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Chapter 1: Shock Waves

A bright light shot across the midnight sky illuminating everything in its path.

"What's that?" A demon pointed out toward the sky. His orange carrot top hair flickered the light that suddenly appeared from the heavens. He squinted his purple eyes before recognition donned on him of the moment occurring.

The object crashed towards the center of the Southern Lands in an open field. The carrot top man ran hurriedly to the object that fell from the sky. The closer he got the more fog of dirt he had to fight through. When he got closer, a giant crater marked the earth's floor. He looked inside of it, to find two entity's inside. A dark cloaked hooded figure peered over the flower that lay in the center of the crater. The flower was indeed a woman wearing a sparkly white dress with her long curly black hair fanned about her. The carrot top man scrambled down the slope of the crater as he watched the hooded figure pick up the girl and he turned to face the on comer.

"Your grandfather will proceed as planned?" The entity asked as he handed over the lightweight lady to the carrot top man.

"Yeah, she will be fine." The demon said as he handled the young woman with care. He looked closer to see she looked very different from any woman of his land. She was tiny and tanned a beautiful peach color. She was dressed oddly enough in some kind of sparkly white cloth covering from her chest to her toes. She wore jewels in her ears that dangled from her ears and around her neck.

"We are on a timed schedule. She has much to do in four months." The entity said as he wiped her forehead of the dirt that settled on her face.

"Grandfather says she is different, but never in my wildest dreams would I have guessed she is from the future." The demon said awed. "She also is very powerful, I felt shockwaves before I could even see you guys!"

The cloaked figure made a motion to come closer. When the demon did he snapped his fingers and they suddenly appeared in front of a large living dwelling. An old demon with long grey hair patiently waiting stood outside.

The elderly gentlemen combed through his long beard with his eyebrow raised in thought. "Is this the woman?"

"Yes grandfather, see for yourself." The demon held the girl to him as the old man touched her forehead. Suddenly a white light engulfed her. "Yes, she is the one."He snatched his hand away quickly and walked into his abode with the others right on his heels.

"She will need quick training of her powers Master Riku. Along with other information pertaining to her new circumstances." The entity explained as they came into a room already prepared for the girl's arrival. The carrot top demon laid the girl down gently on the futon in the center.

"Yes! I'm aware of her ignorance to her predicament." He said in a gentle tone. "I'm also aware she shall not be happy of her sudden kidnapping from her lifestyle to one of this nature when she awakens. She has no choice as I'm aware of. " He brushed her hair back. "Her trials will be catastrophic especially if she is to affect the future of Japan and the Lord of the West."

Master Riku stood to his full height. "Shin, leave us." He demanded.

The young man bowed and left the entity and Master Riku alone in the room together. The entity walked closer to the girl. "Well?"

Master Riku sighed. "She is the beginning. She is not the first person to be brought from another era or land and she won't be the last. But she is indeed special and will be the most powerful woman in Japan if I have anything to do with it. I accept your offer."

The entity nodded and turned towards the door. "Her powers are elemental and she is centuries before lady Kagome makes her appearance. Find Totosai, he'll know why he is needed."

The entity disappeared suddenly as if he never existed. Master Riku looked down at the young woman. "You will be great! Future Lady of the West"

Lord Touga Inutashio sat at his desk patiently going through scrolls about everything and anything when a knock came at his door. Without flinching he simply nodded and someone came in.

"Well Commander Shugurai?" He asked in his deep questionable tone as he continued to write up a response to another lord. The commander came in and bowed as his long blue hair fell in his face. He stood tall and pale as he stood with dignified recognition.

"It appears to be whatever it was that caused such a chaotic power jolt originally came from the southern lands."

A frown marred the daiyoukai's face as he looked up finally after processing this information. "And?"

"Whatever it was, it is gone now. All that is left is a giant crater." The commander explained.

The daiyoukai sat back in his upholstered chair with his eyes closed. "We will still keep wary. Such aura of power is not to be over looked. You are dismissed old friend."

The man bowed as he exited the room hastily to finish his reports due for the week. Touga got up from his chair and walked up to the balcony outside his study. He let the cool spring air hit his flesh causing the hair to rise on his skin. Along with it was the currents left over from the power surge that wafted over his lands like a ripple. He meditated on the feeling finding it soothing yet dangerous upon him. With a sigh he looked up with his golden gaze at the half moon. "What does this mean?" He asked to no one in particular as he searched the night again for an answer.

"Awesome!" A young woman yelled to her friend over the loud thumping music at a fabulous event in L.A. "I'm going to go get a drink!" She nodded and made her way through the crowd to the outside patio sitting down on a bench to clear her head from the headache starting to form.

Simone was enjoying her lovely young adult life in America. The young 24 year old is a successful self made event planner with a bit of a kick to her attitude. She was petite and assertive, kind yet a throat cutter, and had didn't play when it came to her hard work.

"Man…" She muttered as she rubbed her temples. She sat back and pulled off her silver stilettos and pulled out the pins in her hair. Tonight was a very successful event in which her client paid her triple because of all the workmanship she'd done and her awesome skills. But this night she felt amiss and partially empty inside. Like something is missing from her life. She looked up at the half moon running her hand through her locks. "What does this mean, Lord?"

She sighed and made her way to get up when a white light appeared. Suddenly Simone could feel her body going limb and her eyes changed to a green color. A hooded entity stepped from the light and held out his hand for her to take.

"It is time, Malady." It spoke softly. "You are ready."

Under a trance she walked forward slowly with her hand out taking his. Into the light they went and vanished leaving only her shoes and pins behind.

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