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Chapter 3: Familiarizing

"The nerve!" The tanned biracial woman said as she stormed away from the Tokyo office. She had the urge to reach up and undo her hair finding it slowly giving her a headache being pinned so tightly into her professional bun. 'Who did that man think he was touching on her bum in such a way?' Already she could feel the urge to go back and whoop the man's ass with the shake of her hand as she calmed herself while getting into the elevator.

'Was this how Japanese man treated women? Was this how Japanese men treated foreign women? Did they think they were easy or was it that this one man had a thing for black girls?' She thought as the doors closed and she began to slow decent down to the first floor. Looking down she checked for any scruffs on her black heels and looking at the neatness of her pencil peplum black skirt. She sighed heavily trying to calm her nerves when suddenly the doors opened revealing Rin standing in front of her grinning brightly.

Simone blinked repeatedly before pointing up. "How-How?" She stuttered looking back into the elegant wooden elevator "How did you?"

Ring smiled and laughed authentically loud. "I'm a half demon, I can move pretty quickly. It comes with the territory of being mated to a demon." She said nonchalantly as Simone was reminded of the diversity in the world. Demons and humans came a long way these days. She looked to Rin and nodded.

Rin stepped aside showing a hot pink bag she had in her hand and ushered for the woman to follow. "Don't take it personally back there. Miroku is just like that I'm afraid. Not even Sango can beat it out of him, and they've been together for centuries!"

Rin stopped by the desk where she originally tried to get help from. Rin leaned over the counter as the woman gave her full attention. "Hey! This is Ms. Valentine-sama our new Executive Event Manager." The demoness looked stunned for a moment and looked over to the foreign woman with big eyes. She had to refrain from sneering in disgust in front of her employer's child.

Simone smiled a little nervously watching as a few gazes were brought onto her form from around her. She ignored them however and focused on the demoness typing away making notes as Rin spoke about all the things to be done and updated in the system. Rin already knew however that her Lord had previously made all the arrangements in the system but just for public show she had to clear it. Rin leaned back and smiled at Simone before turning back. "And that's it. Now follow me, we are going to lunch."

Simone was confused with the world spinning so fast. She had just been officially hired and already she was going on lunch dates. Never had such a thing happened before. Something about Rin's personality told her she was more to this company then an assistant. Simone pointed back to the office ready to speak before she was cut off.

"We can use my car. Besides we have so much to go over and I have to give you your goody bag. Plus we need to get you out of that hotel and start looking at condo's and town houses." Rin pushed open a pair of glass doors revealing a metal one with a swipe card and a push pad. Swiping and putting in her code the door unlocked and she pushed through revealing a parking lot with only a few luxury cars. Simone stood stunned as she took a few steps looking out at the parking lot. Foreign Range Rovers, Lamborghini's, Lotus Elise and a few others waited outback in different styles. Rin picked up her step with her heels clicking on the pavement followed by Simone's feet rhythmically catching up to her own as Rin walked over to a Bentley Continental sports car and with a press of a button it came to life.

Simone felt oddly shocked. She was a success story herself but even she didn't have it this good. Rin got into the car and Simone followed suit adjusting to the soft cushion of the vehicle with a smile. "We have so much to do today! I love it!" Rin enthusiastically announced causing Simone to look at her a bit questionably.

'This lady is on ten's I swear.' Simone thought as the engine roared to life.

"Wait for me!"

Simone and Rin watched as a woman with long ebony wavy hair ran up to the vehicle in her scrubs and red jacket. Rin made sure the car was in park before getting out and moving the seat forward allowing the woman to get in. Rin put back the seat and got in. in smiled brightly before introducing her.

Rin smiled as she drove headed towards the light at the end of the tunnel. "Simone-sama, let me introduce someone who you should commit to memory."

The lady leaned forward and extended her hand with a megawatt smile that Simone swore could've melted the ice caps of Antarctica. "Hi Simone-sama. I'm Kagome Higuraishi-Tashio." She stated.

Simone blinked and shook the woman's hand. "So you are Mr. Sesshoumaru's wife, I presume."

Kagome laughed. "As if! Oh god no! I am his sister in law. I'm so happy to finally meet you! I've heard so many amazing things about you." She said.

