After Liddell awakens from her "dream" on the path to Babayaga's house, she is dazed and hasn't the slightest idea what was real and what wasn't. All she can remember are the strange group of people and animals that were servants under... Queen Alice, wasn't it? A strange man with a top hat, a cocky teenage boy with rabbit ears, a mouse in a teacup the rabbit boy would always carry around, a rained, curious rabbit that would burst into song, and a vampire. The others were hazy in her mind but she could never forget the vampire, her loyal friend, Loue.

Rated T for violence later on and stubborn puppy love.

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I've been having these weird thoughts lately... Like, was any of this for real or not?

Liddell wondered as she sighed and sat down on her bed so she could put her stockings on. A ancient book lay beside her on the bed, a book she was positive she had brought back from her journey to restore peace to the kingdoms after accidently released the Eld Witch. Liddell had discovered the book in the book in the library and "borrowed" it to try to find out exactly what happened. It was all she had to remember the events that had happened, they seemed so long ago. It had only been six months but to Liddell, it felt like a lifetime.

She sighed and slipped on her black heeled shoes before standing up and looking in the mirror. Liddell had somehow taken to wearing her hair down and having her bangs hide half of her face. Her eyes looked calmer since she had her experience, they no longer held the mischievous gleam that her curiosity caused. Liddell had grown extremely calm and was now known to almost always be seen staring off into space, reading her book, or studying. Liddell. Studying.
As shocking as the fact that Liddell was now studying and advancing in all her magic classes, none of her new good habits were as shocking as the fact she would no longer speak. Before she claimed to leave, she wouldn't shut up! Kitty and her other classmates would try several attempts to make her talk, but to no avail.

She wasn't emo, she wasn't depressed or a freak, she just retreated into her mind to think. Liddell repeatedly thought of the events that had occurred and struggled to remember the details she had forgotten. She found that people didn't care if she talked or not. In the beginning they were merely curious. While Liddell remained silent, Kitty acted as her translator. Or... So she tried...

"Liddell! Liddell! Guess what?!" Kitty squealed while she threw herself into Liddell. The neko had her ears perked up and her tail was swaying in a happy manner. Well, Kitty was in the glomp-stage. Liddell was in post-glomp trauma and lie on the floor stiffly. She gave the hyper-active neko a look that seemed to say 'you frighten me profusely.' Kitty only laughed. "I don't know what that means but we have a new classmate starting today!"

The blonde witch struggled to shove her friend off of her and stood up before tilting her head as if to say 'Oh, really now?' Kitty nodded furiously and snatched Liddell's gloved hand, proceeding to drag her down the stone corridor in the direction of the classroom. "Yeah! He's so hot! Can I call dibs?" She asked, her head was looking over her shoulder while they ran to their next class.

Liddell smirked, We'll see. It's strange though... We don't have many male students at the academy. I wonder.... She was deep in thought while her friend continued to jabber with no intention of stopping any time soon. While attempting to block out the noise, her thoughts drifted back to her time at the castle. Loue... Where are you? Liddell sighed out loud.

Suddenly, two faces flashed in her mind's eye. One was a gentle, sweet looking girl with blonde hair and a pink dress. The other was of a girl around the same height as the other girl. She had light blue hair, almost the color you would think of when thinking of ice. She had a dress that varied in shades of blue.

The two girls were facing each other and holding hands with their foreheads slightly touching. They looked so different, yet so alike. I know them... But how? She creased her eyebrows in confusion. She focused on the image in her mind and shut her eyes tightly in a painful attempt to remember. Alas, the picture had escaped her mind just before she thought she knew.

"Liddell? Liddell? Hellooooo? Are you ok? It's time for class!" Kitty waved her hand in front of Liddell's face to get her attention while hopping up and down. The witch's violet eyes widened in surprise and she took a step back before taking Kitty's hand and having her practically rip her arm out of its socket. "We get to see the new guy this period! I call dibs on talking to him first!" She laughed.

Liddell merely smirked in amusement. Like I could even if I wanted too. The young girl thought. I might say something soon. It'll depend on how I feel or how much I've remembered. Maybe I'll speak up after sneaking a bat into the girl's changing room. I still don't understand how those snotty girls could ever hate bats! She began plotting her next scheme and failed to notice when Kitty pushed her down into her seat.

A loud crack brought her back to her senses. Almost every student clapped their hands over their ears in pain as the sound echoed around the room. "All right, now that I have your attention I would like to make a announcement." Miss Karinasi said as soon as the children had quieted. A loud groan filled the classroom. Everyone was getting ready for yet another boring lecture except for Kitty and Liddell.

Kitty bounced a bit in her seat while Liddell had her nose buried in the ancient tome. The impatient neko slammed the book shut and pointed toward the front of the room. Liddell held the book to her chest and sighed in a annoyed way. "Come, come now. I think you will enjoy the news I have for you today. Starting from this point on, you will have a new classmate." Miss Karinasi said calmly, as if she could care less.

At the words "new" and "classmate", the whole class now snapped their attention to the front of the room. Except for Liddell who was now reading her book again. She had the energy to do anything, but the attention span to do almost nothing. Kitty once again took away the book and shot her a glare that said do-that-again-and-I-will-burn-it. The blonde glared back and hissed under her breath while snatching the book away. Her eyes waveringly traveled to the front of the room. When she saw the boy who stood there she felt her heart stop.

"Now, why don't you introduce yourself to the class?" Miss Karinasi said and took a step back. A murmur swept through the room. The silver haired boy had his hair in his face. He was rather tall so it was hard to believe that he was a student. Liddell knew the truth. Her throat ached with a unfamiliar pressure, she wanted to scream in joy, sorrow, confusion, anger, and every other emotion that could ever be felt.

The man shifted his cape a bit so he was not as hidden. He brushed his hair out of his eyes to reveal blood red irises. He smiled, showing a set of fangs. "Hello, I will be spending the next few months at this school for... Classified reasons. I hope I get along with you all. My name is Loue Heart. " He said, not shy or nervous at all. Loue tucked a lose strand of hair behind his pointed ears.

What happened next , Liddell didn't know. She felt her heart pulsing abnormally fast. She felt a blush creeping up her cheeks and tears begin to well in her eyes. It was him. After all this time, Loue was back. Liddell bit her lip. Her face flushed when he locked eyes with her.

Clearly, the vampire had not expected to see her either. His jaw dropped slightly and his eyes were filled with shock mixed with delight when he saw her. "Alright, Mr. Heart please take a seat next to Miss Mahoutsukai." The teacher ordered. Loue paused for a moment before he walked up the aisle, past the whispers, and sat down next to Liddell.

Liddell stiffened when Loue sat next to her. She had been wanting to find him for so long, wanting to know what happened, searching for clues for so long she had failed to think of what she would do after they met again. Loue turned to the flustered young witch and his crimson eyes softened. "Liddell..." He whispered so softly it was barely audible.

Liddell did the only thing she could do. She stood up at a violent speed, knocking the chair over in the process. Liddell was clutching the tome so hard her knuckles turned white. She turned around and ran.

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