Chapter 6

(Hypersleep room)

Lillia: Ok I can translate the data if the reserve computer is activated!

Rion: And I'm assuming its not?

Lillia: Yay!

(Lillia's lab)

Lillia: We made a new ppec that will also be in the uranium refinary and data world.

Rion: What does it do?

Lillia: You can shoot mother f-king lightning...

Rion: (Giant smile)

Lillia: Ok?

(General office)

Arebesque: Time for some f-king dancing!

Rion: Uh oh!

(System R&R)

Rion: Caddy or Gabby?

C or G: Oh hey!

Rion: How long have you been down here?

C or G: About 2 days.

Rion: Hmm.. (Starts up system)

(First floor lobby)

Red Robots: It's Rion again!

Red Robot 2: Hi!

Red Robot 3: Are you still there?

Rion: ...

Red Robot 1: Time for extreme ring toss... IN STEREO!

Rion: What?


C or G: Hey Rion I'm gonna go get some bagels from upstairs... Do you want any?

Rion: Kinda busy!

C or G: Yes? No?

Rion: NO!

C or G: Ok. See you later. (Walks away)

Parano (Shows up): So Rion had enough?

Rion: What bagels.. yes!

Parano: (Facepalm) NO! Of robots!

Rion: Nah

Parano: Really?

Rion: Yeah they are the easiest enemies of the game in my opinion! (SHUT UP THEY ARE!)

Parano: Well Rion... Now I'm going to really screw around with you pulpy brains! Or lack there of!

Rion: Jerk.

Parano: (Spins Blades but cuts his arm off) MOTHER F-KER!

Rion: AGAIN?

(Technical difficulties)





(1 gauze wrap and bag of Morphine later)

Parano: CHARGE! (Jumps into the air)

Rion: (Lights him on fire in midair)


Rion: More drugs! (:D)

End of Chapter 6