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Chapter 26 (Finale)

Who I Am

Lee turned to where the voice came from....

He couldn't believe what he saw!

It was the Night-Lord! Still alive, and all of his scars were gone!

"I thought Raye---" Lee was confused

"Hahahaha!!! Do you really think it was that easy!?"

"I don't understand.... Then if you're alive, then Raye must be too!"


"Then how did you survive? That was Raye's most powerful attack..."

"with this!" Then the Night-Lord took out something... something that made Hollow look pale...

"Hollow, what's wrong?" Yang asked

"T-That's... The Time Pendant!!" Hollow Exclaimed


"Hollow... So we meet again..." The Night-Lord exclaimed

"Give me back my Time Pendant!!"

"Why would i give you something that's so useful...."

"Useful how?" Lee asked

"Perhaps i should explain... When Raye launched his most powerful attack, I used the time pendant at the last second... Causing time to stop... Then i took the opportunity to take back the power he took from me... But, I was unable to take his life force for he, sacrificed his life force to bring back The Blue Rabbit and his Friend....."

"So Raye... Sacrificed himself... to bring back Yang and Lena.. But was unable to defeat you?!"

"Exactly!" Then The Night-Lord summoned his army.. "Now, You Will taste my Full Power!!"

The army had Lee and his friends surrounded

"Get ready everyone!" Yang exclaimed

"What's the point of even fighting?..." Lee asked without hope...

"Lee... What do you mean?.." Yin asked

"The Night-Lord is too powerful for us... I mean, Raye couldn't stop him... He's capable of time stop!"

"Lee.. But what will we do now?..."

"Perhaps it's better to surrender..."

"Surrender?! Are you out of your mind!?" Yuck questioned

"Face it Yuck! All of us will die eventually... There no more hope in winning..."

"Lee... We cant give up now..."

"We Have to... This is the end..."

"Lee, Everything will be Okay in the end.. If it's not Okay, It's not yet the end.." Yin patted Lee on the shoulder

Lee looked up, he saw Yin smiling...

"You're Right!" Lee stood up, He placed Raye's scarf on his neck..

"So.. are you still planning on fighting me!?" The Night-Lord questioned

"Yes! We'll take you down, for Raye!! and everyone you've killed!!"

"Foolish Woo-Fools! You are not thinking clearly!"

"Call us Morons if you want! But were still gonna fight!!"

"Fine! Army, Attack!!"

And The Battle Begun!!

"Platinum Fists!!" Yang exclaimed and he pounded the minions!

"Yinferno!!" Yin exclaimed

They were able to take out many but more keep on coming...

"Dimensional Portal!!" Yuck exclaimed as he opened his portal!

"Hm..... they are more powerful than i expected..." The Night-Lord whispered to himself "Perhaps i should take them out one by one..." Then the Night-Lord attacked Lee without warning!!

"Dammit! I was ambushed!" Lee's face was bleeding...

Then The Night-Lord Fire breathed at Lee! But thankfully, Lee dodged

"Whew! That was a close one!"

"I'm not yet done!!" the Night-Lord exclaimed as he breathed more fire! But Lee kept on dodging it!

But then Lee was grabbed by two minions!

"You wont be able to dodge this one..." The Night-Lord exclaimed

"dammit! I cant move!"

"Take This! Doom Fire!!" Then the Night-Lord Breathed Black Fire!

Then Yin suddenly protected Lee with her Foo-field!


"Don't worry, Lee, I've got your back!" then Yin winked at him

"Platinum Fists!!" Yang exclaimed as he took down the minions who were holding Lee!


"Fools! Now It's Time to taste the wrath of my Time Pendant!!" The Night-Lord exclaimed

"Not So fast! Yimmobilize!" Then Yin immobilized the Time Pendant!

"Go, Bro! Take that Pendant!" Yin Ordered

"Right!" Yang ran as fast as he could! He attacked the minions that were in his way! "Good Job sis! Just keep the Immobilization until i get It!" Then Yang jumped so high that he reached the Night-Lord's face..

"I'll take that now!"

"I Wont let You!"

"Take This! Fist Of Fury!" Lee exclaimed as he hit the Night-Lord's face, thus making the Night-Lord drop the pendant!

The Hollow took the pendant

"Got it!" Hollow Exclaimed!

"No! That's it! Now you will feel my wrath!!!" Then the Night-Lord absorbed all of the strength of his minions, making him 10x more powerful than he was before!

"Ah, Pellets!" Yang Exclaimed

"Take This!!" Then the Night-Lord charged a gigantic energy sphere! BOOOM!!

then after the smoke filled Yang and the others saw that Master Yo shielded them with his foo-field!

