Authors: Ok this is a new story as this idea has been bugging me for god knows how long. I know I have another story out but I needed to get this out of my system because this one is all planned and ready to be written. This chapter might not make a whole lot of sense but it will come later chapters as it give's insightful information. If you don't like guilty bad planning John this definitely isn't the story for you. But if you do like limp Sam and really pissed off protective dean I guarantee you're in for a treat. The boy's ages clock in at Sam-17 and Dean-21. Other than that I hope you enjoy. Thanx Charity

The best laid schemes of mice and men, Go often askew, And leave us nothing but grief and pain, For promised Joy! "To A Mouse" By Robert Burns

Why do all my recent plans just seem to come crumbling down right before my eyes? Or why does it seem like the more I start thinking about a new plan the harder the consequences hit me? Gosh my head hurts. But hey that's what thinking too much will do.

John sighed as he stared over at his sons. His most recent plan-which he thought was good- came back to literally bite him in the ass. It left him with one son wanting to rip him a new one and another lying in a bed looking like death warmed over with about 60 stitches in him. Oh God how'd did it even get this far? How did I let this happen?

He can't even begin to think of all the wrong exits and turns he's taken in life but right now this one clocks in pretty high. Next time when Dean tells him he doesn't like an idea he's going to listen to him no doubt about it.

"Dean, have you researched those werewolf attacks yet?" John asked with a bit of annoyance in his voice.

"No, besides that's Sammy's job. Right Samantha?" Dean said sarcastically winking at his younger brother.

"Sure leave it all to me. Might as well let me clean the guns too and drive the car and…" Sam didn't get a chance to finish as a pillow hit his head muffling his response.

"Boys!" John yelled. He really wasn't in the mood for this. "Sam just go to the library and see what you can find." He said with an aggravated huff. He was just using this as an excuse to talk to his eldest alone.

"But Dad." Sam whined.

"No 'buts'. Go!" He yelled pointing to door. John turned knowing that his youngest obliged to his orders.

"Alright Dad what's up?" Dead asked as he turned to his fathers stressed features. "You were in a semi-descent mood. Why the mood swings? Are you pm-sing?" Dean snickered at the last remark but shut up as his fathers head swung up to give him a stern glare.

John sighed as he lowered himself into a motel chair. He'd been dreading this moment since day one and he hated that he went behind his sons back to get this in the works but it had to be done. The hunt needed more hands and he was the only person who was trained for this other than himself and his sons. Plus he still semi-trusted the kid. I mean clocking Sammy in the face isn't excusable but his reasons were a little understandable coming from a hunter's perspective. The kid thought Sam was lazy and lacked necessary hunting skill to do this kind of work. Some time's he actually agrees with him but still punching his son in the face wasn't the way to get a point across especially when Dean found out.

John looked into his sons green eyes and began. "Well you know that this werewolf is really no laughing matter." John said shakily as he scratched absently at his neck. "I kinda needed extra hands for the hunt."

"So why so stressed? If you needed an extra hand why the hell worry so much?" Dean asked confused. He knew deep down there was more to the story and his father was holding things out from him. It kinda pissed him off knowing that his Dad went back to keeping things on a 'need to know' basis. He really thought that they were past that but you can't really stop old tricks.

"Uh…I asked someone who you might not like." Was it hot in here? It felt like he was being put on a spotlight; forced to tell all his secrets. Why was this so hard? Oh yeah because the hunter you asked to help had punched Sam in the face last time you initially saw him. Maybe that was why.

"Well tell me." Dean's patience was wearing thin. Dean didn't have much patience and he thinks that whoever came up with 'patience is a virtue' was on crack.

"I asked Devin to come." John cringed as he even said it the name bringing up many arguments on his and Dean's part.

"Devin as in McAdams Devin right? He had to be sure he was hearing his Dad right. This couldn't be the guy his Dad was talking about his Dad hadn't lost all his marbles.

"Yeah son I need him on this hunt and I already called him he said he'll do it." He saw red creeping up Dean's face and he knew he was in for it big time but his son should learn when he makes a plan it will go smoothly.

Dean's breathing picked up as he tried to control the rage he was feeling. He never EVER directs this anger towards his father but when his fathers being a complete dumbass it was time for some intervention. "What!? Are you nuts?" He really like to know those answers cause as it seems his Dad seemed to being going a little off his rocker lately. Carefully and meticulously planning non stop and if one plan should fail he would totally go berserk.

"Dean we need him on this hunt. What happened in the past is in the past we need to set it aside." He pleaded as Dean rose out of his sit. He wouldn't let his 21 year old son over power him in this conversation. He was in control.

"I don't care how bad we need him that man is a fucking lunatic. Do you not remember what happened the last time we saw him?" He was only seeing red. His father was doing it again putting the hunt before his own sons. If he did it to him he wouldn't care less but this was Sammy. Sammy who was carefree, stubborn, and also naïve. The little fucker may have gotten to put his hands on Sam last time but he wasn't letting a repeat performance happen.

"Yeah I remember. I remember you beating the shit out of him so I really think he's learned his lesson." John's head was flooded with memories of that specific day. He and Dean went out of the room only for a second and when they came back he found Sam lying on the ground nursing a split lip and Devin standing over him triumphantly. He was shocked beyond belief but the rage and protectiveness in Dean couldn't be contained as he gave that kid hell. The kid was a mass of bruises and welts when Dean was done.

"I don't care if he got it or not. I don't like this idea Dad."

Dean's voice broke him out of thought as he looked into Dean's eyes. While still angry there was a thin veil of trust still in his depths. "I promise nothing will happen. You got to trust me."

He wanted to trust his Dad-with everything in him-he completely did. There was the nagging voice in his head saying this was a bad idea. "Alright but I don't have to like it." Dean said dejectedly as he stopped his rapid angered pacing.

"Good now lets go get your brother shall we." John smiled as he went over to his oldest and gave his shoulder a firm squeeze. Nothing could go wrong.

So are you completely confused? If you are its normal but this was just a flashback from John so that explains that. More scenes from the real world in the next chapter. Plus Devin McAdams is solely my own and It took a long time to figure out a damn name for him sheesh who knew. So should I continue? Thanx Charity