Melyanna - A Sailor Moon & Lord of the Rings Crossover
Fire Angel

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Okay, I'll give it to you straight. Most of the characters in this story do not
belong to me; they belong either to the late J.R.R. Tolkien or Naoko Takeuchi-sama. For people
that have read my stuff before, you may notice this story is the first of mine to contain an
appendix and references (they're after the end of the story). The appendix is because I'm using
several titles or phrases that belong to other languages, and the references because this is the
first fanfic I've had to research a lot for (I really didn't wanna stuff anything up)! Anyway,
because of this you'll hear from me after the story too, so I'll keep this short. In this fic I
tried to base Rei more on her manga character, though I've used both manga and anime attacks and
I used a few flairs of anime here and there, too. You can read more about this in the appendix if
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How long had they been fighting? She didn't know, but her body was beginning to ache from such a
constant workout. For a soldier that fought evil almost every night to protect Earth and her
princess, bodily tiredness was something that rarely occurred. And yet this monster was
inflicting it, not just on her, but also on the rest of the five female warriors. She could see
the others weakening, even their brave princess, who chose to fight with them instead of hiding
away, as she knew she could if she became frightened.

But through thick and thin, Princess Selenity had stood with them, even in her moments of fear
and pain. She was the princess of the moon, the future queen of the earth, and also the warrior
that stood for love, courage and justice. She was Sailor Moon, with her team of Sailor Soldiers.
Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus. But this monster had the ability to
weaken them all, even when their powers were united. Five against one, and they were still

Sailor Mars sighed and swiped her gloved hand across her forehead, wiping away the drops of sweat
that glistened there. Turning to the others, she asked, "Ami-chan? Usagi-chan? Has there been any
advance on your calculations?"
The girl she had called Usagi, the princess, shook her head. "There doesn't seem to be any way to
destroy this thing," she said calmly.
"We've tried everything anyway," Sailor Mercury grumbled. "If there's a way to destroy it, we
certainly can't do it."
"So what do we do?" Sailor Venus asked. "We can't just let it run amuck through Tokyo. Surely it
will destroy the city."
"Mind you, Mina-P, we can't let ourselves get completely drained of energy," Sailor Jupiter
reminded her friend. "We made need to keep our energy in reserve for later. What if there's more
youma like this out there?"

"We need Tuxedo Kamen," Sailor Moon sighed, watching the youma warily, in case it should decide
to attack. "He would be full of good advice right now."
"Yeah, too much good advice," Sailor Mars growled under her breath. Sailor Venus looked at her
and grinned, having been the only one of the soldiers to hear her comment.
"So what are we going to do?" Sailor Jupiter pressed.
Suddenly Sailor Mars' eyes lit up. "What if we trap it in a different dimension until we think
we're strong enough to handle it?" she asked. All of the girls looked at her like she was crazy.
"Oh yeah, Rei-chan, and just how do you suggest we do that?" Sailor Moon asked sardonically.

"We've opened portals before," Sailor Mercury pointed out. "Rei-chan, if we could open the
portal, do you think you could get this youma in there and trapped?"
"Quite easily," Sailor Mars said quietly, so as not to seem like she was boasting. "I'm a Shinto
priestess, remember? I'm supposed to be able to deal with evil spirits."
"You're also a Sailor Senshi," Sailor Moon reminded her. "So that makes you doubly able."
"Just form the damn circle, odango," Sailor Mars teased.

Her best friend grinned and poked her tongue out, before ushering the other girls into a circle.
Sailor Mars watched as they closed their eyes, each glowing their respective aura. Sailor Moon
glowed silver, Sailor Mercury glowed blue, Sailor Jupiter glowed pink and Sailor Venus glowed
gold-orange. The signs of their planets whirled around them, forming a circle. The Senshi stepped
away and opened their eyes as the symbols joined together and a circle of purple energy, with
slight gold and silver flickers of light threaded through it, opened in the air like a door.

"Your turn now, Rei-chan," Sailor Venus whispered, watching the youma.
Sailor Mars moved and stood calmly in front of the circle, folding her arms over the bow on her
chest. She looked back at the other soldiers and winked, then drew a longbow made of fire from
thin air. She loaded a fire arrow onto it, and then quickly loosed the arrow at the youma,
shouting, "Flame Sniper!"

The arrow glanced off of the youma's tough hide without so much as a burn or scratch. The youma
looked directly at Sailor Mars, its face twisting into a look of fury. It immediately began to
run at her, drawing a golden sword from thin air. As it neared her, she leapt out of the way. The
youma skidded to a halt, standing inches away from the portal. As it investigated the circle, she
moved so she was standing behind it, and a prayer paper appeared in her fingers. She waved it
through the air, lips moving in a silent chant, and then threw it at the youma, screaming,
"Akuryo taisan!"

The youma shrieked in anger as it tumbled into the portal. Sailor Mars quickly threw another
paper at the circle, which burst into flames before disappearing with no sign of ever having been
there. She wiped her forehead again, but hardly had time to breathe a sigh of relief before her
over jubilant princess tackled her from behind.
"You did it, Rei-chan!" Sailor Moon squealed happily, hugging her friend despite Sailor Mars'
valiant struggles to get free. "You did it all on your own!"

