The three bloody oranges by Camilla10

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Chapter 6 - The end is … the beginning

It was clear to them that the castle could only be a temporary refuge. Yes, Demetrio could not track them here, but Tania eventually could, by using her arts. In addition, they had no food, and in the castle there was none. Should Edoardo go hunting outside, the tracker would perceive him. So they had only the two horses, their blood for him, and their meat for her, complemented by what the generous orange tree could offer.

It could suffice for a few weeks, smoking the meat, but no longer. And after that, what? Edoardo knew that he had one way to save Isabella from his father: half-breed males were poisonous, and so he could transform her in a vampire. He had no desire for her blood, so she would be safe after the bite. Once she was changed, the King would not kill her, but probably welcome her among his immortals. Nothing was more awful for Edoardo to contemplate. He hated his nature, he hated his father and hated most of all the idea of his sweet love suffering unspeakably and then becoming a blood thirsty new born. In addition, it would amount to an unconditional surrender. They were not married and the King would surely insist, in exchange for not dismembering her and burning her body to ashes, the he married Tania's daughter. Isabella would survive, but the price was harsh.

The only merit of this plan, Isabella had observed in the many agonized discussions they held, was that she would live eternally. As things stood now, he would live for a very long time, centuries perhaps, if not forever, while her life span would be the short one of a human. She would grow old and die; instead, she wanted to be with him forever. They had never had the time to envisage their future before, but now it weighted heavily on them.

"My forever will end when you die," Edoardo had said, "I think that through fire I can terminate my life." She cried desperately then, and they could not decide anything.

They could try to run far away, and maybe take refuge with some of his father's enemies, but she was too weak, too fragile to withstand the dangers and rigors this course would imply. Inthis case also, therefore, she should become a vampire first. She would be strong, she could run and she could fight. Eventually this solution, distasteful and unacceptable as Edoardo found it, was the best they could think of. And, at least, if they were able to avoid capture, Isabella would not be taken from him by an early human death.

If this was the solution, they should not wait too much to implement it. Better sooner than later, for their time of safety was short.

They attempted to do it. They made love one last time, but when Edoardo looked at the white throat offered to him, he could only kiss it. The second time they tried, it was the same.

They tried a third time. Edoardo was looking at the vein pulsing under her smooth skin, bracing himself, trying to summon the courage for it. Isabella had closed her eyes. "Now!" she cried. His white teeth flashed…

"No, Edoardo, stop, don't do it!"

It was Alice the white witch, appearing magically at their side.

"Now, now it is the time for your third wish," she said. "No, don't tell me, I think I know it, you wish that Isabella stays with you forever. It is possible, but you both have to answer a question first. And, remember, Isabella will not age, nor will she get ill, but she will be still human, and could die due to violence or accident."

"Edoardo, when she dies, you too die, be it tomorrow or centuries from now. Isabella, when he dies, you too die, be it tomorrow or centuries from now. Do you accept this?"

"Yes!" they answered together without hesitation.

"So be it." Alice said with a high and clear voice. And in that moment they felt they were truly married.

"However," Alice added, "your life might well terminate tomorrow, unless you manage to go far away very fast. Come to the shore with me."

"We have to wait a little," the witch said when they were on the beach. While they waited, she told them that she had been the godmother of the human girl who had been delivered of Edoardo and then had died. "I could not save her from the Vampire King," she said, "because, as a white witch, I cannot use violence, and violence would have been the only course. But I looked over you from afar, and I saw that, despite your heritage, you were noble and kind as your mother Elisabetta had been, so I tried to help you. I saw Isabella in your future and looked for her too. I sent her dreams, so that she could love you even before she met you, and resist the evil sorcerer. Then, when Tania raised her pin, I threw a quick spell so that it did not kill her but, changed her into a dove."

They saw a little boat with a single white sail coming swiftly to the shore.

"Your three wishes have been granted, Edoardo", Alice said, "but I still owe you something for your mare, that gave her life to save me. Get into the boat. It will carry you far, far away, where neither Demetrio, nor Tania, nor the Vampire King can find you."

They went into the boat and had just the time to wave good bye to Alice when it moved back, turned and in a blink was already far from the shore. It moved with a sustained wind in its sail, even when there was no wind. Inside the boat there were many useful things, clothes, blankets, tools, water. There was food for Isabella and, for him, a cage with some live rabbits in it. Not a food he relished, and not much of it, but it would have to do.

They crossed the Mediterranean and left it passing through the Hercules' Columns. Then the boat moved into the Ocean, keeping a Southward course. Later, the sea became colder, the winds harsher, they saw mountains of ice floating on the sea, and leviathans dancing in its waters. But the little boat was not affected, it kept its course steadily. It navigated a strait ravaged by tempests, but the small portion of water surrounding the boat remained calm. Once it had traversed the strait, the boat moved Northward. Up and up it went, and the temperature was first cold, then temperate, than hot. From the sea they could see the outlines of the huge continent they were coasting. The boat continued going North. The temperature became temperate again and then colder. One day finally the boat stopped, landing on a beach covered with multicolored pebbles.

Dense forests stood beyond the shore. Edoardo and Isabella left the boat and started exploring their surroundings. He climbed on one of the high trees and saw infinite forests and a majestic mountain with a snow covered peak.

This was a new world, far from the horrors of their previous life. It had a magical, pristine beauty and it teemed with wildlife. Yes, they could live here forever and have their children. Edoardo knew that it was possible and that now they could be happy, and in peace.


So the end becomes the beginning. From canon we don't know exactly how long a hybrid can live. A long, long time, but not forever like a vampire, probably. I like to think that the children of Edoardo and Isabella mated with the natives of what was to become the State of Washington. In Isabella's children and grandchildren there was a shape shifting potential, since she had been a dove and a woman, and this potential passed into the Quileutes' genes. In Breaking Dawn, Aro says that the animal form could well have been different, it was by chance that the Indians phased into wolves. I am also amused by the idea that none of the latter day elders could know or suspect that they had also a well diluted drop of vampire venom in their genetic heritage…

Chapter endnote

Edoardo and Isabella where the first Italian immigrants to reach America….LOL

I have been asked, and forgot to answer so I do it now: of course Giacomo is James in English.