearers fic! That game was just too short...

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~A New Dawn~

"I'm not giving up on you, Layle."

I cast a quick glance behind me and grin when I see Keiss running after me. I didn't expect him to get here this fast, but whatever. I wink at him from the stolen plane and zoom off.

.:Somewhere Out There…:.

A little Clavat girl clutches the rail of a cruise ship as she watches the seagulls soaring above. A strong gust of wind blows her hat off her head. She gasps and futilely reaches out in a reflexive attempt to reclaim her clothing, but the wind had already blown it too far. Just as it seemed to be lost forever a strange purplish aura surrounded it and it whizzed back to her, landing on her head gently. She turns in confusion and sees a young Clavat man behind her. He has blonde hair and wears faded black jeans and a multi-colored fur-lined jacket with the Clavat symbol on its back and a yellow shirt underneath.

"Th-thank you," she whispers. The man only waves a hand casually, brushing off her thanks, as he walks past.

.:After Days of Fruitless Searching:.

"Layle… where are you?" mutters a reddish-brown-haired Selkie. She's dressed in rather revealing clothes. A red top with yellow decorations exposes her midriff. A large leather belt holds up extremely short shorts, which stop just short of white embroidered "pants." Closing her eyes, she leans back against a rock on top of the grassy cliff and basks in the sun. Suddenly, she hears a rustle. In an instant, she is up on her feet and ready to run, when she recognizes the figure before her.

Belle's POV


"What? You miss me?" he says, wearing that cocky, arrogant smirk. I almost forget to make a comeback.

"Of course not!" I snap in false anger. "I… You still have a debt to pay, after all."

I knew you weren't dead. I knew it.

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