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When we got home Bella was visibly shaking, the only thing stopping her from doing any thing was me holding her.

"Bella, calm down. You don't want to phase and hurt me do you?" she stopped shaking. Just.

I wrapped my arms around her wast and pulled her onto my lap orcwadly. Thank you very much car.

"God I love it when your angry" I started to put wet kisses along her neck.

"come on edward. lets go to bed realy early"

&&&&&passing of time&&&&&

Before I took Bella I noticed that she was growing a lot faster than any human baby. Nobody else noticed this I'm sure.

She was fully grown when she turned eight, seven years after I 'kiddnaped' her.

If it wasn't for that sick bastard James I, we would of stayed with our family.

After hours of research on the computer and in the libery we found out that bella was a half vampire: a hibrid.

Ether her father was a vampire or her mother's father was.

When she was ten years old we had an argument and she got angry.

That was the first time that she phased into a wolf.

After that we both agreed her father was a shape-shifter and her grandfather was a vampire.

That was also the day that she imprinted on me.

Her eyes took on a bit of a glassy look, like a blind man seeing the sun for the first time.

We have never been happier, of course that doesn't count our 'first time'.


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