Sailor Mars grinned at her. "Of course I did it, Usagi," she said cheerfully. "Why, didn't you
believe that I could?"
"I did believe you could!" Sailor Moon protested, frowning. It took her a minute to realise that
the older girl had been joking, and then she began to laugh sheepishly. "I did believe you
could," she repeated. "A princess always has faith in her soldiers."
"I'm glad to hear that," Sailor Mars said. "Now. Let's go back to the shrine. I'm starving!"

* * * *

"Princess Mars…"
Hino Rei's eyes snapped open. She'd been sitting in front of the Sacred Fire, meditating as she
did each morning, when a voice had called to her. But where was she? She was certainly not in the
shrine anymore, that was for sure. She looked around at her surroundings, frowning. They looked
vaguely familiar, but she still couldn't remember where she was.

She jumped as a hand touched her shoulder, and spun around angrily to give the person a mouthful
for scaring her. However, when she saw who her surpriser was, she jammed her mouth shut. Suddenly
she knew where she was. Mare Serenitatis. She looked up at Queen Selenity, the queen of the long
destroyed Silver Millennium, and kneeled respectfully.

"Rise, princess," the queen said gently. Once Rei was on her feet again, she added wickedly, "I
scared you, didn't I?"
"You surprise me, Your Majesty," Rei said, bowing her head to hide her smile. "You are supposed
to be a queen and yet at times you act no better than your seventeen-year-old daughter." She
looked up just in time to catch the queen's wistful smile.
"How fares Selenity?" she asked. "Is she well?"
Rei smiled. "Better than she has ever been, although these battles are tiring her out.
Mam-Endymion takes good care of her."
"So do you," the queen said. "I've seen the way you look out for her. You are to be thanked."

Rei bowed her head again, this time hiding the blush that formed on her cheeks. "You are too
gracious with your praise, Your Majesty," she murmured. Once the heat faded from her cheeks, she
looked up at Selenity again. "Is there a reason you have brought me here, other than to discuss
the princess' well-being?"
"Unfortunately, yes," Selenity admitted with a sad smile. "The youma that you sealed into a
different dimension two nights ago is wreaking havoc once more."
"In the other dimension?" Rei asked curiously.
"Yes. The portal that the girls opened was one into an inhabited dimension. The youma is already
on his way to a forest called Eryn Lasgalen, the Wood of Greenleaves, where the king Thranduil
resides. From there he plans to destroy the world, or at least turn it over to the side of

"What can we do?" Rei gasped, horrified that a world could be destroyed because she had loosed a
monster into it.
"There is nothing the Senshi as a whole can do," Selenity said softly. "It is you, Princess Mars,
who must save their world."
"Why me?" Rei asked. "And why can I not enlist the help of the others? When we are together, we
are so strong…"
"The monster was put in that world by your doing," Selenity said sharply. "It is you who must
undo the wrong." Her voice softened. "Of course, there will be others to help you in the other
dimension. One in particular will help you on your quest. Be brave, princess, and be strong. You
have a day to prepare," she said abruptly. "I will meet you again tomorrow at the same time. Be
ready to leave then, for I will take you, ready or not."
Rei nodded weakly. "I'll be ready, Queen Selenity," she promised.

"I'll be ready."

"I can't believe this!" Tsukino Usagi yelled, bracing her arm against her boyfriend's apartment
door to keep herself upright. "Is she insane? She orders Rei-chan to go and chase this youma - on
her own, without any of us to help - and gives her only a day to prepare! She's just plain
"Usako, calm down," Chiba Mamoru said, trying to hide the amusement in his voice. "I'm sure
Rei-chan's already told you off for making such a fuss."
"You're right," Usagi muttered. "You're always right." She paused, and then began to wail. "But I
don't want her to get hurt! That youma was beating us when it was five against one! Imagine what
it'll do to her one against one! And she can't come home until she beats it!"
"Did Selenity say that?" he inquired curiously.
"Well… no," she admitted. "But Rei-chan said it was implied."

"Actually, I think it's just plain obvious," Mamoru pointed out. "And Usako, don't worry. Rei can
take care of herself. And besides, she'll have allies, or in particular, one ally…"
"Wait!" Usagi yelled, holding up her palm in front of his face. He stopped abruptly, and she
continued, "How do you know all this?"
"Do you think Rei hasn't told me herself?" Mamoru asked, amused. "She called this morning and
told me, knowing that once you found out, you'd yell at her and then run to me, begging me to
stop her from going. She wanted me to know so I could calm you down."
"I haven't got to the begging part yet," Usagi said sulkily. Then she flung herself on her knees.
"Please, Mamo-chan! Don't let her go!"

