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Abby was shutting off her babies and turning everything else off and generally putting things away when she heard the elevator doors open.

"Hey Abs." Tim said quietly.

"Hi.......You still mad?"

"I'm not happy that you went behind my back, if that's what you mean."

"I'm sorry."

"Sorry that you did it or sorry that you got caught?"

Remembering her promise not to lie, Abby paused.......... "Honestly, I know this is probably the wrong thing to say but I'm sorry I got caught. I might not even use it but I want it. I want my credit card back. It might sound childish, which is really ironic because you're probably about to put me over your knee and spank me but there it is. I.......want......it ......back!"

"You can't have everything you want Abby."

"I don't want everything, I just....want....that." she said putting her hands on her hips.

"That's not what I said. You're twisting my words and your acting like a spoilt little girl."

"You're treating me like a spoilt little girl."

Tim wanted to fix this. He didn't want to just go in all guns blazing and tan her ass if she felt like she was being wronged. There had to be a way that he could make her understand. Picking up his cell he called Tony. "You guys busy?" he asked. "Could you do me a really big favour? Could you take the kids home and get them settled, Abby and I need to spend a little time on something. Thanks man. I appreciate it. Get some dinner, it's on us."

"Why don't you just give him your credit card?" Abby mumbled under her breath.

Tim ended the call and rounded on Abby. He turned her around and smacked her bottom a few times hard. "Just stop.I can see that your upset and I want to listen to your side but I won't be able to hang on to my patience forever if you keep up the attitude. Got it?"

Abby nodded.

"Right, why don't' we go and get some dinner, somewhere we can talk."

"Are you sure we can afford it?" As soon as the words were out of her mouth she knew she'd made a mistake.

Tim grabbed her hand and towed her through to her office. Perching on the edge of her desk, he turned her over his knee and landed a half a dozen moderately hard smacks to her skirted backside. "Now! Last chance or I'll just get this over with right now and I won't bother to hear you out. Are you going to behave?"

"Yes, I'll be good." She said rubbing her bottom.

"Good. What do you feel like eating?"

"I don't mind. Pasta?"

"Sounds good." He said taking her hand again and this time bringing it to his lips for a light kiss. She smiled. That's a start he thought.

At home, Tony was placing the pizzas that they had picked up on the way home, on the table. Ziva was getting out some plates. Sarah came in to the kitchen to join Ziva. "I'll take some of those." she said, grabbing some of the glasses.

"Thankyou Sarah." She said looking at the young girl. "I have to say Sarah you seem........I don't know"

"Happy?" Sarah added with a smile.

"Yes, I guess that is what it ." Ziva said returning her smile."What has brought about this change? Could it be a certain young man?"

"That could be a big part of it." Sarah said blushing.

"Well it is good to see you happy. And not in trouble all the time."

"Yeh. It kind of feels good not to be in trouble too. Ziva what's wrong with Abby and Tim? Why are they arguing?"

"Do not worry. It is not serious. The fact that they are spending time to talk? It means volumes."

"You mean it speaks volumes."

" You will see. Tomorrow will be back to normal." Ziva said and she pulled Sarah into a one armed hug.

"Yeh, I know what they're like." She said happily.

"Where's those plates girls? There's starving men in here and the pizzas going cold." He shouted winking at Dyl who giggled.

Sitting down at the restaurant, Abby and Tim gave their orders and then there was silence. "Ok spill. What don't you understand?"

"You paid the bill. Why can't I have my credit card back?"

"Abby....."Tim was trying to choose his words carefully so as not to make things worse. "Abby, after you bought all those things for Dyl's room on the card, I told you that we'd have to take it easy for a while didn't I?"

"Yeh and I have. I was careful. But I was on vacation."

"I know you were on vacation but we also had to pay for the room and the meals and the flights and the cabs and the entry into different exhibits. We had a great time and it was worth it. I didn't mind all those things but Abby you were spending money for the sake of it. You said yourself that you weren't even looking at price tags. You had no idea what you spent until the card stopped working."

"Is that so bad once in a while?"

"How much is the limit on your card?"

