Haken's thoughts during a random job.

Alright! Welcome, one and all, to my first foray into the wonderful world of Super Robot Wars/Super Robot Taisen! I'm just making a one-shot of what goes through Haken Browning's mind as he does a job for an unknown client as a bounty hunter. Please read and review!

"Captain." I heard the voice echo in my head as though it were a dream. The last thing I remember before blacking out was that Aschen and myself had accepted a kinda shady job. Well, I'm not the type to argue, so I told the cowpoke we'd accept, and then we moseyed on to the designated area before we were ambushed by some shady types. "Captain?"

There it was again. It sounds like Aschen. Or maybe the bountiful princess, Kaguya? Nah, she's back home, in Kagura Amahara. There's no way she'd be here. I then came to the conclusion that it was Aschen. "What…?," was all I could get out before stretching and checking for my weapons. The Night Fowl and Longtomb Custom were still here, as were my other little tricks. "Captain, I have estimated that you have been unconscious for approximately one hour and fifty-three minutes. The Gespenst has already cleared the area of the people that ambushed us. Are you all right?" I blinked as Aschen asked this. She was an android, model number W07. You could say she was my sister by how we acted. After all, I was model number W00, a superhuman designed to control my own Personal Trooper, or PT for short. But, being a bounty hunter and the captain of the Zeit Krokodil was a pretty hefty plate for any cowboy. I was soon shaken from my thoughts by Aschen repeating her last question.

"Brother W00, are you all right?" I shook my head and proceeded to stand up. "Yeah, Aschen. I'm fine. Has the target arrived yet?" Aschen shook her head, and I began to think we had failed. "Captain, the target never existed. We were lured into a trap." My eyes widened in shock at this revelation. "We were ambushed?! Aschen, get the Zeit here! We're quitting this job." I shook my head as we walked off to the Zeit, the Gespenst following us obediently. "…….," was all it was capable of saying. I have to admit, Mr. Robot is pretty loyal, being my Personal Trooper and all. But, right now, all I wanted was a nice, long nap.

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