"I can't stop her from going, Usako," he said, pulling her to her feet. "Remember? Your mother
said she'd take her there tonight, ready or not. You should be spending as much time with her as
possible." He snapped his fingers. "Why don't we go over and help her pack?"
"Really, Mamo-chan," she sighed. "You're impossible. All right," she surrendered, smiling. "We'll
go help her pack."

* * * *

"Now, are you sure you have everything?" Minako asked for what seemed to Rei like the
seventeen-millionth time.
"Yes, Mina-P, I do," Rei said firmly, rolling her eyes. "Though, it looks like I've packed for
Makoto slung an arm over her friend's shoulder. "Don't sound so doubtful," she said cheerfully.
"You need all of this stuff. I know it'll be hard to carry it all, but I'm sure your new friend
will help you with it."
"Besides, you may be gone for years," Usagi said, biting her lip. Mamoru moved quickly to put his
arm around her gently. Burying her head in his chest, she burst into silent tears.
"Rei-chan, I agree totally with Mako-chan," Ami said. "We've been over your load several times."
Mamoru nodded his agreement.

"Then I'm ready," Rei sighed regretfully.
"It's midnight," Mamoru said. "You have four hours, Rei-chan. Is there anything you want to do?"
Usagi winced; he may as well have said, 'any last requests?'. But Rei was nodding. "Actually,"
she said, "I wouldn't mind one of Mako's home-cooked meals."
"I was hoping you'd say that," Makoto beamed. She dashed inside the shrine and reappeared with a
platter of food. "Even if you hadn't, I would have made you eat this anyway!"
Minako cheered; she loved Makoto's food, but when she saw what was on the platter, she groaned.
It was one of Makoto's famous mixed selections, but a lot of the foods were ones she didn't like
much. Especially the shiitake mushrooms. She tried not to breathe in their odour as Rei handed
her the tray.

"There's no curried rice," she moaned.
Makoto looked at her sharply. "I didn't have much time to prepare, Mina-P," she said quietly. "I
know there isn't much there that you like, but this was the quickest dish to put together."
Minako smiled apologetically. She didn't want to fight with Makoto on Rei's last night with them.
"Oh well," she said airily, taking a rice cake and passing the tray to Mamoru. "I suppose beggars
can't be prostitutes!"

Rei choked on the mouthful that she'd been chewing thoughtfully only seconds before. She
swallowed it quickly and looked over at Minako in surprise. Everyone, over the initial shock of
the comment, began to chuckle quietly.
"Minako, it's 'beggars can't be choosers'," Rei reminded her friend quietly. "Not
"Oh well!" Minako laughed, blushing slightly. "I suppose that's another way it can be said!"

The laughter faded to silence. For three hours the small group sat, watching the night around and
above them. Rei savoured every breath of fresh air she got, every smell that touched her senses,
the feel of her hands on the cool paved ground. She may not see it again for a very long time.
When she next looked at her watch, it was three o'clock. She got to her feet and looked down at
her friends.

"I'd like to be alone now," she said quietly. When they got to their feet also, she murmured,
"Thankyou for staying with me all this time. I hope to see you all again very soon."
She bent to pick up her packs, Usagi sobbed, "Rei-chan! Don't leave us like this!"
Rei smiled, amused. "Didn't Mamoru-san tell you? I have to go, whether I like it or not."
"I know you have to go, baka!" Usagi said quietly. "But can't you at least say a proper goodbye?"
"You're right," Rei sighed. "I'm sorry, Usagi-chan."

Immediately, Minako and Makoto ran to her. Minako grasped Rei's hand in both of her own.
"Rei-chan, if you get yourself killed, I'll never forgive you," she whispered.
"Make sure you return to us in one piece," Makoto agreed, slinging an arm over her shoulder.
"Usagi will be unhappy if you don't," a third voice said. Ami was there, standing just to the
left of her. "You're her best friend, you know that. Besides, it won't be the same without you."
Rei smiled, embracing each of them in turn. "I'll be careful," she promised. "And I will be back.
Whatever it takes. Take care of Usagi-chan for me."

"We will," they chorused. Then they parted and moved away, leaving Rei standing metres away from
Usagi and Mamoru. Mamoru was the first to move. He crushed her in a hug, and whispered fiercely,
"If you get yourself hurt, in any way, I swear on Selenity's name that I'll finish you off
myself." He pulled away and she was surprised to see there were tears in his eyes.
"Why is everyone threatening me?" she wanted to know.
"Because we love you." Mamoru moved aside to reveal Usagi. Tears were streaming down the girl's
cheeks as she ran to Rei. The older girl caught her up in a gentle hug. When they finally
separated, Usagi whispered, "Come back soon, okay?"
"Of course, Selenity," Rei whispered, placing a hand on her friend's shoulder. "Of course."

