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A/n: At points you may feel like this is a best of Goc well your right!

Chapter 1: Beginng of the end

(Cain boss room)

Cain: You bitch, you ruined my makeup!

Rion: Yes I did!

Lillia: (Yawns) (Gets hit by brick)

Cain: Ugh I just can not beat you. (Dies)

Rion: Yeah that's what she said.

Voice: Rion....

Rion: The hell was that?!

Lillia: Rion are you getting schizophrenia again?

Rion: No....Who's there!!? (Looks behind him) Did you call me?

Lillia: No?

Rion: That's strange I thought I heard you calling me!

Cain (Resurrects): Holy crap!

Rion: What that I'm hearing voices?

Cain: No that we are actually quoting the movie and game for once! (Dies.....again!)

Lillia: (Waits) He's dead right?

Rion: Yes.

Lillia: Oh..

Rion: Let's go Lillia!

(Dome room)

(Galerians attack)

Rion: Lillia you stay there! I'll hold them off!

Lillia: Yeah you do that. (Pulls out a magazine) What did Brittany do now?

(5 minuets later)

Rion: AHHHHHH! (Runs around the dome with galerians chasing him)

Lillia: Done yet?

Rion: NO!

Lillia: Move.. (Drops kicks a galerian)

Other G's: AHHH! (Runaway)

Rion: Wow Lillia I think I'm starting to respect you.

Lillia: Tee hee!

Rion: Uhh... nevermind..

Lillia: (Sighs) Let's go!


Arebesce: Grr.

Lillia: Rion if you were pregnant you'd tell me right?

Rion: WHAT!!?

Lillia: Nevermind..

(After fight)

Rion: Ok Lillia we are here... Dorothy is just ahead!

Lillia: I like cookies!

(Dorothy room)

Alarm: I'm walking on sunshine yeah!

Dorothy: Silence! Welcome home Rion.

Rion: Mother!

Lillia: So that's why you look so ugly!

Rion: Not helping Lillia!

Dorothy: Good you even brought the bitch.. I mean Lillia..good. Now I command you to kill her!

Rion: No.

Dorothy: Curses foiled again! Well Rion prepare for one of the longest boss fights in video game history!

Lillia: I'm going to magically disapear! (poof)

(Epic battle)

Rion: (Runs to end of room)

Dorothy: Now that's just cheating!

Rion: The cake is a lie! (Pulls out rocket launcher)

Dorothy: Uh... what?

(You can guess what happens)

Rion and Lillia: (Walk towards Dorothy with shield on)

Rion: Look Lillia I'm using a shield I apperently had the entire time! NOW SEND ME THE VIRUS!

Lillia: (Pulls out labtop)

Rion: Lillia you are a blonde in a red heads body! (grabs her hand)

Lillia: RAPE!

Rion: (Sighs) (Gets virus to Dorothy)

Dorothy: WHY DID I GET SO MUCH BOTOX?! (Explodes)

Rion: (Dies)

Lillia: (Holds Rion) Now what? How do I get down from here? Hello?


Lillia: I'm confused as f--k!

Staring: Rion Steiner, Lillia Pascalle, Ash, Spider, Parano, Nitro, Major Romero, Cas, Dorothy, Subzero, and fag i mean PAT!

Written by Steve teh Wizard (Iouapie)

Directed by: Steve teh Wizard

Ideas by : Steve teh wizard and April :P

Game by: Some company!


Rion: What the f--k! Deja vu!

Cain: I just cannot beat you! (Dies)

Rion: Wait what?!

Lillia: Rion are you ok?

Rion: Uh... yes?

Lillia: Ok. Nevermind guys!

Men with baseball bats: Aw....

Rion: Uh.....

(Spider boss room)

Spider: Welcome Rion!

Rion: Mohawk...either your a punk rocker who doesn't play by the rules, or you owe me money!

Spider: ?

Rion: Look can I just kick your ass so I can leave!?

Spider: Oh it will be you who gets their ass kicked!

Rion: (glares)

Spider: (Glares)

Both: (Glare)

Spider: (Blinks) Damn it!

Rion: Hah!

Spider: Rion its a nightmare out there! It's a nightmare! (Disapears)

Rion: So was Hannah freaking Montana!

Lillia: (Slaps him) NO! YOU DON'T SAY S--T about Hannah!

Rion: Santa isn't real!

Lillia(Sad): What?!

(Dorothy room)

Alarms: Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down!

Dorothy:NOOOO I've been Rick Rolled! (Explodes)

Rion: Oh we didn't have to do anything! (Dies)

Lillia: (With shotgun) Aw...I was going to do something for once...

(Hypersleep room)

Lillia: (Presses random buttons) RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE!

Rion: (Gasps for breath) AHHH where are my clothes?

Lillia: Rion your bacK!

Rion: Wait?

Lillia: What?

Rion: This was just a plot to get me naked isn't it?

Lillia: No...(Crosses fingers behind her back)

Rion: Can I have clothing then?

Lillia: Maybe.....

Rion: Well can I have some clothing?

Lillia: Fine... (hands him clothes)

(After changing)

Rion: Uh Lillia the zipper broke.

Lillia: Ha ha!

Rion: And it's too small. Your just enjoying my misery aren't you?!

Lillia: Yes! I'm gonna go do some science stuff. You do whatever!

End of Chapter 1