Haken's thoughts during a normal day - SIDE-STORY CHAPTER 1: Why you don't give a PT a tazer

A/N: I'm gonna be putting little funny crack stories every two or three chapters so you readers can loosen up as you read these hilarity bits.

Today was a normal day for the Weissritter Abend. It was going around, killing random things, and stealing Mild Keil stones. However, today would also be a…Unique day for it.

"[Scanning item…Item identified…Tazer. Used to neutralize units. Commonly used in police work to capture criminals without lethal methods. Recommendation: acquire unit and test in battle.]"

As I'm sure you figured out, the Abend just got a toy that can zap people.

"[Calculating courses of action…Recommended courses of action: assault people, neutralize potential threats, or test it on an innocent puppy.]"

After a few moments of deliberation and searching, the Abend tracked down an innocent puppy, and after several moments involving high electrical currents, charred fur, and scenes not meant for young children, the test was concluded, and the Abend decided to abandon the tazer as a means of non-lethal attack.

Besides, the Abend learned that tazers can be far deadlier than most people would expect after reflecting on the results of the test on the puppy.

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