Happily Ever After

March 21st 2009

The Day after Kaoru's graduation ceremony

For a moment Kyoya considered the possibility that he'd died and gone to heaven. A heaven populated by big, brown, slightly blurry boxes. Or perhaps this was hell. It was hard to tell.

It was, in fact, hard to tell what anything was.

Kyoya couldn't find his glasses.

And Kaoru was no where to be seen.

The morning was not getting off to a good start.

The boxes were not helping.

"Kaoru," he called steadily, moving cautiously through the cardboard jungle.


Kyoya turned a glare in the direction of the twin, "What are these?" he gestured at the boxes.

"Boxes." Kaoru answered, his grin obvious to even Kyoya's poor eyesight.

"Why?" Kyoya asked, ignoring the jibe.

Kaoru shrugged, "We're moving in together,"

"When did we decide this?" Kyoya's patience was wearing thin.

"Last night," Kaoru replied readily.

"I don't-" Kaoru held up a bottle and shook it slightly, the remaining liquor sloshing as he did so.

"We also bought plane tickets to Italy,"

Kyoya simmered silently, not wanting to ruin the memory of a wonderful night with a fight. Smiling Kaoru came over to him.

"On the upside, I found your glasses," he said reaching up to slip them on Kyoya's face and followed the action with a light kiss. Kyoya stared down into Kaoru's wide amber eyes.

"Why?" he asked, his annoyance dissipating.

"We've caused a bit of a scandal," Kaoru answered seriously, "It would be better to go away for a while, I think,"

Kaoru's logic made sense.

"We both have a months off anyway," Kaoru added, seeing Kyoya warming to the idea, "And Europe in spring is meant to be almost as beautiful as here,"

Kyoya sighed, "So when do we leave?"

Kaoru kissed him again, "As soon as you're ready."

April 23rd

The Day after Kyoya and Kaoru return from Europe

Shiori regarded Kaoru critically for a long moment.

"I really don't know what you see in him," she told him seriously.

Kaoru laughed, "Sometimes I find myself wondering the same thing," he replied, ignoring the glare Kyoya shot in their direction. Shiori stuck her tongue out at him in return.

Still smiling Kaoru pulled her into his lap, "I'll tell you a secret though," he whispered in her ear as she giggled, "I'm happier with him than without him,"

Shiori twisted to look at him, "I don't get it," she said stubbornly.

"You will one day," Kaoru assured her.

"You're not lying?"

"Cross my heart," Kaoru said in all seriousness.

"You'd better be right, or else," Shiori threatened as she clambered down, "I have to go, Haruhi promised my parents I'd be home by three. Tell grumpy I said good bye okay?"

"Okay," Kaoru agreed, waving as she walked away.

"Tell me I'm not the only one who thinks she's getting more annoying," Kyoya said appearing beside him.

"I'm pretty sure it's just you," Kaoru replied warmly.

"Why was she even here?"

"I promised her I'd show her our new place,"

"We haven't even finished unpacking,"

"You know how insistent she can be,"

Kyoya fixed Kaoru with a firm look, "Promise me we'll never have children,"

"Aww but Kyo, I think you'd make such a good father," Kaoru teased.

"Just think, Kaoru," Kyoya smiled slightly, "If we had children, then you'd have to share my attention with them,"

Kaoru thought it over for a moment, "Okay," he allowed, watching as Kyoya absently puled Aiko into his lap and began to stroke her, "Can we get another cat then? I've always thought Asuka would make a good name for cat,"

Kyoya sighed, "I get to pick it out this time then,"

"That's fair," Kaoru grinned leaning across to kiss Kyoya gently, "Do you want to play Monopoly?"

"Only if I get to be the bag of money,"


And there you have it. The long awaited epilogue ^^

Asuka means 'Smell of tomorrow', I thought it would be a good omen for them.

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