Hey guys I decided to take this story and completely revamp it. When I read through it I can tell it needs a lot of work but I'm revamping it over at my LJ and making sure it's truly as best as it can be.

If you want to read the new version go on over to www(dot)cherry916(dot)live journal(dot)com/97536(dot)html

Obviously remove the (dot) with . And you can follow the new story. If you want you can comment anonymously or if you have a LJ comment that way or just comment on here. I would love to here what you guys think of the new and improved version.

Thanx Charity

EDIT: I've had a lot of requests to just post the new story on here but I'm having so much trouble trying to since I don't have Microsoft Word but a knockoff of it and it won't let me post long things and writing it all, all over again is just impossible. So you can follow it on live journal if this puts and inconvenience to anyone I'm truly sorry but I tried.

www(dot)cherry916(dot)livejournal(dot)com/97536(dot)html -Remember to go here for the story just remove the (dot) with a .