"Are you ready?"
Rei jumped and looked around for the source of the voice, then at the others. None of them had
heard it, she realised. She frowned, and then began to relax. Of course she knew who it was. She
checked her watch. It was only ten past three. Hadn't Selenity said 'at the same time'? She
should have another fifty minutes or so.
"Queen Selenity? Why so soon?"
"You're ready, aren't you?" The voice in her head was amused. "The sooner you leave, the better,

Rei's eyes met Usagi's, and the blonde girl backed away, nodding her head in understanding.
Lifting her packs, Rei said in a low voice, "Queen Selenity, I am ready now."
"Then it is now that we shall leave," replied the queen. "Brace yourself. It may not be a
particularly pleasant trip."
Rei closed her eyes, feeling Selenity's power sweep over her like a wave. She winced. The sheer
strength of it made her dizzy.
"Here we go. You'll feel nothing for a while," Selenity warned gently. "Travelling through
dimensions can be hard."
"I'll be all right," Rei said quietly. Somehow she knew that none of the other Senshi could hear
her. "I hope."
She threw up a shield of fire to protect herself, but nothing could steel her against the next
wave of power thrown at her. Her head swam with bright colours, which gradually faded to black.

He was growing tired of life. He was an elf, beings that were immortal unless killed in battle or
chose to die out of boredom. One of the Nine Walkers who in times long forgotten had carried and
destroyed the One Ring of legend, the Fellowship of the Ring, he was already well over three
thousand years old. Unless Gandalf the Grey, a wizard of extraordinary powers, was still alive
somewhere, he was the only living member of the Fellowship. No wonder; it had been over six
hundred years since the War of the Ring had ended and five hundred years since he and his
dwarf-friend, Gimli son of Glóin, had sailed across the sea to a cluster of uncharted islands.

Stretching out on the warm sand on the island he had called home for the last five hundred years,
Legolas Greenleaf closed his eyes and focused on the darkness that immediately enveloped him.
While the men that resided on Middle-earth would call what he was doing 'committing suicide', for
elves dying in this way was as natural as eating or toileting. It was just something they did,
and it wasn't like they felt any pain. It was just like going to sleep after a very, very long
day. Legolas sighed with relief; his day was finally over. He was silently singing a song to lull
himself into the darkness when a hand touched his shoulder lightly.

At first he ignored it, almost having forgotten what the sensation of touch was like. Then the
darkness started to fade away as the hand pressed on his shoulder again, shaking him gently into
consciousness. He groaned, and opened his eyes. He found himself looking into a pair of intense
purple eyes. He blinked slowly, then yelped, leaping to his feet and pulling his dagger from its
sheath. He held it up in front of him defensively and took a closer look at the person that had
awakened him. She was short, with long black hair. As he looked her up and down, searching for
possibly hidden weapons, she raised her hands above her head slowly, in the sign for surrender
used by all races on Middle-earth, and said something in a language he didn't understand.
"Who are you?" he asked slowly in Common, hoping she understood.

Rei paused for a second, pondering the stranger's words. She privately thanked Minako for all
those English lessons her friend had insisted on giving her, saying that she might need them
someday. Try as she might, she had been unable to convince Minako that she didn't think she'd
need them. "I owe you one," she murmured.
She looked at the stranger searchingly. He had long blonde hair and vivid blue eyes that were
filled with a fear for the unknown. She smiled at him, saying nervously in English, "My name is
Rei. Hino Rei. I… I mean no harm to you."
He lowered his weapon. "Then I have no reason to harm you, either, fair lady. My name is Legolas.
What is it you are in need of?"

"I would like to know where the forest of Eryn Lasgalen is," she said quietly, carefully choosing
her words. "I need an audience with the king, Thranduil."
Legolas stiffened. "`Tis far away, over sea to the north-east. If you do not mind my asking, what
business do you have with Thranduil?"
"I am from a different world," was her reply. "A different dimension. Recently, a youma…" she
paused, thinking of an English equivalent for 'youma', "…a monster escaped from my world into
this one. He is planning to use Eryn Lasgalen as his stronghold when he… turns all in the world
to darkness."

Legolas' sky-blue eyes widened as he considered this. Since Gimli had died, he had just lived on
his island, hunting for his food, believing himself to be quite contented. But this girl, Rei,
she had given him the opening he now realised he had been longing for. Eryn Lasgalen was his
home, where he had been born and raised. He would see his family again, and he could sail his
little grey boat again. He couldn't wait to feel the winds whipping his hair back past his ears,
to feel the sea foam splash gently up in his face.

"I shall take you," he offered. "I understand you do not speak much Common, but that can't be
helped. I can teach you more of our language on the way."
"Common?" she repeated, confused. "Is that the language you speak now?" When he nodded, she
added, "In my world, we call it English. I would love to learn more."
"Then… I can take you to Eryn Lasgalen?"
She nodded. "We have to leave as soon as possible," she said. "What did you say your name was
"Legolas," he said, carefully enunciating his name for her. "My name is Legolas Greenleaf."
"Legolas," she repeated, although it sounded more like she said, 'Regoras'. He smiled at her,
having noticed she tended to use 'r' in place of 'l' a lot.
"`Tis a start," he said graciously. "We will work on it."

