Chapter 1: Phantom Thief 1412

"LAADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!!" Kaito Kid shouted from the rooftop. "Kittens and children of all ages!!! Presenting the fabulous Kaito Kid!!!" He shouted from the rooftop. He pressed a button on a remote he pulled out and a fireworks display near the Mayor's Office went off. The citizens of Megakat City all gasped in awe as the gorgeous display of fireworks exploded in the sky. "And now for my next trick. He said quietly, pressing the purple button and an explosion was heard. The lights of Megakat City went out.

"Ah, what the hell?" Chance asked outloud as he worked on the TurboKat.

"turn on the generator now!!!" Feral commanded the Enforcer squad he had brought with him to protect the Forlorn Hope, a fabulous Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby and Daimond encrusted mirror. (I know I'm stealing the name but I don't really care.)

"The Hospital." Jamie said quietly as the places with generators turned them on. "The nursing homes." HE said as three others came on. "The Enforcer Headquarters, City Hall." A spare building turned its lights on. "Bingo." He said. "Idiots." He muttered. He pushed a button and his hangliders wings appeared behind his suit. HE jumped into the air and rode the current toward the hiding place for the "Forlorn Hope."

The Next Morning…

"Last night the mysterious yet handsome Kaito Kid escaped the Enforcers yet again." Ann Gora said. "This time with the "Forlorn Hope." A jewel encrusted mirror said to have belonged to the family of the Late Czar Joseph the twelth." (Made up as this is FANTASY)

Jamie Furlong could barely hold in his laughter as he ate his cereal while Jake drank a cup of coffee and watched the news. No one knew but he was the infamous Phantom Thief 1412. Also known as Kaito KID. The Jewels he had stolen where hidden In his private safe stashed behind the wall in his closet anlong with his costume, hanglider and a few other "tricks" He uses on the "job."

"This Kid guys pretty good to outwit the Enforcers." Jake said taking a sip of coffee and biting his toast. "Wonder who he is."

"probably just some teenage cat burglar who decided to take a step up." Chance said. "Not our problem." He whispered hoping his son didn't here that.

Jamie was paying close attention to the news report to hear it. Jamie was a half kat/human hybrid though his only feline features where his excellent hearing, his eyes, and ability to purr. His mother was killed by these two men in black coats when he was three. When he found his grandpa Kaito (Yes, that Kaito)'s secret room full of his KID stuff, he decided to take the opportunity to continue the family tradition of becoming the next Phantom Thief KID. While hoping to eventually find clues to his mothers killers identities. Though he had to admit outwiting the authorities and pissing off Feral WAS fun, he hadn't found many clues as of late. His dad had no idea that Kaito Kid was living under his roof.

"Bye dad, see you after school." The freshman said quickly as he grabbed his backpack while running out the door.

To Be Continued…

Whaddya think? BTW, Jamie Furlong is my original OC that I often use in crossovers with Swatkats if I can think of one.

I don't own SwatKats or Magic Kaito.

The first scene DID come from "Case Closed: The Last Wizard of the Century"

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