Chapter 6:The Impromptu Date

Pan and Bra sat at the food court waiting for Dynasty. Bra calmly took a sip of her drink which was sweet ice tea with a splash of lemon, ( A/N: a delicious drink)

while Pan ate a chicken leg calmly,but inside she was nervous ' I thought he said he was training today'.Neither Demi Sayin notice Dynasty standing behind Pan, Dynasty put his hands over her eyes and lightly blew in her left ear, " Hi," said Dynasty in a low purr making Pan blush hard.

" Hey," Pan replied blushing heavily Dynasty got a chair from the table by them and sat at there table,he set a plastic shopping bag on the table.

Bra then got up from the table and started to walk toward the exit before she left she turned back to stare at Dynasty and Pan,

" Have fun you two," Bra said before making her departure.

At Bra absence Pan got control of her emotions and stared at the bag on the table then at Dynasty.

" Dynasty what did you buy," asked Pan with a hint of confusion in her words Dynasty chuckled lightly and opened the bag and extracted a katana blade in a red wood sheath.

Pan's eyes glistened in awe, " Is that the Dragon Blood Blade," asked a excited Pan, Dynasty nodded his head yes.

" That is cool," exclaimed Pan, Dynasty smiled at her when he had a smirk grace his face Pan got nervous.

" D...Dynasty whats with the smirk," said Pan Dynasty just stood up walked toward her and grabbed her hand.

" You'll see," Dynasty said then he dragged Pan away from the food court.

11:00 a.m.

Pan and Dynasty sat on the roof of the mall watching the clouds.

Pan pointed to one cloud, " That cloud looks like a Kamehameha," Pan said as a blast like cloud floated across the sky.

Pan looked over at Dynasty who was staring at the clouds with a small smile on his lips.

Pan smirked mischievously

and gave Dynasty a raspberry causing him to leap in the air in fright.

Dynasty looked down and saw Pan rolling on the rooftop laughing hard,Dynasty landed on the roof and stared at Pan.

"That was not nice," Dynasty said with his arms crossed across his chest. Pan stopped laughing and stared at Dynasty she smiled and said " Ok it wasn't funny," Dynasty smirked a little, " it was hilarious," Pan finished laughing harder then before. Dynasty kept the smirk on his face and walked up to Pan.

" You thought it was funny huh," said Dynasty in a calm voice, Pan abruptly stopped laughing and stared at Dynasty who was now standing over her with a little dark smirk.

"D...Dynasty what are you going to do," said Pan nervously,Dynasty's smirk widen to a smile as he said,

" This," when he said that he dived at Pan pinning her the roof and stared to tickle her all over, Pan busted out laughing squirming under his weight as he ruthlessly tickled her.

Dynasty laughed as she feebly tried to escape, " Say your sorry," Dynasty stated tickling her under her left armpit.

" I'M SORRY!" said Pan Dynasty sat up and smirked as he sat down on the roof at her right side.

" Now that was funny," stated Dynasty, Pan sat up and smiled at Dynasty, " Jerk," Pan said with a light chuckle, Dynasty stared at her and smiled, " You first."

Just then Dynasty phone rung and he opened it.

" Hello"

" I'm with my girlfriend"

" I'll ask"

"Ok see you later"

Dynasty closed the phone and Pan stared at him confused.

" Who was that Dy," asked Pan, Dynasty stared at her and smirked.

" That was sensei he wants to meet you,"

" Really well lets go," said Pan who jumped up on her feet. Dynasty kipped back up and grabbed her hand.

" Ready"

Pan nodded and then they both vanished from the roof of the mall.

When they appeared they were in front of a giant dojo on top of a mountain.

" Welcome to my humble abode.

The end of Chapter 6 coming later 7 remember RXR