* * * *

"Are you ready, Ranwen?" Legolas called.
Rei looked up from her pack in surprise. "Ranwen?" she repeated. "Is that a word in… Common?"
He laughed and replied, "Nay. `Tis a word from my native language. In Common, it means 'wandering
woman'. `Tis fitting. You have wandered far to rescue Middle-earth."
She smiled, bowing her head quickly to hide her blush. "I'm ready, Legolas," she said. He
grinned. Her pronunciation of his name was quickly getting better.

"Then let us embark onto my ship," he replied. Picking up both her packs and his own, he quickly
carried them onto the ship, gently shaking off her offer to help. Once he had put them down, he
turned to her. "Do you have a weapon?"
Digging into the pocket of her jeans, she produced her transformation pen and pointed at it.
"What does it do?" he asked curiously, and reached for it. She gave it to him, and he examined
it. When he looked at her, she shrugged.
"I'm sorry, I do not have the words," she said softly. "I will show you later, if we are attacked
or fall into trouble."
He nodded and handed back the pen, which she slipped back into her pocket.

Legolas looked at the sky. Night was beginning to fall, the first stars just twinkling in the
sky. "We shall leave now," he said. Leaping from the vessel, he gently began to push it into the
water. Rei was surprised to see that as he waded into the shallows, he walked on the water as if
it were a path, but she knew better than to ask him about it. As the boat started to float away,
he leapt in after it. He began to raise the sails, and as he did, she came to stand beside him.
"Is there anything I can help you for?"
"Is there anything I can help you with," he corrected quickly. She repeated his sentence, smiling
at him. He smiled back, and replied, "`Tis all right. Everything is fine, thankyou."

She went back to where she had been standing, and sat down, leaning her back against one of her
packs. She was silent, watching the stars as the wind ruffled her hair and sleeveless t-shirt.
After a while Legolas came and sat next to her.
"Are you cold?" he asked, pointing at her t-shirt. Goosebumps were beginning to appear on her
bare arms. She nodded, and reached for her pack to get a jumper, but a second later a warm cloth
was draped around her. She looked up as Legolas finished settling his cloak on her shoulders.
"Thankyou," she said, surprised. She smiled. "You are very kind."
"`Tis easier than searching through your packs," he pointed out. "And anyway, I do not feel the
cold much."

They sat in companionable silence, before Rei asked, "Legolas, what kind of people live on
"There are people like you," Legolas said.
"Humans?" she asked.
He nodded. "Yes. We call them 'men'."
She looked at him, and wrinkled her nose in disgust and contempt. "I don't trust men," she said
"May I ask why?" he asked, raising a single dark eyebrow as he realised she thought he was a
human male. He reached up and felt the top of his pointed ear, hidden under his hair. He was
surprised; his ears usually stuck out from his hair, revealing his race to anyone that looked at
"It's not important," she sighed. A slight blush spread over her cheeks. "And besides, I do not
think I have enough words to tell."
"I would have liked to hear," he said softly. "Perhaps, once I have taught you more words, would
you tell me?"
"Maybe," she replied. "Are there other people besides humans?"

"There are halflings," he said. "They are little people, rarely more than four feet tall. They
are called Hobbits. There are dwarves, orcs, ogres and even wizards. There are also elves."
She smiled wistfully. "I've always dreamt of falling in love with an elf," she sighed. "For
surely, they must be better than men. Do you know any elves, Legolas? What are they like?"
Legolas turned his face away as a blush spread over his cheeks. "I have known many elves in my
time," he said quietly. "They are light, and as stealthy as a fox. They are nearly always merry
and can be difficult to anger, but when angered you had best stay away from them. All of them
are blessed with the gift of song."
"They sound wonderful," Rei said wistfully.

Legolas looked at her, sadness in his eyes. "Sometimes elves can be as bad as humans, if not
worse," he said gravely. Then he blinked, and his mood changed entirely. "You should rest. `Tis a
long journey over sea, and sleep would do you no harm."
"Will you sleep also?" she asked, confused at his sudden change of mood. "I'm sure even you need
to sleep."
"Nay, I will not sleep," he said, amused. "Who would take care of the ship if I did? I shall
sleep later, when we reach the far shore."
She smiled at him. "If you want, you could sleep later and I will take care of the ship, if you'd
only show me how."
"You need sleep," he said firmly. "I will be fine, Ranwen. Don't worry about me. Now use my cloak
to cover yourself, and your pack as a cushion for your head. Sweet dreams."

Rei awoke to feel rain splashing onto her face. Pulling Legolas' cloak tighter around herself,
she got to her feet and looked for him. He was standing nearby with his back to her. She walked
over to him, trying to ignore the lurching deck of the vessel.
"Are you all right?" he asked, without turning around.
"I'm fine," she replied, without asking how he knew she was coming up behind him. "Are you?"
"Of course," was his quiet reply. "`Tis just a storm."

Fog had begun to roll in around the boat, making it impossible to see very far in any direction.
Even clad in Legolas' warm cloak, Rei found herself shivering from the cold mist. A streak of
lightning cut across the night sky, and thunder roared, rocking the boat wildly. Rei screamed,
clapping her hands to her ears. She didn't mind storms when she was safely under a roof, but now
that she was out on the ocean with nothing to protect her, she didn't like it much.