Simone smiled wondering how fast word traveled in this company, and how big was she in Asia. "Oh really? Like what?" she inquired.

Rin and Kagome shared a look in the mirror before Rin spoke. "We will discuss all of this at lunch." She explained before reaching for her shades and taking off onto the streets of Tokyo.

"So what the hell you gonna do now?" Inuyasha asked leaning up against the wall in his white shirt and black slacks nonchalantly. His golden eyes intensely gazing at his brother in question and long hair trailing behind him much like how it did in the Feudal era. Two perky fuzzy white ears sat upright on the top of his head waiting to hear the game plan. Inuyasha had slowly heard the story of the infamous woman that saved his life as a babe and was now parading around Tokyo oblivious to how truly famous she was to the demon community. He had heard bits and pieces here and there after the destruction of Naraku when they became close. Knowing her involvement with his older brother and the truth behind it made it much easier for Inuyasha to understand the toll it took on the older sibling and of course his actions towards him in the past.

Sesshoumaru ignored the query of his brother continuing to focus on his work on a few business matters in front of him. Inuyasha watched in annoyance at being ignored once again by his older brother. How they managed to come this far in their relationship was an act he swore of god. But later in life, he found it to be an act of the woman that just walked away smelling of cherries.

Sighing Inuyasha decided to be the bigger person knowing that Sesshoumaru probably would want to know this information. "Well, I thought that you should know. The girls kidnapped that woman."

Sesshouamru almost snapped his pen in two. Looking up at Inuyasha with narrowed eyes caused the young man to hold up his hands in defense. "Oi! What was I supposed to do! When Kagome wants something it's hard to stop her, and Rin just left saying something about houses and condo's."

Sesshoumaru tried to control his anger. Knowing those two women they would surely misstep somewhere in the conversation. The last thing he wanted to do was bombard her. He quickly reached for his phone and dialed Rin on speed. It rung in his ears and he cringed hating the sound of how loud technology was these days. After a few tries Rin didn't answer. Growling he decided to focus on anything than the possible scenes and conversations that would surely put all his plans and hard work in ruin. Deciding he needed a punching bag, he buzzed for his next appointment.

Inuyasha watched as his brother adjusted his tie and stood with the aura of dense displeasure creeping over his skin like fog and suffocating the room. He nodded and went to get his materials preparing for what he was sure to be one of the frostiest meetings he had ever endured with the 'Killing Perfection' which had now taken on a new meeting in the board room.

Simone, found oddly enough, liked the two women in the car despite their over enthusiastic chatter. She was grateful for their presence making adjustment into a non-speaking English society much more realistic. The women sat in a small café chatting it up about random topics when the conversation had turned onto her.

"So Valentine-sama."

"It's Simone. Please call me Simone." She corrected before lifting her cup of coffee to her lips and taking a sip.

"Simone." Rin tested on her lips finding the name foreign yet so familiar. She just loved this woman having heard all the great things from everyone. Smiling she continued on with her question. "So Simone, are you single?"

Simone almost choked on her coffee at the personal question. Kagome pinched Rin's arm, whom just dismissed the pain and stared intently at the woman she had big plans for.

"Are you ok? Sorry for the question." Kagome corrected as Simone smiled wiping her mouth. "Oh its ok. I just wasn't expecting that right off the bat, and yes I am."

Rin clapped her hands together and bounced in her seat. "Oh awesome!"

"Why is that awesome?" Simone asked suspiciously.

Kagome kicked Rin underneath the table before taking over the conversation. "It's just good to have another perspective around. See we're all mated women. It can get a little bit boring." She recovered.

Simone eyed them with concern before shaking it off and smiling. "Well glad I can be that person."

"That friend!" Rin corrected.

Simone was about to speak when she felt a strange feeling. Her eyes darted around the café before looking out the window. She saw a dark tinted vehicle that began to drive away as soon as she stared. Shaking her head and looking around again she continued with the girl's conversation.

Red eyes glowed in the comfortable space of their car, watching as three women walked into a café and sat down. Their smiles and light laughter sickened the person glaring at them. The women were quite hard to watch especially since they were always together or in the spot light. Even now another random woman sat with them laughing right along with them joyously without a care in the world.

