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Previous: We walked to the centre of the room and as we raised our wands, I said farewell to my life as Hermione Granger. Now on, I would be Hermione Isabella Dumbledore.

Rest of the story:


..............and we cast the spell. At first, nothing happened. And then....whoosh.....all the air went out of my lungs. I couldn't stand anymore. So, I fell on my knees.

All around us, I could see images flying past. Screams and laughter and wails......all kinds of noises passed by my ears. It felt like my eardrums were going to burst.

Then suddenly, everything stopped. It was so sudden that I couln't exactly comprehend what had happened. Then I saw Hermione in front of me. She was on her knees and was gasping for air.

She had her hands pressed over her ears. It took a few more seconds for me to realise that I was in a similar position. My eardrums were throbbing.

I really was grateful that I hadn't taken anything for breakfast. I was sure that if I had, I would have thrown up by now.

I felt a hand on my shoulder. The sight that greeted me when I looked up was shocking at the very least. There stood Albus Dumbledore who was familiar yet strange.

He had auburn coloured hair instead of grey. I was still dazed, when I heard a faint thud beside me.


Uggggh........I felt like...I don't know what. I felt really strange. Voices and visions passing by me at lightning speed and my irritating brain trying to figure out everything.

Only if I was like others, or rather, my brain was like others', and didn't feel the necessity to make sense of everything. My brain really had turned out to be a curse for me.

Suddenly, everything stopped. The noises, visions, everything. I could feel the blood pounding in me. I felt really faint.

I couldn't breathe. I was suffocating. I gasped for breath and pressed my hands over my ears to lessen the throbbing of my eardrums.

When I looked up, I saw Draco in a similar position. What shocked me, though, was the auburn haired person standing behind him with familiar, twinkling, blue eyes.

My brain really couldn't take this anymore. I could see everything swimming in front of my eyes. The last thing I saw before everything went blank, was the concern in Dumbledore's eyes. Somehow, I knew that everything was going to be alright.


I sighed as I helped myself to another lemon drop. As usual, I was worried about Riddle and Gellert. Gellert had attacked Beauxbatons yesterday.

It wouldn't be long before he attacked Hogwarts, now. Oh well......I'd have to deal with him when the time comes.

What was troubling me more, though, was the problem named Riddle. The lad was getting darker day by day and I couldn't even do anything to stop that.

After all, he hates me most in this entire school. I wouldn't blame him. I had been behind the poor boy nonstop since Myrtle's death.

What else could I have done? I knew perfectly well that Hagrid wasn't the culprit and that Riddle was the one. But I didn't have any proof.

Only if there was some way of stopping him.....

I was still pondering, when something really strange happened. A vortex opened in the centre of the room and a boy and a girl fell out of it, to the floor.

To say that I was shocked would be the greatest understatement of the century. Both of them put their hands over their ears and their faces contorted as if they were in great pain.

I quickly walked over to them and put a hand on the boy's shoulder. At that exact moment, the girl's gaze met mine. They reflected shock. And then, she fainted.

I noticed that the boy had been staring at me as well. But the moment he heard the dull thud of her fall, he turned his focus towards her.

He then staggered over to her. "Hermione ? Are you alright? Hermione ??!!!" He started shaking her.

I decided to help and so, I summoned a potion from my cupboard, gave it to the boy, and said, "Make her drink this. It will make her feel better."

He looked at the potion, then at me, and then at the girl ( I think he called her Her-my-ninnie). He then put the potion to her lips and made poured i down her throat. Then, her face smoothed up and she looked peaceful.

The boy looked up at me, all panicky. I chuckled a little, and then said, " It was a dreamless sleep draught. I think she needs rest. Why don't you lay her down on that couch over there?" I pointed out, and he laid her there. Then, he turned to me.

"Now, I believe, young man, that it is time for you to explain the unexpected visit you decided to give me, along with this delightful young lady." I said, amusedly.

He said," Professor, we are from the future."

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