Title: Enjoy the Silence
Author: Solarbaby614
Rating: T
Disclaimer: All I own is the plot.
Words: 480
Summary: Parker's communication skills always did suck.
Notes: Something else I wrote in my Management class. I've gotten sucked into White Collar and this is my first real fic for the series. It's a crossover with Leverage.


The postcard from Alaska showed up in June's mailbox not three days after he moved in. Neal couldn't help but be amused by the snowman on the front that waved as he moved it back and forth, saying 'Greetings from Fairbanks, Alaska!'.

There was no return address, not that he really expected one, just a stamp with an equally cheerful Santa smiling at him.


Freezing my ass off. Be glad you're not here.

It wasn't signed but he recognized the handwriting all the same.

Neal grinned as he pinned his sister's postcard to the cork board on his bedroom wall.


The second postcard came from Paris and declared that Parker hated shopping and she planned on hiding in her room for the rest of the trip.

Neal couldn't help but wonder what it was that Parker stole there and who would be crazy enough to try and take her shopping.


There were close to twelve postcards on the board before Moz said something about it.

"Parker," was all Neal said, moving the queen.

Moz gave a visible start and blinked, stunned.

Neal grinned at him. "Want me to tell her you said 'hi'?" There was no reason for him to know that the communication had been one way so far.

"No," Moz replied quickly, crossing his legs instinctively. He obviously remembered the last time the two met. Parker was always very touchy about being touched.

Neal moved his piece. "Checkmate."


The package was waiting on his bed when he got home. It was a plain, nondescript brown package laying innocently on his comforter.

Neal frowned as he picked it up and gave it a slight shake. It didn't give an incriminating sounds so he shrugged and began to remove the paper.

The box that laid inside was simple, white and gave absolutely no clue as to what was inside.

He lifted the lid.

There was an envelope with his name laying on top.

The card inside was colorful, that was for sure. A pink cake as on front, shaded by a bright blue and green background, the whole thing proclaiming 'Happy Birthday!'.

Inside, Parker's scrawl was easily readable.

He shook his head. It was a few weeks early but he appreciated the sentiment.

Digging around inside the box produced a smaller wooden box. It was plain as well but that wasn't much of a surprise. Parker had always been a no frills kind of person.

Neal couldn't help but being surprised when he lifted the lid. Nestled inside red velvet sat a single chess piece.

A black king.

Frowning, he pulled it out. Closer scrutiny revealed nothing particularly off about it. It looked like it could have been taken off his own chessboard.

If she had been trying to send a message, he had missed it.

Then again, Parker's communication skills always did suck.