"$5,000.00" she said.

"I made sure before we left, that the credit cards were paid up so that you COULD shop and so we had some money in case of emergency. You spent the whole lot."

"You're making it sound bad. Like I was selfish. I bought gifts!"

"I know Abs, and your generous soul is one of the many things I love about you. But it is also one of your greatest flaws. Look, I worry about you. My job is a dangerous one. What if something happened to me? Who would be the responsible one with money then? Would you buy anything that you and the kids wanted until there was nothing left? And then what? I know you earn good money but would you really be happy going from paycheck to paycheck, hoping nothing out of the ordinary came up?"

Abby's eyes filled with tears."I didn't think of it like that."

"I know. But that's not entirely your fault. So this is what's going to happen. I'm going to teach you about the financesand when I think that you've got a good understanding of where the money goes, I'll give you your card. But I'm decreasing the limit. OK?"

After the pizza was finished, Tony stood up and started gathering up the plates. "Thank you Tony." Ziva said smiling. " Ok! Dylan, it is time for you to have a shower and put on your pyjamas."

"Nah, I think I'll just watch TV for a while." He said.

Tony stuck his head out from the kitchen and did a double take. He opened his mouth to say something but Ziva winked, to let him know she had this. "No Dylan, you will do it now." Ziva said more forcefully.

"Don't wanna." He said pouting.

"I did not ask you if you would LIKE to have a shower, I told you to do it." Ziva said putting her hands on her hips.

Silence................................ "Make me!"he said.

"If you insist!" Ziva said pulling him to his feet. Grabbing his arm, she frog marched him up the stairs, through his room and into his bathroom. Without letting go of his arm she turned on the shower. Now! Last chance. Will you do this yourself or would you like me to help?"

"NO!!!" Dylan said horrified "I'll do it myself."

"Good choice!" she said kissing him on the head as she left. "If you are quick Dylan you may watch some television before you go to bed."

"YES!!!" he said happily shedding his clothes and jumping in to the shower.

Back downstairs Tony was baffled. "How did you do that? I thought he was about to have a major tantrum."

"I'm used to managing naughty boys." She saucily, flicking him with a teatowel.

"Ah......so you wanna play huh?" he said as Sarah walked into the room.

"Not you two too. Don't you people know there's a time and a place?" she said screwing up her face in disgust.

Tony and Ziva looked at each other and smirked.

Back at the restaurant Abby was looking brighter. "Ok, so that sounds a bit better. I can see why you get upset over the whole money thing and I'll be more careful. So are we good?"

"What do you mean are we good? We're always good as far as I'm concerned Abs. I love you. But if you mean is everything forgotten then the answer is no. It will be, after I spank you. Are you ok with that? Because I think we need to get to the bottom of this once and for all."

"So to speak." Abby said drolly.

"You know what I mean Abs and I'm serious. If you're not happy to handle things like this then you need to tell me now."

"Of course I'm ok with it Timmy. That's just us. If I don't seem to like it much at the time it could just be because it HURTS LIKE HELL!!! But that doesn't mean I want you to stop. I told you last night that you are my safety net. I like it. I like that I can break out and do crazy stuff sometimes and your there to reign me in before I go too far. It's safe. I don't want you to change. As long as you realise that I'm not gonna change either. So you'll probably be spanking me when I'm ninety. If you're not sick of me by then.

"Abby I'll never be sick of you and I don't want you to change anything."

"So the whole ordering the new card behind your bank thing........."

"Yep. Still gonna spank you for that."

"Thought as much. Do I dress for the occasion? I have a couple of really cool outfits I bought while we were away..............."

"Wear something comfortable Abs, you could be there for a while. And I wouldn't wear boots. You'll be standing in the corner."

"OHhh Timmm! I hate corner time."

"Ah well Abby, you do the crime you pay the time."

When they got home they found Tony and Ziva watching TV and both the kids in their rooms. "This is peaceful."

"Well we might just have the touch." Tony said.

"Of course you do Tony! "Abby said jumping onto that statement. "When are you two gonna have your own family?"