Suddenly the woman in the window looked out through the glass making direct eye contact. "Drive."

The car slowly backed away before turning into traffic jerking the inhabitants in the car a little bit. The scowl turned into a sneer as a growl was ripped forth. 'Who the hell was that woman?'

She couldn't deny she looked damn good for her first official day of work. She couldn't wait to see her office for the next couple of months. Was it big? Maybe it was too good to be true and he'd given her the janitor's closet to work in. She put on her reddest lipstick and rubbed her lips together before grabbing her bag. Well it didn't matter if he gave her a shoe box. She was getting perks out of this world!

Simone happily skipped down into the hotel lobby while looking at her phone and condo's and houses Rin and Kagome had picked out. The two had become fast friends of hers despite Kagome's English ability. Luckily for her she downloaded a translation app that would help a lot.

A honk disrupted her search as her ride had pulled up and out stepped a man with the reddest cropped hair she'd ever seen. He opened the door for her and motioned for her to get in. Smiling, she climbed in and thanked him using the only few Japanese she knew which caused the man the laugh a bit. When she got in she couldn't help but look at the back of his head.

Her brain throbbed a bit seeing the man and she couldn't help but want to talk to him. Deciding to go for it she opened up dialogue. "Konn-knee-chi-wa!" She greeted with a smile.

The man smiled and laughed. "Still you're so funny." He said in Japanese as she looked at him confusingly through the rear view mirror. His eyes matched the fiery color of his hair and yet he looked so young. He laughed at her confused face before he spoke.

"Nice meet you." He said using his broken English and feeling a little bit sheepish at his lack of knowledge of her language. He wished he would've prepared for the language barrier they would come across. He looked at her finding he missed her unruly curly hair but he found her still to be the same. He was still smiling and yet had the aura of someone to not miss a beat on.

Simone smiled at seeing his attempt at English. Something within her told her she knew him though. It was the same feeling yet less intense than that of when she met her boss. But she was positive she could never forget such attributed people with silver and red hair.

The man looked down into his seat at the gift he wanted to give her. If his memory served him right, Simone loved sweet things. He picked up the gift as they stopped at a red light and handed it to her through the small window.

Simone blinked before reaching for the gift being given. A large chocolate muffin from a bakery now sat cradled in her hand like a new born babe. In shock she looked back up to him. "How did you know I liked chocolate?" She asked in disbelief and happiness.

He shrugged enjoying the spike in her cherry scent from the joy she felt. "I love Japan!" She shouted in the back seat causing him to laugh at her jubilee. She was just about to open into her gift when she hesitated.

The man focused on the road with blazing eyes filled with humor before a tiny hand came through the opening with half a piece of chocolate muffin. He slowed his speed down concentrating on the road and yet enjoying the moment with his memory. He took it and bowed to her as she smiled and scooted closer to the entrance. She pointed to herself and spoke. "Simone."

The man smiled before stopping at a red light. He turned to look at her and held out his free hand to shake. "Dante."

Simone strode powerfully into the main lobby feeling as if she owned all of Tokyo. She couldn't describe it but since hanging out with her new friends yesterday she felt different and yet well respected. She found she really liked Rin and Kagome despite their overly enthusiasm and happiness. She sipped her coffee and strode pass the receptionist area well aware of the stares and looks she was getting from the men and women around her.

She pushed up her shades while balancing holding her coffee in her hand while headed towards the elevator. Swiping her I.D. and putting in the code she waited patiently as the doors opened. She stepped into the machine and pressed the floor button before turning around.


She looked out to see a silver haired man rush towards the elevator and she quickly held the button for it to allow the man entry. She watched him get in and adjust his tie before he leaned up against the wall. She looked at the man with silver long hair and golden eyes as they rested on her form. His furry ears twitched on top of his head and she knew the resemblance he held. Yet something inside of her felt as if she knew him somewhere…but she couldn't put a finger on where she seen him.

