Wow, it's been more than a month since this was updated O_o This took so long to force out of my brain it's unbelievable. Well, here it is anyway, not a good one I know but I felt that Franky had more than one family to return to, the Franky Family and Iceberg so I have done each separately. Any improvement suggestions, please tell me! This chapter feels weak and short to me, so any improvements would seriously be appreciated.

Franky 2

After their reunion, Iceberg had left to go back to his office, leaving Franky alone once more in Tom-San's old working docks. Before he left however, he told him that the Franky family normally had a day off from working at the docks on a Sunday. Which, was today luckily. Franky looked around the room once more. It had sure been a while, but everything was as he last left it.

No dust. Kokoro must have kept it usable without disturbing anything. Leaving everything as it was, probably in case he should ever return.

Heh, telling him that, was Iceberg trying to be helpful? Not that he'd ever admit it, but Franky had missed that idiot. Closing the door quietly behind him, Franky walked off towards the location of the Franky house. This was the time to meet people today, not dwell on the memories of the past. He could do that any time.

. . . .

After Luffy and crew had destroyed the first one and no Franky to help fully rebuild the second, the rebuilding of the Franky house had taken a while, but with Galley-La's help it had been done actually larger than the first. On their days off, the Franky family usually spent time enjoying each others company relaxing around the many rooms or down on the beach.

Kiwi and Mozu were laying on deckchair in the shadow that was cast by the wall behind them watching a volleyball match going on between some members of the house. Suddenly, a loud explosion went off behind them and jumping up they looked behind them to see a figure silhouetted on the roof with smoke billowing either side of it.

"Whose there!" Someone called, the game now forgotten as everyone's attention was focused on this mysterious person.

"Whose there? Whose there! Don't say you've all forgotten my beautiful face now!"

"That voice sounds familiar..." muttered Zambai from somewhere at the back of the group. "Could it be..."

The smoke was quickly cleared away by a gust of wind to reveal Franky standing with both arm held high over his head to form a star with his tattoos.

"It's Franky-Aniki!" The whole group seemed to realise at once and started cheering.

"Ow! Mina! Seeing you all again, let's hold a Supa party!"

On the word supa, confetti blew out of either side where the smoke previously was.

As the crowd cheered again, Zambai leaned over to Kiev. "Did we even install those up there?"

He sweat dropped. "Not that I know of..."

"Ah whatever", Zambai cried, "Aniki's here! Lets celebrate!"

Once Franky was on the ground, the whole group surged forward to greet him as others ran into the house to let anyone know who was still inside what was happening.

Franky's back! Let's party!

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