Legolas put his hand on her shoulder, and she looked at him, trying to stop the tears that were
threatening to roll down her cheeks.
"Have you not yet beheld a storm?" he asked.
It took her a moment to work out what he was saying, and then she shook her head. "Not outside,
anyway. Whenever I have seen a storm, I've been inside, warm and dry, a roof above my head."
He held his arms out to her, and for a moment she forgot everything but comfort; even her hatred
of men was pushed aside as his arms encircled her in a gentle embrace.

* * * *

They sailed for three days without stopping. Eventually the storm faded to a gentle rain that Rei
didn't mind nearly as much. She slept peacefully during the night, and at times Legolas would
sleep too, for short bursts while the sea was calm. Her English had improved a great deal in the
last two days. Legolas was pleased with her progress; he told her so a number of times.

She was confused by the way he acted. Most men were so difficult, so frustrating. Rei had left
home to live with her maternal grandfather when she was very young, because she had never gotten
along with her father and her mother had died soon after giving birth to her only daughter.
Legolas was everything her father had never been and more. He was so kind, so caring, so quiet
and grave, and so graceful and elegant, almost like a cat.

She hugged his cloak to her as she awoke on the forth day of sailing. Sitting up, she looked at
the cloud free dawn sky. The rain had stopped. She pulled her hair back with a ribbon from her
pack and went over to the other end of the ship to join him for breakfast. When he saw her, he
smiled and beckoned her over.

"Behold," he said, pointing to the horizon. She squinted, but couldn't see anything. She told him
so. He handed her a small telescope. "`Tis called a spyglass," he told her. "Look into it."
She squealed with delight when she saw the silver-gold glint of sand and the green-brown hint of
a forest. She handed the spyglass back to him, wondering how anyone could see the distant land
without the aid of the spyglass. And yet, he had seen it perfectly.

"We are close," he told her. "At this pace, we will reach the Baranduin River's mouth by noon.
From there, the hard work begins. The Shire is probably about two days' walk if we follow the
river's path. I would suggest we sail, but the river is far too thin and shallow to support this
"The Shire?" she asked, feeling ignorant.
"Sorry," he apologised. "I keep forgetting you are from a different dimension. The Shire is where
the majority of hobbits live. We can replenish our supplies there, and get you some more
comfortable clothes. Then we can get some horses and move onwards."
"Perhaps we should have them make me a new cloak?" she suggested, pointing at his cloak.
"Nay, you can keep it," he said. When she tried to argue, he said, "I told you, Ranwen, I don't
need it. `Tis yours now."

It seemed like no time at all before they were able to beach the vessel on the beach near the
mouth of the Baranduin River. They scrambled out of the boat, taking their packs with them.
Legolas took one of Rei's, slinging it over his back with his own, leaving her with only one
pack. Then he took his dagger and handed it to her.
"Take it," he insisted when she refused. "Please. You might need it, even with your… weapon." He
pushed it into her hands, still in its sheath, and showed her how to clip the sheath to her belt.
"I've never fought with a sword of any kind," she argued.
"That dagger is easy to use, even for the most unexperienced," he said. "`Tis light and slices
through air with the utmost ease. Please just keep it for now, until we can fit you with a better
weapon when we get to The Shire."
"Thankyou, Legolas," she said quietly, but he had already started to follow the river's course.
With a sigh, she followed him.

* * * *

They were still trudging along in silence when Legolas suddenly stopped, holding up his hand.
"Daro," he murmured.
"Nani?" Rei asked, glancing at him in surprise.
Legolas shot an apologetic glance at her. 'Nani' was one of the few words he'd learnt of her
language in the last few days. "It means 'halt'," he said.
"Ah. Why are we stopping?"
"There is a troll a short way ahead. As soon as we come across its path, it will surely attack
us. Ready your weapon, in case you find yourself in need of it."
Rei pulled her transformation pen from her pocket. "You mean this? I will take a few moments, if
you do not mind. Oh, and could you hold my pack for now?"
"Go ahead," he replied, taking her pack. "Just be quiet."

"Mars Crystal Power, Make Up," she whispered, closing her eyes. Legolas watched in surprise as
she lifted into the air. Her hair, having been tied up before, flung its ribbon to the ground and
spread, floating in the air. Her clothes melted away and her body was surrounded with a red aura.
Fire rings spun around her, and eventually closed in on her. The fire formed into a new, strange
outfit, the likes of which he had never seen before. She dropped to the ground gracefully, and
quickly got back onto her feet. "I'm done," she murmured, taking her pack back from him. "We can
go now."

"Is that it?" he asked. "Did you not say that `tis a weapon?"
She smiled. "While I am wearing these clothes I can… attack with magic," she said, after trying
to think of the best way to describe the powers of a Sailor Senshi.
"And you can use this magic at no other time?" he asked.
"That's right," she said, nodding. "Now, let's go kick some troll butt!"
He paused, frowning. "Butt? Is that a word in your own language?"
"No," she grinned. "It's what our people call 'slang'." She pointed at her own rear end. "That's
a butt."
He raised one elegant eyebrow. "I take it slang is calling objects by an improper name?"
Once he had explained the meaning of 'improper', she nodded gleefully. "That's right!" she cried.
"Then let us go kick some troll butt," he said gravely.