"Oh, I don't know. We have not really discussed it in too much detail."

"You should!" Abby said emphatically. "I mean two would be great parents."

"Abby!!!" Tim said.

"It's alright Tim. We've thought about it, we just haven't got past the thinking stage yet. You know, when you two adopted Dyl, it made me think about it."

"Why did you decide to adopt an older child instead of trying for your own baby?" Ziva asked.

Abby and Tim looked at each other. "I didn't know if I was ready for a pregnancy and to do my job which I love and to give a tiny baby the full time care it needs, I don't think I'm ready to juggle all that yet."

"But we wanted to be parents very badly. When we looked into it, there are soooo many children who need, who want to be adopted. It just seemed the natural choice for us."Tim said.

"The saddest and hardest thing is choosing. I wanted to take all of them. As a matter of fact as soon as Dylan has settled into school, and I know he's ok with it,and Sarah of course, I would love to adopt another child."

"You would?" Tim said beaming.

"Yeh I would. Would you?"

"I'd love to have a little girl, with pigtails and dollies. And I think that Dylan would love to be a big brother."

"You think?" Abby said enthusiastically.

"Still here guys!" Tony said putting his hand in there faces. Ziva slapped it away.

"Stop it Tony." She said.

"Sorry Tony, Ziva." Tim said we got a bit carried away.

"I'm only joking. It's an interesting conversation. Isn't it Ziva?"

"It sure is." Ziva said smiling.

"Food for thought. Definitely food for thought. You got that web address?"

"Yeh sure. I'll just get it for you." Tim said hurrying away.

When he came back Ziva and Tony were already standing ready to leave.

"Thanks again guys."Tim said."I really appreciate you minding them.

"It was no problem. Good practice as they say." Ziva said. Tony lifted his eyebrows and then beamed.

"I'll see you both at work tomorrow."

"Thanks guys." Abby said.

When they closed the door, Tim looked at Abby. "Ok. Upstairs and get changed for bed. I'll be up in a minute."

"Oh Tim, it's been such a nice night do we have to spoil it?"

Tim raised his eyebrows and turned Abby towards the stairs giving her a sharp smack to send her on her way. Abby glared. "Spoilsport."

"Sorry Abs? Did you say something?"

"I said see you in a minute my love."

"Yeah right." Tim said to himself chuckling.

After he'd put the last of the glasses in the dishwasher he made his way upstairs. This time Abby wasn't bent on seduction. She was wearing one of Tim's MIT t- shirts and nothing else. Her hair was down and brushed and she looked every bit as sexy as she had last night in her carefully planned outfit. This was hard. Tim did not have a shred of anger left and punishing her was not going to be easy. All he really wanted to do was to lose what was left of her clothing and tumble onto that bed beside her,on top of her, under her. Hell he didn't care.......Giving himself a mental headslap, he got back to the business at hand. Taking her hand he lead her to the corner. "Ten minutes."he said. This gave him time to escape for a quick shower. A cold shower.

After the ten minutes was up Tim came back into the room and sat on the bed."Come here Abby." He said quietly. Taking her hand he pulled her over his knee. "Why are you getting spanked?"

"Because I went behind your back and ordered a new credit card when I wasn't allowed to have one."

"Why weren't you allowed to have one?"

"Because I was irresponsible and I wasted a lot of money."

"Good girl." He said and started the spanking. He lifted up the t-shirt and smacked her very hard on each cheek. Then he spanked rhythmically and evenly all over every inch of her backside until red handprints turned into a uniform red from the top of her bottom to the top of her thighs. Abby was sobbing with her hands over her face. Laying back on the bed he pulled Abby with him until he had wrapped his arms tightly around her and her face was buried in his chest. "I'm sorry Timmy. I'm sorry."

"Shhh he soothed. Your forgiven. It's all over Abs."

"Ti.....m...my?" she sobbed.

"Yeh Abs?"

"Do.... you....Do you think........we could .......really adopt....a....little girl?"

"I think that's a distinct possibility. If that's what you want."

"It...is what I want."

"Then we can look into it I guess."

The End for now.