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When you've had a child before your married, much less before you've finished school, people tend to look down on you. Yeah maybe I should have taken precautions; maybe I should have made sure he had on a condom. But let's be honest, when you're kind of or more than kind of, drunk you're not thinking about having babies. I know I wasn't thinking there's a chance I might get pregnant by this guy. I was thinking that I'd just survived the war between good and evil, and good had come out on top. Yes there was still more for us to do, there were still death eaters about but for the first time since I was eleven I could breath and not have to worry about showing too much affection in the muggle world. No I didn't like the guy but he was an old friend of mine from when I went to muggle school. So why not lose your virginity to a friend? When I did turn up pregnant, well huh, did fate just have it out for me? I was hoping to wait until the threat of death eaters had past because one of the main players in the downfall of the dark lord having a baby, what a great way to get back at her.

So I didn't tell that many people at school. Luckily I didn't show until after I got home for summer vacation. When I did get home for the summer, the guy I'd slept with had moved to America, and I didn't know what his response to this would be so I decided that I would do this on my own. My parents, although slightly disappointed at me, understood that I deserved to have a life. They agreed to help me while I was in school.

When I got back to school that fall I used illusions to hide my ever growing bump. The only people who knew were Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall, and Harry and Ginny and of course Madam Pomfrey. Let's face it if I had told Ron he'd keep it a secret for about a week at the most then he'd accidentally say something to someone else and then the whole school would know. I didn't want the slytherins to write home to their parents and then my family would possibly get hurt, or worst killed.

I had a few false starts to labor while at school. Luckily this little wild cat stayed in until I got back home. I named her Alice Elizabeth, after my grandmothers. I slowly healed over winter vacation then I had to do the hardest thing a mother could ever do. I had to leave her to go back to school. The entire ride back to school Ginny and Harry took turns consoling me and holding me while I cried. Ron was off with Lavender. I missed having my daughter in my arms. I felt like someone had cut my heart and soul out and were squishing them. My life was home, the reason I now lived was home.

When classes started back up I was only half there. I did the work, I still had the best grades but I could have cared less about anything else. Professor McGonagall understood, but all of my other teachers weren't in the know so when I stopped being my normal, answering every question self, they got scared. They thought someone had cursed or poisoned me. Professor Snape was the worst. He actually started calling on me to answer questions, trying to get me involved again. I started to see that even though he couldn't praise me in public, he wanted me to be interested.

He called me into his office one day after class. When he made sure we were alone and that no one could hear us, he asked me if I was alright. That was a particularly bad day for me. It was February 17th, Alice was two months old.

"Ms. Granger is there a reason for you to be quite so unanimated here at school did someone put a spell on you? Did you drink an unidentified liquid?"

"To be honest Professor why I'm acting like an 'adult' is none of your business. Why should I give others the answers when they should be doing their own school work? And why should I tell you if I feel a little blue? You don't need to know. Those who need to know, know. If I were under a spell or had drank some unidentified liquid, would I be able to tell you that it was so? I highly doubt it."

"Ms. Granger! While you might be able to talk to your peers like that, a professor deserves respect. When almost every one of your professors discusses your new behaviors at every opportunity, I think we deserve to know what's wrong. The only one who isn't discussing it is Professor McGonagall."

"There might just be a reason why the Professor isn't discussing it, maybe just maybe she knows what's going on in my life and understands that I don't want my personal life known to everyone. And before you get all hot and bothered Professor Dumbledore knows as well. And no I will not discuss this with you so deal! Now that we've finished with our little discussion I'll be on my way." I started to make my way to the door, then to get in another shot I turned around, "I'd tell you not to go to Professor Dumbledore but I know that you can't stop yourself. You need to see what's wrong with me, but he won't tell you. I don't want him to and you can't swallow that. I'd also tell you that all you have to do is wait until the end of seventh year but that would also be impossible and a waste of time so go and try to get your answers but know that you won't get them, because I don't want you to." And with that parting speech I left.

I don't know what he did after I left him that afternoon but I figured that I was right about him going to Professor Dumbledore. After that day he kept trying to get me to participate but he also kept a very close eye on me. Luckily I wasn't up to any shenanigans with Harry and Ron. Eventually I went to Dumbledore and asked if it was possible for me to bring in some muggle technology that way I could keep in touch with my family. He allowed it so I brought in my laptop with a webcam incorporated a tv and dvd player and two cell phones, one for me and one for Harry, that why if there was an emergency and no one could get in touch with me they could call him.

I counted down the days to a vacation home. Spring vacation came and went too quickly. She'd grown so much, but she remembered me. That was one of my fears what if I'd been gone too long and she'd think that mum and dad were her parents, not me. I took Ginny with me to meet her. The story was that Ginny was going to come home with me so that she could see how muggles lived their lives. When I left her again, it was the same as before. I cried as we rode back to school. Summer couldn't come fast enough. I'd have months to get to know every millimeter of my daughter.

When you want to be somewhere else, anywhere else in the world besides where you are, time goes so slowly. The end of my sixth year is very much a blur. I don't remember what happened those last few months. Even on my way home I couldn't remember what I had done hours before. I was bouncing in my seat. Time couldn't go fast enough. I skipped to my parent's car and we went to the day-care that we had enrolled Alice in. She was sitting in the floor looking at the door, like she knew that I was coming. The second that she saw me, her entire face lit up. She crawled to the door, my little girl was crawling! For the summer I was taking her out of day-care except for one day a week.

Every day I saw her changing before my eyes. Growing slowly, growing out of clothes that had fit her weeks before. Not that she wore clothes at home. She'd rather be in her diapers. Luckily she had hair, and so far it didn't look like it was going to be a frizzy mess mine would be if I didn't take care of it. Every day I spent with her was a day closer to me leaving her again. I didn't want that day to come but one last year, just a few more months where I wouldn't be able to see her every day. I'd be working in the wizard world, but I planned to live in the muggle world that way no one saw her.

Time went by so quickly, too quickly. When it came time to go back to Hogwarts for my seventh and last year, the only thing that made me go was the fact that I'd spent the last six years in the wizard world and had not gone to school in the muggle world. There was no way that I could get a good job, a job that would buy her all the stuff she would need and deserve.

I thought that I'd have to wait until the end of my seventh year to be able to see her every day, however one sad day at the end of October would change that for me. It would also introduce a professor to my hidden world, one that he desperately wanted to know and one that he would never be able to leave. He'd become part of our lives in such a way that there would be no going back.

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