Author's Note: Unlike the other two movie fics, this will take place in the past, when Jamie is 9.

NeoKaito KID: Countdown to Heaven

"I'm investigating the stabbing death of a human man who was found dead in a suite in the new Megakat Twin Tower building, I'm sorry Furlong but Melissa Monroe is a suspect." Feral says to Chance.

"I hear they call those twins closest places to heaven." Vodka tells Gin as the silver haired man finishes up his cigarette.

"Heh, perfect, the kid won't have too far to travel." Gin says as he stomps out his cigarette. Buning a picture of nine year old Jamie Furlong, who ten organization had labeled a liability...

Gin aims through a telescopic visor atop a adjascent building to the twin tower building. Eying yound Jamie Furlong in the sight. "The last thing your dying eyes will see, is my smiling face."

An explosion occurs, breaking out glass windows in an upper floor of building 1.

"Jamie get out of the way!" Felina grabs the young hybrid in her arms as one of the cars on display falls toward him...

A car rides an explosion to the second building from an upper floor, adults and teens gasping from below.

"I don't know if it works like in the movies, but its our best shot Furlong." Felina tells Jamie.

"What do we do now?" Felina asks the nine year old, completely out of ideas.

"I don't know, all the escape routes are gone." Jamie says.

This execution's been a long time coming." Gin says, finger resting on the trigger...

NeoKaito KID: Countdown to Heaven

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