"I admire your strength, but there is no escape for my next move!" then The Nigh-Lord Breathed Black Fire at them! But it was more powerful than before!

"Doom Fire!!!"

"Get Behind Me!" Master Yo told the others "Foo-Field!!" Master Yo protected them all with his foo-field.. But It as useless the Foo-field was destroyed!

"Damn! Its no use!" Master Yo looked at Yin and Yang... Then Master Yo Jumped towards the Black fire!

"Master Yo!" Yin and Yang Shouted

"Children! Promise me you'll defeat the Night-Lord!"

Then Master Yo shielded everyone from the Night-lord's Black Fire... He Knew it was useless to use his Foo-Field... so he used his own life...

"Father!" Yang yelled "No!!"

Yin and Yang ran to where Master Yo was lying...

"Children... I'm glad i meet you..."

Then Master Yo's body faded away then Yin and Yang stood up, looking at the Night-Lord

"Woo-Foo Aura!!" Both of them Exclaimed

"Yin, Yang let us help!" Yuck and Lena exclaimed

Yin and Yang agreed and Yuck and Lena combined their auras together!

"Even if you combine all of your strengths you can never defeat me!" the Night-Lord exclaimed

"Then I'll just have to freeze you in time!" Hollow Exclaimed while he held the time pendant!

But the Night-Lord Knocked Hollow before he could even do it!

"Now, Let's Fight!"

The Aura and The Night-Lord kept throwing attacks at each other, but no one was giving up...

"Yin, Yang, Lena, and Yuck are attacking the Night-Lord... I have to help!" Lee exclaimed

"Take This! Leencineration!" Lee exclaimed as he blasted Fireballs towards the Night-Lord!

"You are no match for me!" Th Night-Lord blasted all of them away!

"Dammit! He's too powerful!" Lee exclaimed

Then Lee looked at his allies.. All of them still trying to stand up and fight...

Then Yin glowed Black and Yang glowed white!

"W-What's This?" Yin asked, Then a voice came from somewhere

"Children, Use this power to defeat the Evil!" The Voice sounded like Master Yo

"Yin, Ready?!" Yang asked

"I'm Ready!" Yin Replied

"Yin and Yang Combination!!" Both of them exclaimed, then Two Chinese Dragons appeared one was black and the other was white! "When Light and Dark Combine! Their Power is Divine!" Yin and yang exclaimed, then The 2 dragons attacked the Night-Lord!

"Dimensional Portal!" Yuck Exclaimed, then the portal opened behind the Night-Lord

"Take This! Foo-Fist!!" Lee Exclaimed, The Night-Lord was punched at the chest! Causing a direct Hit! Then the Night-Lord fell into the Portal!... Then The Portal Closed

"We... Did it!" Lee Exclaimed "Thank You, Everyone..."

A Few Days Later...

Lee was wearing a black formal suit, "Yes! Today, I'm Finally gonna ask Yin out!" Lee ran to the door, but before he went outside, He picked up the green scarf...

Lee saw Yin, He was about to run to her, but something made him stop...

He saw Yin with Yuck,

"Yin, there's something I want to tell you..." Yuck said.. "I Like You!"

Yin blushed.. "Yuck.. I... I Like You two!"

Lee saw this from a far distance.. He was shocked... But Then he smiled..

"Yin.. If You're happy with Yuck.. Then I'm Happy... I wont force you to like me..." Lee whispered to himself... The he quietly walked away...

Lee stopped at a beach, It was already sunset..

"The sunset is always beautiful..." Lee said...

Then when Lee was about to walk away he heard a voice coming from somewhere..

"Lee! Thank You!" the voice said... The voice was a Male voice..

"Raye... don't Mention it.." Then Lee took out Raye's scarf and then he let the winds blow it away... "Winds... Please Carry this to Raye..." Lee thought to himself

Then Lee looked up in the sky...

"Many has happened, But it seems like it was just yesterday when i was found unconscious... It's hard to believe that all of the chaos is over... Yin may not like me... But I'm happy for her... That she has found the person she wants... I may not be the right person for her... But she is my most valuable friend... The World is just amazing! things that you least expect can happen at anytime possible!

At First I thought that i was just a normal person, looking for a purpose... But Now, I'm a Woo-Foo warrior, whose purpose is to protect others... That is my Purpose... To be a protector of others... I will ask myself the question most people ask me... Who am I? A first I don't know... But Now... Who I am... I am Lee, a Woo-Foo Warrior!"

The End