Summary. . . . . . . . . . . Two agents go missing, one is found. Just what has happened to the other? And how long do you keep looking?

Disclaimer. . . . . . . . . Not mine, never will be, just playing in this wonderful sandbox.

A.N. . . . . . . . . Okay so I love the relationship between Gideon and Reid, so this fic is gonna be set when he's still there. It will be completely AU, but may mention episodes from the show. Thank you so much for stopping by to read, and I hope that you enjoy.

Prologue. . . . . . . . . . .

The agents entered quickly through the rusted metal door, that hung precariously on it's warped hinges. Their feet moved quietly through the decrepit abandoned warehouse, the soft rubber of their soles disturbing dust that had lain for years, the motes drifting lazily up to be caught in the soft glow of their flashlights. The whole place was a warren of hallways and small boxed off offices, litter and broken furniture strewn carelessly about, some walls and ceilings collapsed in places, rubble and metal joists blocking their path forcing them to either find another route, or to step over it in places, and taking away precious seconds they couldn't afford to loose, but lost anyway; they had to be here, they just had to be, so if loosing seconds meant they lessoned the chance of tipping of the un-subs, then they were willing to do so. Water dripped down on them in places, testament to the fact that the place hadn't been used in years, the winter wind howling through the holes in the roof easily heard rushing through the floors above. Rats scurried away as the beams of light found their hiding places, causing shivers to run down the spines of one or two agents, but their faces remained stoic, their minds set on just one goal, finding and getting their team members back.

They slowly continued on with their search, stepping carefully down worn iron stairs and into the lower levels of the structure, aiming for the rooms that hoped contained their friends, following the guidance of Garcia who was carefully monitoring heat signatures on her screens, along with the two live video feeds of her two battered and beaten collegues. She stopped them as they drew close to the first source.

"Next room on the right guys, please be careful."

No one replied, they couldn't risk the chance that the person behind the door wasn't their friend but their un-sub. They took positions and slowly counted down, opening the door they trained their weapons and entered. Brief feelings of relief flooded through them as their flashlights picked out the bleeding and barely conscious form of the agent, Garcia's cries of "thank god" making their way to their ears. As Gideon's trembling and harsh voice spoke out though, they knew they couldn't celebrate just yet.

"Where is he? Have you found him?" He asked, getting all the confirmation he needed when no one answered. "Go, go find him. You need to go find him."

Knowing he was right, they split up, two of them staying with their fallen leader, the rest making their way to the other heat source. They again allowed Garcia to guide them, following her instructions, turning down hallway after hallway until she once more beckons' them to stop. They prepare again, count down again, raise their hands to open the door again, but then stop as Garcia gasps across the airwaves, before shouting at them that something is wrong, that her live feed just died. Knowing they can't wait any longer they push open the door, but this time there's no celebration, no joy, no relief, just a propane heater standing in the middle of the room, drying the congealing blood that has been spilt upon the floor. Blood they were sure had been spilt from Spencer Reid's body.

A.N. . . . . . . . . . . Okay so this is my first attempt at a Criminal Minds fanfic, is it worth continuing on with? Please let me know.