They walked forward, and soon Sailor Mars could hear the troll as clearly as Legolas could. He
seemed nervous, dancing lightly on the ground as they walked, fiddling with the string on his
bow. Suddenly Sailor Mars' head spun with a warning premonition. She hardly had time to call a
warning before the troll lunged from behind a rock at Legolas. Legolas quickly loaded an arrow
onto his bow, but she knew the troll would reach him before he could shoot.

She closed her eyes and searched for the fire within her, floating into the air as she did so.
Fire spurted from her fingers, forming a circle around her. "Burning Mandala!" she screamed, and
the fire became several burning rings, each flying towards the troll. As they hit, the creature
fell back, roaring in pain. Legolas' arrow went into the troll's neck, and then he shot another
into its stomach.
"Fire Soul!" Sailor Mars cried, finding more fire inside her and hurling it at the troll. Legolas
sent two more arrows flying. She didn't see where they landed; she was already flipping through
the air, calling, "Flame Sniper!" She landed on the troll's belly and shot her fire arrow into
his throat.

The troll fell to the ground, groaning in pain. Legolas was staring at Sailor Mars in wonder as
she calmly stepped away from the creature, already murmuring words for another spell. Placing her
hands down close to the troll's head, she said, "Mars Snake Fire." The troll's head exploded in a
ball of flame. Then she turned and walked back to Legolas. Her fuku disappeared, revealing her
normal clothes and Legolas' cloak again. "He's dead," she said calmly.

"Ruinfëa," he said softly. "Thankyou. You saved me."
She looked at him. "Ruinfëa? Is this more of your language?"
"Yes. It means 'spirit of the red flame'. That is what you are, right? A spirit of flame."
She was shocked. Hino Rei meant 'spirit of fire' in English, a name probably predestined before
she was born. After all, all her friends had names to represent their powers. Surely Queen
Selenity had sent these names to their parents in dreams.
"Yes, I am a spirit of flame," she said quietly. "I am called a Senshi. It means warrior. My
friends are Senshi as well. Each of us controls a different power. I am the Senshi of fire."

He looked at the darkening sky. "I would like to know more about these Senshi," he said quietly.
"I am tired, Legolas," she said. "Let us camp here tonight, and I will tell you my story over
He agreed, putting their packs on the soft grass. "And when dawn comes, we shall move swiftly
"Swiftly," she repeated, and went to find wood for a fire.

The next morning, as they put all their belongings back into their packs, Legolas commented,
"Your story last night was amazing. I have never heard anything like it before."
"Thankyou," Rei replied. "It is a sad story, but true."
"Someday, if we both live through this, would you permit me to make it into a song? It is a story
that should be told, and a song would be the perfect way to tell it."
"I would be honoured," Rei said quietly. "And I am sure Selenity would be, also."
"Then let us move on," Legolas said. "We are closer to The Shire than I had hoped we would be by
now. You are very quick on your feet for a mortal, Ruinfëa."

"Are you going to call me Ruinfëa now?" she asked teasingly as they began to walk. "What happened
to Ranwen? Or better yet, Rei?"
"My people have tendencies to give people names in our own languages. Before, I knew not much
about you or your past, except that you had wandered far to come to our aid. Now I know more
about you, Rei, and you are an elemental spirit. Therefore I must correct myself in calling you
Ranwen, for you are truly Ruinfëa."
She stared at him, bewildered. "And who are these people you often speak of?" she asked. "You
just call them your people and leave be. I would like to hear more."
Unseen by Rei, Legolas touched the top of his ear, still hidden under his hair. Surely, if she
knew the truth now, she would despise me, he thought, realising he should have told her the truth
from the beginning. She would be angry. "You will learn soon enough," he said softly, looking

"Legolas," she said, grabbing his arm to stop him. "This isn't fair. I have told you much about
my past, about my people, more than I have ever told a living soul. And yet you still refuse to
share anything with me!"
He jerked his arm away, saying angrily, "I said you will learn eventually. Is that not enough for
"Just like a man," she grumbled. "Selfish to their own wants, not caring about anyone else." She
started walking again. "Excuse me, I'm leaving. Please don't follow me."
"You do not know the way!" Legolas protested.
"I'll just follow the river until I get somewhere," Rei snapped back. "Anyway, it's better
company than you are."

Legolas stopped, thinking. If Rei followed the river further than The Shire, she would more than
likely end up in the Old Forest, one of the most dangerous forests known to the people of
Middle-earth. While the river did not go directly into the forest, many people who did not know
the land made the mistake of turning and following the Withywindle River when the two rivers
joined, and the Withywindle led right into the heart of the Old Forest.

