Life; Here and After

By Tituba

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His Reason

He stared at Aizen, his boiling blood flowing rapidly through his coiling veins, and he snarled.

Aizen had blocked his first two attacks but now the other Shinigami were ready to join the fight. They would work together so that Ichigo could destroy the traitor Sosuke Aizen.

His glare continued while Aizen smirked calmly. Then he cocked his head to the side. "I'll ask you one thing, Ryoka Boy." His voice was like poisoned honey.

Ichigo glared and gripped his sword harder. His fingers were digging into the hot metal and beads of sweat were rolling down the sides of his face.

Aizen raised an eyebrow as if he were an art collector examining a long lost painting.

"To what end do you fight me?"

Ichigo blinked. Was he seriously asking this?

"Do you have some kind of hatred for me?"

Was he seriously asking this?

"You shouldn't,"

He really was asking this.

"The fact that you're here means that Inoue Orihime has returned safely. And by the look on your face I can tell that none of your friends are dead."

His gaze darkened; sure none of his friends were dead, but one had come dangerously close.

Aizen smirked again. "Given those facts are you able to hate me from the bottom of your heart?"

Ichigo didn't even have to think. The answer was yes. Solid, undeniable, yes.

He would have told him why if the others hadn't interrupted him. They told him not to fall for his trickery. Ichigo could have snorted. He knew all about Aizen's trickery. He wasn't that naïve. His hatred was alive and burning and it had nothing to do with Inoue Orihime.

As he readied himself for battle he had a single image flashing before his eyes.

Aizen's hand thrusting into Rukia's soul and afterwards his resonating order.

"Kill her, Gin."

Ichigo hackles rose. Aizen was going to die.


So yeah, I've been somewhat (brain)dead for the past few months but I've finally gotten back to writing short one-shots. I have a few more but I just had to post this in light of the most recent Bleach manga chapters. I hope you all enjoyed it. Feel free to REVIEW!!!

Tituba :)