I was getting dressed this morning, and had some time to kill, so I was watching Wolverine videos. Well, I must admit I did enjoy the Twilight saga, though not on the level of some girls, and I just happened to be wearing my wolf girl shirt today. It got me thinking about how the guys at my school react when I wear Twilight stuff, and thus this little fic was born.

"Marie, what are you wearin??" Logan exclaimed, doing a double take as he passed the young X-man in the halls.

Rogue turned around slowly, her arms crossed over her chest, conveniently covering the image on her shirt. "Nothin Logan." She lied badly.

Logan gave her his trademark 'eyebrow look'. "If you were wearin nothing darlin, I certainly would have noticed. And then I woulda chased you upstairs to put something on. What is on your shirt??"

Rogue sheepishly lowered her arms, biting her lip.

Logan squinted for a moment, then gave her a confused look. "Team Jacob?" He asked in disbelief. "What in the world is Team Jacob?"

Rogue shook her head, trying to stifle a laugh; Logan's expression was priceless. "It's somethin from a movie, don't worry about it."

"I can't really help but worry about it Rogue, that shirt says Twilighton the back and it seems like every girl in this freaking school has somethin or other with Twilight on it. I'm startin to think it's a disease. So before I find out the hard way that you're dyin of something, what in the world is Twilight?"

Logan learned very soundly that day that sometimes there is such a thing as a bad question.

Twilight is a disease. It spread like crazy. I swear, I keep on waiting for my school to ban it as a cult. XD

I was sorely tempted to have Logan dicing up some sparkly vampires and werewolves in the danger room afterward, but I couldn't seem to fit it in. A sister fic perhaps?