Inuyasha leaned against the wall looking over the woman that he found had saved his life and had even taken care of him on occasion; The same woman who managed to tame the ice prick even in her absence and stopped him from killing him and actually forming a relationship with him. He had to admit she was definitely different from what he had in mind. Her hair was straightened with bangs on her forehead, big brown western almond eyes watched him unabashedly as if she knew really who he was. She was short which he found strange yet humorous given his brother's height but, he could tell she was a fighter. Simply how she stood on 4 inch heels with a coffee in one hand, an apple red suitcase in the other, and her Chanel shades sitting on the crown of her head was enough to send out a message that she was boss. Not to mention he was sure she was the only woman in the entire building rocking a tailored black pants suit that clung to her like she was going on a runway. Even now how she stood it was like she knew that she was the Lady of the Western Lands and demanded the best. He smirked wondering how it was that his brother could find someone so domineering even in the absence of her memories.

Her fingers itched watching the cute appendages circulate on top of his forehead as the elevator continued its ascend towards the executive floor. 'So cute!' She thought as she watched them swivel around. 'I bet their soft! I want a puppy now!' She thought before smiling.

Deciding to break the ice Inuyasha spoke a little put off by her nontraditional staring. "So you're the new party planner?" He asked unaware of the small dig he said to her. Simone smiled and hid a small gasping shock of the use of the English language.

Not missing a beat she rebutted, "And you're the pencil pusher?"

Inuyasha smirked as an eyebrow rose up. "Kind of ballsy of you to call your boss, pencil pusher, wench?"

Simone took a sip of her drink and smiled. "Kagome told me all about you, dog boy." She said using the term Kagome said to use. She watched as his smirk turned into a frown obviously not liking the information that was exchanged between the two women. Smiling she stood straighter. "Calm down. Besides you're going to love the parties this party planner is going to throw for you. Mr. Taishio."

Then the doors opened revealing the open floor and various closed offices. She walked out into the walkway headed towards Sesshoumaru-sama's office. Inuyasha stopped at the corner where his office was located and smirked. "Party Planner?" He called out to her.

Simone turned around and looked at him questioningly. "Call me Inuyasha, hag."

She smiled liking his playful banter. "Simone, dog boy." And with that said she turned and headed straight toward the office for her first official debriefing.

Sesshoumaru was pissed to say the least. When he went into the office that morning he had found a note in his email saying that one of his competitors was requesting a meeting with him that morning about what he deemed as foolery. They wanted to talk about merging for the hundredth time which he kept denying due to the specification of the agreement i.e. an arranged marriage.

He now sat in a large meeting room surrounded by his board members and Koroko's board members trying to speed along the meeting as quickly as possible. He stared out stoically as everyone spoke and argued. He was more than a little peeved that his brother was a no show a rarity but he knew better. His brother had an idea this would happen and probably avoided it.

Sesshoumaru exercised ways in his mind of torturing the bastard for leaving him in a metaphorical battlefield, one in which he was growing tired of entering. He cut his eyes at the poor man who stood and stuttered occasionally under the scrutiny of his cold gaze. Kouga, Miroku, and Shugurai sat on one side looking equally as annoyed at the early nuisance.


He suddenly stood and looked out at everyone. The man stuttered profusely at the interruption watching as the demon that towered over everyone glared. "This meeting is adjourned."

Miroku and Kouga shared glances before a sweet exotic scent wafted closer to the room. Shugurai stood up as well with a small smirk before he glared on the opposing guests. The CEO of said company stood up and hit his fat fist on the hard wood cherry oak table. "How dare you dismiss us so casually?" He sputtered watching as Sesshoumaru didn't break a glance or stop in his stride as his inner demon demanded to see to what was his.

Simone waited patiently in the waiting room for her boss drinking her coffee, when he strolled out causally followed behind the men from yesterday.

"Come back here! You'll regret this!" She looked over at the door watching as a fat demon dressed in a business suit shuffled out of the room with a heated expression followed by what she thought were frightened goonies. Suddenly she was being pulled up by her hand as she quickly tried to balance her coffee in the other.

"Wait!" She stuttered.

She looked to see shockingly her boss pulling her along roughly followed by the man who groped her yesterday. She shot him a nasty glare as he held up his hands in defense. All walked away completely ignoring the rants of the guests behind them as they went in one direction and the others were escorted towards the exit.

Finally in the office the men closed the door and she caught her bearings. "What the hell?" She asked out loud brushing herself off and checking for coffee spills.

