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A/N: Just a little story. Probably won't be more than ten chapters, most likely less though. Kayfabe. This story will have a lot of flashbacks. Those are in italics. OC pic in the profile, as per usual.

Bad Romance

Life on the road is lonely.

Not a lot of people realize this until they live it. Being a WWE Diva is glamorous at times, but it's tiring, and sometimes the constant travelling is just too much.

That's how I got myself into trouble in the first place.

Holding down a relationship with someone outside of the business seemed nearly impossible, so I didn't try. And finding someone who was worth getting serious with in the business was even harder.

And then some stupid, weirdly gorgeous guy looks at me the right way in a hotel bar one night, and I'm hooked.

He was staring at me. I could still feel those penetrating green eyes searing my skin as I sipped my wine. I just wanted to have a glass or two before I went to bed to ease my sleep, so I'd come down to the hotel bar solo, and he was there with his brother, alone now though, sipping his scotch on the rocks from the other side of the bend in the counter.

I tried so hard to avoid eye contact, I really did. But finally my eyes drifted from the red liquid in my glass to those tiger-like irises and I was a little stunned.

I'd never really had a lot to say to him, or him to me. We hung around with different people and had only recently been moved onto the same show.

And I knew he had a girlfriend, a very serious girlfriend, but I didn't flinch when he stood up and came over to me, taking the empty stool to my left.

"Hey Dawn."

I shook the memory from my head. It's not something I need to think about. He's gone. He's gone, and the chances of him coming back are slim to none. Jeff Hardy left the WWE months ago, and he had no intentions of coming back. And the fact that he didn't even tell me he was leaving shows me that he probably wouldn't come back to me anyway.

Not that he was ever really mine.

He had her.

He had his happy girlfriend back at home. I was just a side note.

Which is why I find myself here night after night. Room two sixty-four. The number changes, but the man behind the door doesn't. Drew is my comfort when I have no other.

After I knocked, it took less than a minute for him to pull the hotel door open and give me the same, scrutinizing once over he always did.

"Still sobbin' about that Hardy fellow, eh?" The Scot greeted me as he always did, with a smug sense of satisfaction surrounding him. Night after night I ignored it though, and tonight would be no different. "Well princess, if you wanna warm my sheets, y'know I won't turn you away."