He looked up to warn Rei, but she was already gone, disappearing into the distance. She wouldn't
hear him even if he yelled. He sighed; she was quicker than he thought. He began to run due
north, not bothering to follow the river's path. He knew she would make it to and from the Shire
before he could get there, but he had to get to the forest before she got lost, or worse, killed.

* * * *

When Rei reached the junction of the Baranduin and Withywindle rivers, she sat down for a moment,
trying to collect her thoughts. The first thing that sprung to mind was Legolas. Pushing the
thought of him away and swiping at suddenly water-filled eyes, she focused on her current
Perhaps he had a good reason for not telling you, a nasty little voice told her. You'd been able
to trust him so far. Instead of being patient, you blew up in his face. I wouldn't be surprised
"Shut up!" Rei screamed in her own language. A family of hobbits walking nearby jumped in fear,
and hurried on, talking in hushed voices. She looked back at the rivers.

"I'll follow… that one," she sighed, looking at the Withywindle. "It looks much more interesting,
and it heads northeast. Eryn Lasgalen is supposed to be northeast, isn't that what Legolas said?
I suppose in the end I'll reach a town, and I can get directions there."
Sighing, she picked up her pack - she had left the other with Legolas - and started to follow the
Withywindle's path.

* * * *

The hobbits looked surprised at Legolas' question. But then a young hobbit spoke up, looking him
directly in the eye.
"Actually sir, my family and I did see a woman that fits the description you are giving," she
said. "With long black hair and purple eyes. She was at the junction of the rivers, yelling in a
language we hobbits have not ever heard, sir."
"In which direction did she go?"
"She followed the Withywindle towards the Old Forest, sir," another hobbit, the young one's
mother, said.

Legolas buried his face in his hands. If only he had told her, she wouldn't be sending herself
into such grave danger. "Do you keep horses?" he asked the hobbits. When they nodded, he said,
"I need two of your best, and some replenishments for these packs. I will pay you a large amount
of gold if you can have me ready to leave by supper."
The hobbits looked at one another, secretly pleased. Not since the days of the Third Age had any
hobbit been in dealings with elves, or held large amounts of gold. "We will help," the father
hobbit said, nodding gleefully. "You shall be ready to leave before supper, if I have anything to
say about it!
"In the meantime, Master Elf, please come and share our lunch," offered the mother hobbit. "`Tis
a feast fit for a king of kings!"

* * * *

By dinnertime Legolas was already well on his way to the Old Forest, leaving behind a family of
very happy hobbits. He had already chosen to ride all night, if need be, to find Rei, but was
already hoping she'd stop and camp soon. Even elves were afraid of the Old Forest, especially at
nighttime. He didn't want to know what it could do to a human woman who hadn't heard the warnings
or tales of old.

He shivered as he rode into the forest, the horse he had purchased for Rei following close
behind. They followed the river's path, trying to stay away from the low hanging branches of
trees or the roots that stuck slightly out of the ground. Every few minutes Legolas would
half-twist in the saddle to check that the other horse, laden down with Rei's belongings but no
rider, was okay. He had wanted to buy her a weapon while he was in The Shire, but they had had
nothing suitable to her height and stature. He figured once they got to Eryn Lasgalen, he'd have
the elves there make her a weapon of her choosing.

As he travelled further along he began to feel tired. Strange, elves did not usually tire easily,
but the weight of the forest pressing down on him began to make him lose his hope. He began to
believe he would never find Rei, that she was already a prisoner to the trees of the forest. He
shook his head vigorously and told himself that she was okay. Quietly urging the horse to
continue, he lay down on its great neck and drifted to sleep.

He was woken by a scream. A woman's scream, coming from not too far ahead. He yelled at the
horses to move quickly, and soon they burst from the trees into a small clearing. Rei was in the
middle, crouched on the ground next to her pack, her hands pressed to her ears, tears streaming
from her eyes. Pulling his horse to a stop and ordering the other, he dismounted and ran to her,
quickly crouching to her height.

"Rei! What is wrong?" he cried urgently, placing a hand on her shoulder. Her anger with him
forgotten, she fell once more into his arms, sobbing anxiously. "Rei?"
"The trees were talking to me," she said, scared. She choked back a sob. "They were threatening
me… saying they were going to…"
"Shh, `tis all right," he whispered. "They cannot do anything to you. Not while I am here."
"Legolas," she said, looking up at him. "I'm sorry for what I said before. I didn't mean it. I
was just angry and I lost my temper."
"I know, Ruinfëa," he murmured, running a hand through her raven black hair. "I know."

She looked up at him, and for one dizzying moment their lips were only inches away from touching.
Legolas moved forward slowly, wanting to close the gap, but Rei jerked away suddenly.
"I don't trust men," she said gruffly, blushing. Legolas touched the top of his ear, about to
fling his hair back, but she was on her feet again, moving towards the horses. "Let's get out of
this cursed place," she said quietly, lifting herself onto the horse that carried her other pack.
Legolas hoisted himself onto his horse and followed her into the dark forest, trying to ignore
the tears pricking at the corners of his eyes.