Sesshoumaru breathed in her heavenly scent as it calmed him down and his anger slowly dissipated. He sat at his desk before looking up at her and he was shocked at her transformation. Now her onyx hair was down and straight hanging down her back with bangs that framed her face. Her elfin form was in a tasteful form fitted black tailored suit that hugged her curves. She stood taller on her black heels donning bright red lipstick that made her look amazing. His beast came up to the edge of his subconscious intrigued by his modern mate and growing agitated at their distance. He locked eyes with her and noticed the intensity within them as if she was fighting a battle within herself. He hoped her memory would return soon. For if he was forced to smell her enchanted scent and endure the sight of her wardrobe at the office, he would surely go mad from not taking her.

Simone looked at her boss finally with curiosity wanting answers when she caught the sight of his golden gaze locked onto hers. She shuffled her posture a bit from his intensity and once again the back of her brain throbbed the more she stared out at him. 'His eyes are so beautiful.' She thought getting lost into his gaze. Something inside of her bubbled at being so close to him. She watched the morning light from the window filter in on his silver tresses and she smiled softly as something flashed through her brain.

Glistening silver strands sprawled about her mixed into her curly black hair on bright red sheets on a futon. A clawed hand gripped tightly into a smaller one as it moved across the sheets and knocked over a pillow.

Simone stood dazed no longer looking at the man in front of her but lost in her own world. Just as quickly as the thought had come, it had gone. She blinked a few times in confusion before looking away and focusing on supping her coffee. 'What is happening?' She thought scared to look back at the man that was so intently baring his gaze onto her flesh. She scratched her neck a little feeling its itchiness.

Sesshoumaru watched carefully as she scratched the side of her neck where her mating mark should've been. He licked his lips subconsciously with the need to sink his teeth into her supple flesh. Both were so lost they forgot about the others filtering into the room along with an unwanted guest that pushed its way past Shugurai's heated gaze.


Sesshoumaru was broken from his thoughts by the bane of his existence known as Kiyomi stomping into the room heatedly. "Sesshy-kun!" Simone blinked from her reverie as something tall and red burst through the doors dressed in a form fitting tight red dress that left her bosom exposed to the sunlight so that she was sure it received its own tan. The woman's long blonde hair curled in long spirals contrasting with purple irises. Simone watched the woman walk up to the man and sit in the chair directly across from him.

"Father had called me immediately saying you were outright denying the union." She said a little irritably. "Now what can I do to soothe my Sesshy-kun?" She asked suggestively crossing her legs in the process.

'Go kill yourself.' He mused before he looked over to Simone who's scent changed slightly.

Simone's mouth fell open at her blatant lack of professionalism and her behavior. She didn't know what the woman said but she could easily guess the way she was acting and using her body. She didn't know why but her behavior was really making her irritated. She looked at the two other men faces who also just watched in shock before looking at her with apologetic looks. Miroku scratched the back of his head and the other guy with short cropped blue hair and matching blue eyes stood tall and unemotional. She looked back at her boss's face noticing his extreme look of displeasure and decided to take things into her own hands.

She looked at her coffee and walked up to the desk. "Here's your coffee sir – Oops!." And she hit her foot on the side of the chair causing her to trip forward and spill its contents onto her dress. Just for good measure she held it a little bit pretending to stop it from touching his floor.

"Ah! You clumsy bitch!" She yelled out before standing.

"Oh sorry." She muttered shrugging. "I don't know what she's saying." She said as Shugurai smiled and went to retrieve napkins and Miroku stood shocked at what just happened.

Shugurai came back in with napkins handing it to the woman but she sneered showing a bit of fang snatching the paper towels from his hands before pointing a finger at the woman. "Fire her!"

Sesshoumaru pretended she didn't speak and ignored her altogether. "I think it's best if you left and cleaned yourself up Ms. Koroko."

"Ugh!" She growled before glaring at Simone who took the remaining napkins and wiped the coffee off of his desk. She growled one more time infuriated at the disrespect of the human before she stormed out of the office and slammed the door behind her.

"What the fuck!" Yelled someone as they entered into Sesshoumaru's office who began rubbing his temples.

The person stopped before looking into the eyes of the last woman expected to be here in Tokyo. "Simone?"

Simone smiled slowly recalling the face to memory before running over and shocking everyone in the room.

Who could it be?