Title: The Meeting

By: Shac89

Disclaimer : The only thing I own in this story is the character Dynasty. Everyone else is property of Akira Toriyama,Shonen,and Toei Animation.

Summary: Two years after Goku left with Shenron. Pan now 16 has met someone that will change her life.

At the World Martial Arts tournament we see a sixteen year old Pan stretching and getting ready for the competition.

Surronding her were her family and friends.

" Are you ready Pan," asked her father Gohan.

Pan nodded her head, " Yes papa I was born ready." Stated Pan with a confident smile on her face, Gohan smiled back thinking 'Yes you are'.

Just then one of the officals came to the entrance.

"All competiters come to the courtyard so we can draw numbers.''

Pan turned to her group, " Well wish me luck."

A sixteen year old Bra snorted, " Like you'll need it", Pan smiled at her friend and patted her on the shoulder.

"Thanks", Pan said then she gave her a hug.

Videl who had been quiet the entire time spoke up.

" Now don't go getting all fancy, we now how strong you are but they don' me you'll hold back."

Pan nodded ,"I will mom"

Then Pan followed the other competiers to the courtyard.

Pan scanned the area looking at her competion.

'Wow there are a lot of weaklings here today', Thought Pan. Just then her eyes fell onto a boy under a tree with his legs in the lotus postion and eyes closed.

' Wow he's cute', Pan thought as a little blush crossed her features.

Just then another officals came from the entrance.

" We are now bringing out the punching machine please form a single file line and wait your turn.''

Pan got in the line forming and turned around and was face to chest with the boy she saw under the tree.

The boy looked down at her and smiled a soft smile.

" Hello my name is Dynasty and you are.''

Pan mind was racing his voice was smooth like velvet but tough like stone.

He was about six foot eight six foot ten give or take. His skin was bronze his muscle from what she could see was like it was chisled from the finest marbel in the world. His hair was fuzzy and long and his eyes were a very bright yellow.

Pan then wretched out of her thoughts by his hand on her shoulder.

" You ok," he asked concern in his voice.

Pan nodded meekly.

He smiled again this time in relief.

"Good I thought you might have passed out."

Pan shook her head.

"No I'm good."

Pan extended her hand out toward Dynasty.

"My name is Pan Son,"

Dynasty took her hand in a firm but gentle shake, he smiled at her.

"My name is Dynasty."

'Oh that name is so mysterious.'

"Pan." Dynasty said.

Pan looked at him dreamily.

"Yes," she said smiling at the mystery boy.

" You're up.''

Pan mind then went to the task at hand and walked up to the punching machine.

She got in her ready stance and hit the button with a hard strike.

The offical looked at the number nervously, " 199."

said the very scared offical.

Pan walked off to the side as Dynasty stepped up.

Dynasty took a deep breath and threw his left leg at the button the number showed up and the offical stared at Dynasty with a look of fear.

"208," said the now frightened offical Pan turned around in shock to hear those numbers as Dynasty took his place back under the tree,layed down and took a hat out and placed it on his face. Pan and the other competitors looked at Dynasty with shocked faces.

'Wow he is as strong as gramps,dad,and Vegeta put together', thought Pan as she stared at Dynasty who was still laying down.

'I'm going to go talk to him',Pan walked over toward Dynasty and without looking at her Dynasty spoke.

"Hello Pan".

Pan jumped a little and stared at Dynasty shocked.

"How did you..."

"I heard your steps", explained Dynasty, he sat up and placed his hat down beside him he patted the ground on the right side of him and Pan sat down,too.

Pan took a deep breath and stared at Dynasty who had his eyes closed deep in thought.

"Would you like to go out with me", said Pan. Dynasty opened his eyes and stared at Pan intently.

"After the tournament I mean"

Dynasty nodded his head and layed back squeled in delight which made Dynasty sit up startled,Pan blushed embarresed.

"Sorry", Pan said meekly Dynasty just smiled at her. Just then rain fell from the sky the officals came out.

"Sorry folks because of the rain this years WMAs will be postponed sorry for the inconvience", The offical walked back to the entrance. Pan who had been looking at the offical turned to the spot where Dynasty was but realized he was gone.

'I wonder were he went to', thought Pan.

Pan got up and flew to her house thinking about the boy she met named Dynasty.
The next day Pan and Bra were sitting in there algebra class (the last class of the school day) being bored Pan reading a book and Bra doing her nails. Just then there teacher walked in and spoke in a thick Russian accent.

"Good Morning class"

"Good Morning "

The teacher continued to speak.

"Today we have a new student joining us so please welcome Dynasty."

Pan looked up from her book upon hearing the name and in walked the boy she met at the tournament wearing the school uniform and his hair in a ponytail.

"So Dynasty do you have a last name?",asked .

Dynasty shook his head no.

"Well tell us about yourself", said .

Dynasty looked at the class and his eyes fell on Pan he smiled and began to speak.

"My name is Dynasty,please make me feel welcome".

Mr. Koslov smiled and directed Dynasty to the seat behind nodded and went to the seat. When Dynasty passed Pan seat he smiled at her warmly before sitting in his seat.

Bra leaned into Pan's ear and whispered.

"You know him."

Pan nodded and whispered back.

"He is the guy at the tournament I told you about.''

Bra smiled, " You said he was hot but I didn't beilieve you."

After that the class went by smoothly and when the bell ring everyone was ready to Pan and Bra left Pan felt some one tug on her arm.

Pan turned around to see Dynasty smiling at her his yellow eyes staring deep in her black ones.

"That date still on the table",said Dynasty still smiling at her.

Pan nodded her head, Bra stared at the two and smirked.

"Well I'll leave you to alone."

With that Bra left and Pan and Dynasty walked out the room for their date.